Saturday, May 26, 2012

Under Pressure

When I'm nervous, I sweat. When I'm hot, I sweat. When I'm working out, I really sweat!


I was discussing this with Hubby. He doesn't sweat much. No, really. I'm serious! Although he works really hard on the farm and in the fields all day,  he's much of a sweater. Though he doesn't sweat much, I have noticed some "pit stains" on some of his white shirts. I hope this is the one post he doesn't read! He claims to not have pit stains, but I have found a few white t-shirts and a few white dressy shirts.

Urgh. The dreaded pit stain.

That yellow stain in the underarm part of one's shirt is just so unsightly.  It just ruins a perfect, beautiful, crisp, white shirt.

When I was asked to try out RAISE armpit stain remover, I thought it was something we could use in our household.  I don't get pit stains, but Hubs does on occasion. Only on white shirts and t-shirts though, it seems.

How it Works:
is a powerful pre-treatment, laundry stain remover that will make sweat stains disappear! This innovative solution targets and dissolves yellow armpit stains without ruining clothing.
Not all stains are alike -- unsightly stains produced by body sweat won't come out with standard stain removers or even bleach. When it comes to discolored perspiration spots, bleach actually sets the stain making it permanent.
This tough formula works on lifting and dissolving sweat stain deposits and even works on old stains and ring around the collar.

I don't use bleach in our laundry, but one of the things I learned while reading about RAISE is to never use bleach on sweat stains, as it will react with the proteins, making them permanent. Thanks for the heads up, RAISE!

I  tried RAISE on some of Hubby's shirts.  It certainly did the job in removing the stains on most of his shirts.  Some of the shirts with older stains were harder to get completely clean of pit stains. I was rather surprised and impressed at how well RAISE works.  I wasn't expecting it to get rid of some of those ugly yellow marks.  Some of the shirts were so far gone (way beyond repair!) that they've become cleaning rags for around the house.  The majority were saved though...thanks to RAISE.

I liked the effectiveness of RAISE, but if I can be completely honest, the smell was a bit strong for me. Barring this fact, I do believe that RAISE will be a great laundry room asset, as I'm convinced it will extend the life of Hubby's shirts.

You can purchase RAISE online on the company webpage.

Disclosure - We received the above mentioned product for review purposes.  All the thoughts and opinions on this blog are honest and my own.


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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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