Saturday, September 05, 2009

9 Months Going on 16!

Little One seems to be growing and developing right before my eyes. Every day with her brings new and exciting experiences. I cannot believe how fast babies grow!

I put Little One on her play mat so I could get some work done around the house. I put her on her back so she could play with the toys dangling above the play mat. When I went back to check on her, she was no longer on her play mat! Oh, oh! It's time to baby proof the house! Little One rolled/slithered/wiggled her way closer to the TV!
Little Missy also *insists* on feeding herself now. At first, I didn't want to let her feed herself because she makes a lot of mess. Then I realized that this is part of her development and that feeding herself is good for her. Oh, boy! She's a very independent little girlie.
Notice that she's wearing nothing but a bib and a diaper? She is one messy eater! I finally figured out how come she's got sweet potato in her ears and on her feet!
My 9 month (almost 10 month) old daughter loves music and books. She loves being read to and she loves listening to music. I took her to a friend's birthday bash and she was groovin' to the music. A few musicians played the guitar, drums, didgeridoo, clarinet, and other instruments and there was a lot of singing going on around the campfire. Little One was mesmerized by the campfire and candles, and she was dancing and singing with everyone at the party.

Want to hear something else that's funny? These are her two favourite songs at the moment:

She truly goes nuts and starts dancing and singing every time she hears these songs!This last photo is for Jimbo. Here's my canine baby and my human baby hanging out on our deck. Yes, Little One licked Chance back after he licked her. She's not so sure what she thinks of doggy kisses!


jan said...

Thank you so much for letting us follow Little One on your blog and on Facebook. It is my only close experience with a preemie.

It seems like only moments ago that she was just a group of tiny human cells and tissues hooked up to all those tubes. And now she's almost ready to get her driver's license. ;0

You'll see how fast the years go.

Uncivil said...

Haha.....somehow listening to Lowrider and watching your little lowrider on the floor is a hoot!!!
You need to do a video of her scooting across the floor with that song in the background!!!LOL!
She's a darlin'!

Word vef....dogypecs

Uncivil said...

Your a doll for adding that last pic!!!!!!!So cute!
And check this out....that last word verification was "dogypecs" which I will interpret as baby talk for "Doggie Pics"

And now this word verification is "gusentem" which I will interpret as baby talk for "you sent them" LOL!!!

"The low rider is a little higher
Take a little trip
Take a little trip
Take a little trip with me"

Uncivil said...

Chance will have to share his chew bone when she starts teething!!!!!LOL!!!!!
You'll have to get a pic of Little One with a doggie chew bone in her hand, and one with Chance holding a baby's rattler in his mouth????

J at said...

Way too cute. :) She's just gorgeous, and growing up SO fast.

I sent you an email asking you about a book for Little One. Not sure if you've seen it yet.

J at said...

And I'll confess that I was never very good at letting Maya do that for herself. Maybe because I was too anal, or maybe because we had carpet under her highchair. What a nightmare. So yay you, for giving her that independence and letting her grow! Maya LOVED sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. Has anyone told you that a lot of beta carotene can turn their hands and feet orange? Good to know, because it's also a symptom of liver or kidney failure, so if your doctor freaks out, tell them, No, she's just eating squash!

I loved that scooting stage. Just turn your head, and they're across the living room! Yet you'd never believe they can do it...I think if we maintained that level of determination, all of the worlds problems would be solved long ago.

merinz said...

Wow a baby on the move! You are all now entering an entirely new phase

caninecologne said...

hi c!
what? no Metallica? ha ha

LO looks as cute as ever! Such a happy baby - you can see the twinkle in her eyes! i'm so happy to see that she's grown so much and is a healthy baby!

wow! she's 'scooting' already!!!! watch out now! she'll be crawling, then walking before you know it!

TC began "cruising" (pulling herself on and walking by holding on to the furniture) at around 10 months. she barely crawled, maybe just to get to the coffee table or couch, then she's get up and walk around the perimeter, holding the furniture. That phase lasted several weeks, then it was full fledged walking, even though she was kind of like a doddering old man/a drunken master (kung fu term) type monkey walk. sigh. i miss those days.

that's so funny she likes the 'lowrider' song. that song is more popular now because of the George Lopez show.

re: Uncivil's word ver -
doggypecs - funny! like a buff dog?

my word ver is:

Dina said...

Then I realized that this is part of her development and that feeding herself is good for her

this is sooo very important. Sometimes moms forget this and they really jeopardize their babies love of food!

it truely is amazing how fast they grow!!Enjoy every moment!!

Cherry said...

I love how you recognized why you were feeding her instead of letting her do it. I totally can see the desire to just do it yourself because its easier. Not only do kids learn stuff everyday! ;-)

She is just so precious! Thank you for sharing her with us!

C said...

:) This is my only close experience with a preemie too! ;)

"You'll see how fast the years go." What?!?! Say it ain't so!!! I'm having a hard time with how fast the MONTHS are going! :( Time really does slip through our fingers sometimes. I sometimes just want to freeze time and enjoy her at this age for longer...

C said...

dogypecs! LOL!
Thanks...Now I have Low Rider in my head! It's probably going to stay in my head for a while now! ;)

Yeah, Chance seems to like taking LO's toys! LO seems interested in pulling Chance's long, furry, scraggly hair! LOL!

C said...

Well, I have a secret! I started out pretty anal about the messy eating. It frustrated me to no end at how much mess LO made when she ate! One day, I just said "Oh, F it!" and let her feed herself, since she really, REALLY wanted to! I'm talking full on struggling with me to get the spoon from me so she could put it in her mouth herself!!! She would also grab her bowl and stick her fingers in her butternut squash. *sigh* I figure, she's so determined, I might as well let her learn. She learns through sight, touch, smell, taste...Why not just let her make the mess and learn about textures, flavours...

and then clean up all the mess afterward. LOL!

Dina said...

BTW- i love her cheeky grin in these pics!!!

Jinxy said...

Lily likes to feed herself and only wears a diaper and bib when she does it. I felt the same way, hate the mess but its important developmentally so I put food on the spoon and she does the rest. These girls of ours!

Karen MEG said...

Look at her go, she's got great taste in music already - classics lOL! :)

I cannot believe how quickly she's growing, it's so amazing watching it before our eyes...

wife-turned-farmer said...

Too cute! Samantha is on the move too... You just never know where you'll find her. Mostly under the coffee table, or under her play pen! She's ALMOST crawling now. It's so funny to watch her. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, but just can't seem to get the knees and hands working together. Soon, I suppose. Little One is so cute! She has beautiful features, just like her mommy! Thanks for giving me the idea of letting Samantha feed herself. I never would have thought of that... Messy, yes. But necessary... Thanks C!!

Momisodes said...

What a cutie! My has she grown. I can just picture her dancing and grooving to those songs. My daughter was just dancing too to the low rider song while I was playing the clip :)

C said...

I know! *gasp* Time just seems to have passed without me realizing it! Where has my baby gone?!

C said...

Actually, she does listen to that Rockabye Baby Metallica CD you sent her! LOL!

Funny you should mention George Lopez! Every time I hear Low Rider, I think of the George Lopez show! LOL!

Hey, are you guys still thinking of coming for a visit next summer??? :) I hope so! Although, you will have missed LO as a baby and will be seeing her running around the farm! LOL!

BTW, I'm on Season 2, episode 8!

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