Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Little Cookie Monster

She loves her Farley's Biscuits!

Little One just turned 10 months old (chronological age), which would put her at 7 months old corrected/adjusted. Her Neonatologist told me that I could nurse her exclusively if I wanted to and that breastfeeding is the best thing for her. I agree and Little One is still being nursed, but...the kid loves food. Whenever she sees people eating, so goes nuts! She starts opening her mouth, panting (yes, panting!), rocking back and forth, and her arms and legs just go like crazy! She clearly gets excited by food.

Because she's a preemie, I didn't want to rush her with eating solids. Like the Neonatologist said, babies can thrive on breast milk alone. Because she was born three months early, I didn't want to rush her digestive system. In July, we started giving her cereal (rice, oat and bran pablum) and she then progressed onto homemade veggie, fruit, and meat purees. Just recently, I noticed that her gums have been really bothering her even more than before and when she feeds herself, she rubs her spoon on her bottom gums. Just to see what she'd do, I gave her a Farley Biscuit. I remember my Mom giving that to us when we were kids and some of my friends who have kids have said that they use Farley's Biscuits as teething biscuits.

Little One was so excited and just went nuts! She devoured gummed up the biscuit and when she was done, she looked so proud of herself. I made sure to keep a close eye on her, because I was worried that she'd choke. She gummed up the biscuit pretty well, so there was nothing left for her to choke on! All that remained was a slimy, sticky, drool-filled mess...and a baby who was all smiles!

As if one milestone for the week weren't enough, we moved Little One into her own room last night. She slept very well and slept through the night like she normally does. The reason it took us so long to put her in her own room is because we were worried about her not breathing (as is sometimes the case with preemies, especially if they have had respiratory issues due to their prematurity) or us not being able to hear her (because her room is down one floor from us and at the end of the hall).

She was fine. She slept very well. The girl sleeps through the night and she can fall asleep anywhere. It was me who had attachment issues and couldn't sleep! I must confess that I finally crept into her room at 3AM and slept in the double bed we have in her nursery.


My baby's growing up!


bernthis said...

you know, my kid is six and every night before bed, I walk into her room and make sure she is okay. I leave my door open. She is just down the hallway but I do it just in case....all mothers are alike, I guess

merinz said...

Lovely photos of her! It sure looks like she is ready for solid food!

Dragonfly said...

OMG C, she is sooooooo cute!!!! Good for you BF all this time. I bf ny two boye until the bith almost took a chunk out of me... Anthony was 14mts, and Andrew 9 1/2mts! Leep up the great work!!!
Steph XXX

Dragonfly said...

LOL, don't mind the typo's need more coffee!!!

C said...

I am so glad you said that! :) I feel much better now!

I slept in her room again last night. She was in her crib and I was on the bed and at one point, I couldn't hear her. She's not the quietest sleeper. In fact, she makes a lot of noise when she sleeps! I walked over and had to check if she was breathing!

LOL! Don't worry. I wasn't nearly as bad as Shirley MacLaine was in that scene where she practically gets into the crib to see if her baby is breathing in the movie Terms of Endearment!

C said...

It appears so, doesn't it? :) I cannot believe how much that little girl can eat!! She nurses for most of her feedings, but gets solids twice a day. For her solids, she gets 3-4 Tbsp of cereal, 2 Tbsp veggies and 2 Tbsp fruit...and then she wants to nurse right after! Where does this kid put it all? LOL!

C said...

Thank you! It's my hope to nurse her until she weans herself. I'd like to nurse her for at least a year...which is soon! :( She's already 10 months old! Gah!

Tracy said...

What a great series of pictures...seeing the cookie disapper! I love her little hands holding on to that cookie!

D'Rae said...

She is just the cutest thing ever! She loved that biscuit!!!

Autumn's Mom said...

I can just hear her...NOMNOMNOMNOM

Hurray for Little One to be in her room!! It will get easier. I honestly checked on Autumn every night til she was about 13. Yea, 13! I used to love to watch her sleep and I have a lot of photos of her sleeping! haha Now she goes to bed after I do, maybe she should start checking on me!

Momisodes said...

I can certainly understand your anxiety with her moving into her own room. I was the same way with my daughter. And I STILL check in on her about 3-4 times before I go to bed, and again in the middle of the night. She's four! :)

P.S. Little One is absolutely adorable yummying up that biscuit.

Calfkeeper said...

What a great series of pics with the biscuit1 Too cute! Reminds me of a little squirrel. ha.

