Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have Baby, Will Travel

It seems like we only just got back from a road trip and we're off again.

Hubby, Little One and I left for the International Plowing Match around 5AM on Saturday. The drive was about 4.5 hrs from the Island. We began our drive in darkness. We also hit a buck on our way to the plowing match. I was devastated! I've been living on the Island for five years and I have never hit a deer! I saw the deer up ahead and yelled, "Oh, dear!!". Hubby braked in time, but the deer ran into our truck! He fell, rolled over, and then bounced back up and ran across the highway. No damage was done to the truck and no one (except for the deer) was injured. Great way to start a trip!

We spent the day checking out all the latest farm technology, chatting with people, meeting up with some friends (we had no clue they were going to be there too), and we ate some yummy food! Hubby drooled over farm machinery and equipment. I say "drooled over" because it's unlikely that we would ever buy any of that equipment or machinery "new". Some of those things cost a quarter of a million dollars!! That's a lot of $$$!!!

It was a fun day with my little family. We drove back to the Island that same night. 4.5 hours is nothing compared to some of the road trips we make to visit family.

Little One is a pretty easy-going baby and loves traveling and long road trips. She pretty much does this for the entire trip:

EATSTomorrow, Little One, SuperAmazingMommy, M (SAM's youngest son) will be embarking on another road trip. Two mamas, two babies and the open highway! I wonder how the 8+ hr drive to Quebec will fare? :)

I think my family in Montreal will be surprised to see how much Little One has grown and changed. We'll be spending a week away from Hubby. I know he's going to miss he girls. We don't usually travel without him :(

Speaking of growing and changing, Little One's newest trick is pulling at the Velcro tabs on her diaper and pulling her diaper off!!! Little One seems so pleased with herself whenever she successfully removes her diaper. She waves it around and gives me that big, cheeky grin of hers!


Anonymous said...

Cab't wait to see you, hope you'll have some time to come visit!!! Call me I can cook on Friday or Saturday fo rthe four of you if your free... if not coffee will be fine... I can't WAIT to squeeze little one!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your road trip! Hope you have a great time with family. So LO has learned the old diaper removal trick! Samantha has started doing that too, so we HAVE to keep pants on her at all times so she can't get it. It's funny how the silliest things make them so proud of themselves! Samantha thinks it great that she can pull herself up to stand in her crib now. I for one think don't find it that amusing! It scared me the other day when I saw her standin in her crib with a hugs grin pasted on her face! Needless to say, my hubby and I lowered the mattress that evening.
Anyway, we WILL get together after you come back from your visit with family. Take care.

Momisodes said...

Aw, you are such a trooper. Traveling is never easy with little ones in tow. I hope you have a wonderful and trip.

I love that she's pulling off her diaper. I remember that phase! I promise it will end...I think :)

humpsNbump said...

Hope you have a great road trip. Can't wait to read all about it.

~ humps

Anonymous said...

That's probably why home will always be home. There are some days, when I am already happy before leaving, because I know that I'll return in the evening.
All the very best for all of you !

Would be more than honoured to see you again at:

Dina said...

can't you make a detour to Thornhill to visit your 2 friends on this street?!?! we'd love to see you (and each other-haven't seen them yet since moving in 2 months ago)
WE MISS YOU and I'd LOVE to see LO in person- last time i saw her she was still such a wee thing in the NICU!!
Have a safe trip and enjoy the family time!!

C said...

I'll try to give you a shout tomorrow. I was supposed to call you today, but spent the day with my grandmother, my cousin's wife and her twins.

I think Fri and Sat are family days, but Sun looks like it may be open. Let me know if that works for you.

C said...

Thanks! The trip was pretty good! The babies were so well behaved and slept for a huge chunk of the drive. They entertained each other when they were awake. They only really fussed when overly tired, had a wet/dirty diaper or when they were hungry.

When we get back, we will definitely have to get together!!!

Oh, get this...Hubby said that as soon as I left for Montreal, the cattle were all ON THE HIGHWAY!!! Nice, eh? So frustrating.

Karen MEG said...

That is so cute that you took baby to the International Plowing match!

I love that photo of her with Sophie!She's getting so big!

I'm glad you and the family weren't hurt hitting the buck! If it were a certain angle who knows, so you were lucky...hope the buck wasn't hurt too badly.

Anonymous said...

OMG, it was sooooo nice to see you and little one on Sunday... Finally got to hold that little trouper!!! Talk to you soon, for sure.... Happy road back
Steph XXX

C. K. said...

Was just watching a food and lifestyle show and thought of you, sweetheart. That's mighty cute that you entire family went to see the equipments. Next time I visit ya I'd love to hear what kinda of stuff your hubby farms. It's truly amazing you guys. xxx

p.s. Baby knows how to take off her diapers now, eh? Oh boy. LOL

C said...

I know! Pretty scary! What's even scarier is how many deer are hit each day! Crazy! I've been on the Island for five years and locals are always shocked to hear that I have yet to hit a deer! *knock on wood*

C said...

It was sooooooooo good to see you too! Blast from the past, eh?! Next visit hopefully we won't wait another decade! LOL! See you guys on the Island sometime! XO

C said...

I know! The girl takes off her diapers now...and she lifts her shirt up all the time!! *sigh* Hope this isn't a sign of what is to come when she's older! DEFINITELY NO MARDI GRAS FOR HER! In fact, she's going to get a chastity belt for her 16th birthday and we're throwing away the key! ;)

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