Friday, September 04, 2009

My Husband Loves It When I Blog

No, really! He seriously does!

I started blogging the year we got engaged. It was just a way for me to keep everyone up to date with what was going on with the wedding plans. Slowly, the blog evolved into something else. It became a place for jotting down thoughts, a place for sharing information, a place for asking for tips and advice, and a place for me. Some people have a quiet garden to sit in and reflect on their thoughts. Some people have a special spot they like to go hiking and just be. Some tune out by watching TV. Me? I blog.

The blog eventually morphed into a blog about my pregnancy and eventually about the very preterm delivery of our daughter, Little One. Now, the blog is about...everything. It's about my life as a city girl who married a farmer. It's about me loving the country, but sometimes having a rough time adapting to farming life. It's about the joys of having our precious little daughter...and the challenges of not being able to balance home, husband, baby, farm, work, and still having five minutes just for myself.

The blog has given me a voice to speak about what is important to me. It's allowed me to spread the word when it comes to causes that are close to my heart.

Yes, Hubby is thrilled that I'm blogging. He thinks it has helped me through a lot of challenging times. He thinks the fellowship and the friendships of online friends have been instrumental in getting me through some of the tough days sometimes. Particularly when I was practically living in the NICU with our daughter during the first two months of her life. While he was on the Island, I was in Toronto commuting every morning and night to be with our baby at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Hubby is also glad that I blog because I've been able to earn a little income on the side while I take a year off working to be with the baby (I've received small freelance jobs through contacts from the blog), meet lots of fantastic people (yes, I have met some blog friends and have become really good friends with them in real life), I get to test out new products, and have participated in lots of great contests.

This is yet another reason Hubby loves it when I blog.
I recently won a selection of DVDs from MomCentral. I entered the contest, with Hubby and Little One in mind. The two of them enjoy PBS programs. Hubby was really excited about the DVDs.

Mom Central logo

Smart Solutions for Everyday Moms

Thanks, MomCentral!

*Check out the MomCentral site. They've got tons of great articles, cool product reviews, and a wealth of information. They now have MomCentral Canada for us Canadian bloggers!


Momisodes said...

I'm sure he loves it because he see's how much you love it too :) What a sweet hubby you have.

That's wonderful you've been able to find some other benefits that come with blogging. I would love to find freelance work as well.

Congrats on winning! Those look great.

hotmommy said...

we're so glad you blog; what better way for us to keep tabs on you while your so far away? keep on bloggin' and we'll keep on readin'!

loveya, tootsie!

C said...

Hey! :) Funny how a blog can sort of enrich your life, eh?

Yes, hubby really is sweet...and supportive. He really likes the fact that I blog because it's something that is my own.

Your blog is one of my faves. By the way, you got me hooked on Bejeweled!!!

C said...

Awwww! Thanks! :) You are too sweet! So...When are you starting a blog of your own?! ;) I've gotten a few friends to start their own blogs this year. I think you should start one! With your three kids, I know you have lots of blog material to write about! LOL!

J at said...

We've been watching "Thirtysomething" on DVD...season 1 just come out. They're all very earnest and babyboomers and so on, and you might be relieved to see how overwhelmed the new mom (Hope) is on the show. She is completely overwhelmed, and she has a baby and a house. No farm. The farm is huge. Just FYI. Watch it some time if you want to feel superior. ;)

C said...

Oh! Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to have to start watching it! I'll check it out on!

I think it would make me feel better. I mean, to have a character on a TV show be that overwhelmed...the material for the script has to come from somewhere! Even if she is a fictional character on a TV show, it makes me feel like there are women out there who do get overwhelmed like that :) Sad that I'd feel better because of that? LOL!

As for the book, Little One doesn't have that one yet :)

Jinxy said...

My hubby loves that I blog for most of those reasons.

Congrats on the win!

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