I am paranoid too, about the sleeping in her own room deal. I check on her breathing sometimes, too. It IS a mommy thing.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Those are the cutest pictures EVER! They made me think of how Sesame Street now has the Cookie Monster eating veggies, which is just a bit too PC for even me. Let him enjoy his cookies! :)

I agree that Little One could certainly thrive on just breast milk, but I also remember when Maya was a baby, reading in a baby book that when they get excited like that, it's time for the solids. It certainly doesn't seem to be hurting her any! And you can BF her until you're ready to stop.

Maya weaned herself at about 10 or 11 months, which was earlier than I had intended. I was talking to someone from La Leche league several years later, and she said a lot of babies 'lose interest' at about that age, and if you keep at it, they'll come back to it. I don't know if I would have done anything differently if I had known that at the time. I was working, and it was kind of difficult sometimes. And the idea of weaning her myself sounded horrid.

Maya slept until noon one day this summer, and I started to worry, and wonder if it's still called 'crib death' if they're 13 years old. HA! And I still check on her before I go to bed, too. I can't climb in bed with her though, because she'd kick me.

Congratulations on a monumental week!

--Deb said...

They're all cute, but that first picture is SO adorable!

Uncivil said...

Oh my goodness! That is one adorable kid!

Word verif. dousnapp

C said...

Thanks! :) It was kind of cute seeing the biscuit get smaller and smaller...and then ultimately turning into mush (and a very big mess)!!

:) Oh, she loved it so much that she wanted ANOTHER one! Crazy girlie! She's so little! I have no idea where she puts all that food!

C said...

Awwww! Wouldn't it be cute if Autumn started tucking you into bed...and checking in on you?! LOL! Sweet! BTW, she is one GORGEOUS girl! Just like her Mama!!

C said...

So glad to hear you still check in on Babisodes 3-4 times before you go to bed and again at 4AM!! You and I are sooooooo alike in sooooo many ways! LOL!

Calf Keeper:
Funny! I was just thinking that she reminded me of a little bit of a squirrel!
Oh, the more people who comment about the breathing checks make me feel like I'm not paranoid! :) You're right about it being a Mommy thing! Hubby was sleeping soundly, but I couldn't sleep with her being in her own room by herself! LOL! I guess I'm going to be the one who has to wean!

C said...

You know, I was thinking the exact same thing about Cookie Monster becoming Veggie Monster! I was sooooooo upset when they changed that because I loved Cookie Monster! There's being PC and there's being a bit overboard with some things. I mean...c'mon, it's Cookie Monster! He's part of my childhood! LOL!

LO is now 10 months old and I'm wondering when she's going to wean herself. I'd like to nurse her for as long as I can. That's my hope for her...to have breast milk for as long as she can have it. The only thing is that now that she's eating solids, she seems to be very interested in that kind of food! She still nurses, but sometimes resists at first. Then again, she likes to nurse AFTER a meal (cereal, veg, and fruit)...and when she's upset or tired.

As for Maya, I remember my youngest brother sleeping until well after noon when he was a teenager. Part of growing? I remember him eating a lot and sleeping a lot. My aunt, who is a nurse said it was part of being a teenager. Growth spurts, hormones, changes in everything. Oh, the joys!! ;)

Saw some recent pics Cherry posted of her b-day and Maya is STUNNING!!!

C said...

Thank you! The first one is my husband's favourite photo too!

Tee hee! Thanks! Surely, she didn't take after her parents! I don't know how she got so cute!! LOL!

Unhinged said...

C! She looks just like a chipmunk eating an acorn! Aww, I swear, you have the cutest little girl I've ever seen.

robert said...

...just too good for words.

C said...

Awwww! Thanks! Seriously...she is kinda cute. I don't know how we ended up with such a cute baby! She surely didn't get it from either of us! LOL!!! She's got this adorable smile and if you ever see her in person, that smile would just melt your heart.

Sooooo...Have you been watching True Blood? I thought I was in love with Twilight. True Blood is soooo addictive.

C said...

Awww! Thanks! BTW, I can't remember the link for the blog you have for your son! I had it bookmarked at one point. Could you e-mail me the link again please? Thanks! xo

hotmommy said...

love her!! she is so darn cute chris! ya i gave our kids farleys but the mum mum crackers were a favorite of theirs too. so ncie to see you lettingher feed herself. very good for developmental skills and motor skills. good job mamma..even if it gives you more to clean!

humpsNbump said...

The. Most. Adorable. Pictures. Ever.

I just love them. I can't believe Little One is all grown up. Biscuits!!

~ humps

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