Tuesday, May 29, 2012

World Mosaics 3 - Fairy Tales {REVIEW & GIVEAWAY}

I've got a little secret.  I like playing games.

At  night, before I go to bed, I unwind by playing a few games.  I usually play word games with friends online.  When it comes to my little one though, I am very particular about what she is exposed to.  At first, I was adamant that she would not be exposed to online games, computer games, video games, etc.  I wanted her to spend more time playing outside, using her imagination, reading books, playing with her toys and her friends...but not in front of a computer monitor or TV screen.

That soon changed when she saw her peers playing with their parents' iPad. They were playing age appropriate games and Little One was very interested. It was at that point that Hubby and I decided that if she was going to be exposed to things like that, we might as well make sure she is getting age-appropriate games.

I was asked to try out and review my choice from the Big Fish Games collection. I chose World Mosaics 3 - Fairy Tales.

Of course, the game was too difficult for my little one (she's only 3 years old), but it kept me interested and I enjoyed playing it.

Because I love fairy tales, I thought this would be interesting.  The main character of the game finds a book in the library and discovers that it is enchanted. This book of fairy tales transports you into each page and the only way to escape is to find the twelve emblems by completing the twelve fairy tales and helping the characters. The fairy tales include children's classics - Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, etc.

The idea of the game is appealing. Is it weird that I kind of felt like Bastian from the movie The Neverending Story?

The game is in the form of puzzles and each puzzle is a grid with numbers on the top and on the left. Underneath, you will find an mosaic.  The numbers basically give you a clue as to where to click so you can uncover parts of the mosaic. Whenever you reveal a mosaic, you get to read parts of the story.

The puzzles increase in level of difficulty as the game progresses. If you like puzzle type games, then this is a good one for you.  Though I'm more of a word game girl, World Mosaics 3 - Fairy Tales kept my brain working.

There are many more games to choose from. Like I said, I chose this one because I like fairy tales.  Check out some other games available:

Puzzle Games:
Adventure Games


Are you a lover of online puzzle games? Would you like to win a free code for a Big Fish Games online game of your choice?

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Canadian Dad said...

Looks like a great game!

My game playing addiction is far from a secret. My wife knows when that new Call of Duty game comes out, that Daddy is going to be gone for a couple of weeks, lol!

Valerie said...

I would like to try that game for my kids. I think my husband would like it too.

Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun game.

Danielle said...

I would love to play Hotel Dash: Suite Success.

dhunter at musician dot org

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

Looks like a fun puzzle game!

mamawee said...

not really a huge fan of games, but it does look interesting!

Ninja Mommers said...

This sounds splendid! I am going to HAVE to try this! Thanks! :)

Jay said...

I'd like to try any one of these. I like puzzle games and anything that challenges the mind.

OrangeHeroMama said...

sounds interesting!

we're console gamers though!
can't live without our wii/xbox/ps3/etc..

NPC said...

This is pretty cool, it looks pretty intricate. I do love my games too!

SamiJoe said...

Looks interesting for sure. I like playing games before bed too!

Eve said...

I love puzzle games and brain teasers of all sorts. I'd like to try any one of those games.

Elva Roberts said...

June 8-I would like 'The Ball Challente.-el03ro

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