Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things that go BUMP in the night!

I was in the midst of a very bizarre dream when Little One woke me up at 6:30 for a feeding and diaper change. Lately, if I put her down to sleep around 9PM, she won't wake up until 9AM. For some reason, she was up earlier today. Thankfully, after I nursed her she went back to bed!

Little One wasn't the only one acting out of the ordinary though. Around 1:30 in the morning the cows started bawling. They were really, really wound up by something. Hubby had to put them in the barn last night. Rewind to just after supper, we received a phone call from our neighbour. The cows were out. Hubby dashed out the door and hopped into his truck. The neighbour and Hubby rounded up the cattle and brought them up to the barn.

The cattle were so riled up, they busted through a perfectly good fence and were headed toward the highway. That wouldn't have been good at all! We've been told that there have been several bear sightings in our neck of the woods in the past few weeks.
Hubby thinks that a bear spooked the cattle and that's why they were so worked up. Chance has also been acting a bit strangely. He was barking like crazy a few nights ago. I just figured he saw or heard a small animal or perhaps deer. We'll be bringing Chance back inside the house for the next few nights.

Oh. What was the dream about? Tee hee! For some reason, I was dating Steve Carell (The 40 Year Old Virgin) AND that really dorky looking blond guy from Blades of Glory. Why? I have no idea. In the dream, I was torn between these two guys who both proved to be very, very needy. At one point in the dream, I was on a date with Steve Carell and we were ice skating at Rockefeller Center. While I admired Steve doing a triple axel, Jon Heder (the weird but sort of endearing Blades of Glory guy) kept calling my cell phone. He was acting like an obsessed stalker and when I turned around, he was standing a few feet behind me. He was following us while Steve and I were on our date. All of a sudden, Jon got attacked by a GIANT beaver. I know. What on earth? A giant beaver? In the middle of NYC? What's that all about? The giant beaver was about the size of a young bear (probably a yearling). I know. I have the strangest dreams. Hmmm...The last time I had crazy dreams was when I was pregnant!


t said...

1/ that's scary about the bear!
2/ good to hear the baby sleeps through the night!
3/ omfg! are you pregnant again!!?

Jeanna said...

You were dating Napoleon Dynamite?
I forgot you've got bares up thare.

Calfkeeper said...

Yikes! BEARS!! At least the worst we have here to worry about are coyotes and bobcats. And you have wolves and bears.

Well, I hope the girls are OK.

I had weird dreams too, when preggers. But I still have odd ones now and again.

Little one is sure growing up fast. Isn't it great that she sleeps so long? Ellen did that too.

C said...

LOL! I don't think I'm pregnant! Although, I haven't been feeling too well the past week or so. I think I may be coming down with something though. Tired, headachy, a bit nauseous...but it's too soon to be preggers again, so I doubt it! ;p Imagine?!? Gah!

C said...

LOL! You're a hoot! ;p
Napoleon Dynamite, alright!

C said...

I was just going to e-mail you about the bears! A few of our friends have told us about their run-ins with bears in the past week or so.

The girls are okay...just a bit worked up though. I hope they don't try to break through any more fences!

Cherry said...

Funny you mentioned the "last time I had dreams like this...." part because that was exactly what I was thinking as I was reading your dream story.

Never a dull moment out on that farm of yours!

How's the garden looking? Did you get any summer veggies in the ground? I bet little one will love growing up getting her hands dirty.
I've already been getting a few cherry tomatoes and green beans out of my sad little container "garden". Not enough for a dinner, but enough for one little snack every week. I love that I don't have to wash them... just pick and pop 'em in my mouth.

Uncivil said...

I hain't seen any bears round here lately?

Word verf. "enfool"

J at said...

Uh oh, is this your way of telling us you're already pregnant with #2??? It's not too soon. Can happen any time, actually.

That was one crazy dream, pregnant or not!

We don't get bears in our neck of the woods, but I did see some deer in someone's yard this morning.

Maria said...

Are you trying to tell us something?? Funny dreams btw!!

C said...

LOL! I don't 'think' I'm expecting, but I am certainly feeling "a bit off" this week. Weird!

I've been thinking of you A LOT lately! I was just about to shoot you an e-mail!

As for the garden...I am just about to get my plants in. I've been such a slacker (errrmmm...I mean soooooooo busy with the baby! LOL!) that I haven't had a chance yet. I guess I can blame it also on the rain? Yeah, that's it. The ground was too wet. LOL!

C said...

You hain't got no bears down dere? ;p

Looking forward to reading your guest post at The Dish! Which reminds me...I should get crackin' and send Jeanna my post. I'm guest posting too!

C said...

Yeah...Unfortunately my doc mentioned that to me! LOL! She would like us to wait AT LEAST a year until we even think of having #2. I thought that one couldn't get preggers until a few months after, but apparently (so says the doc) it can happen anytime. Gah. Imagine?!?!

Noooo way. I mean, Little One just turned 7 months. That would be a little insane...and unfair for Little One! Okay, more like unfair for ME!!! I always thought I wanted my babies to be close in age, but after all I went through with Little One, I'd like to just savour my time with her and dote on her for longer. Plus, that spontaneous birth kind of makes me want to let my body recharge and get back to normal before I get pregnant again. That was a lot to go through having her so prematurely. It was also very scary.


C said...

LOL! Now I'm starting to wonder...
Hubby asked me if I think I need to go to The Guardian and pick up a test. I'll wait it out for a little longer. I think I may just be coming down with something! ;p

Ballet recital in GB this weekend!!!! Okay, I'm going to see what my schedule looks like, but I'd LOVE to go! Little One would love it too! Really! She loved the first ballet I took her to. You know the Classical School of Dance (is that what it's called?)? Maja (or is it Maya?) teaches dance and one of my nieces had a main part. Did you check it out at MSS the other month?

caninecologne said...

hi c!
what a freaky dream!

hmmm, perhaps subliminally, you fancy napoleon dynamite! ha ha!

vote for pedro!

word ver:

btw, i got caught by bert when i was uploading my photos to my ipod. i had a photo folder full of RPattz pix! busted! ha ha! me and my GBF were totally ogling the pix today after work!

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