Friday, September 18, 2009

I Will Never Understand

...why my ten month old daughter LOVES this show!

Yes, it's the Doodlebops! Little One goes absolutely nuts when she hears the music and sees them on TV! She starts bopping around, giggling, rocking back and forth, smiling, and "talking" to the TV. I would have thought she'd be scared of the Doodlebops because as an adult, I find them a little scary looking! Don't you think?

Anyway, Little One loves the Doodlebops and that half hour of her bopping along to their music and dancing lets me get things done around the house.

The Doodlebops are DeeDee Doodle, Rooney Doodle and Moe Doodle. They're three rockin' band members who look almost cartoon-like. The show includes lots of music, dance, and fun skits and social lessons. I had no idea, but the show is also Canadian.

There is so much about Little One's likes and dislikes that really amuses me. I mean, the girl is only ten months old and LOVES watching CNN with her daddy! If she likes watching three rockin' cartoon-like musicians, so be it. I guess it could be worse. At least it's not Barney and Friends!


J at said...

Maya loved Tellytubbies and Barney. Sigh. 13 year olds have (mostly) better taste. ;)

C said...

I left the TV on and Barney came on. Little One was entranced by him! She was giggling and talking to the TV! Oh, dear! This is just what I've been dreading! LOL! I told Hubby, and he said, "Oh, NO! NOT Barney!!!" LOL!

Teletubbies really freak me out. They are really creepy looking. I don't know why little kids love them. My friend's daughter LOVED Teletubbies when she was very young. She's now the same age as Maya. Thank goodness they acquire a better sense of taste as they get older! LOL! Okay, you're right..."mostly"!

hotmommy said...

my youngest loves dora the explorer and thomes the tank engine. unfortunately my other two were barney fans even though we to avoid that !

C said...

Yeah, Thomas the Train is pretty popular! Many of my other friends' kids love Thomas! I wonder what Little One will like when she gets a bit older!

C said...

My little nephew LOVES Dora and Diego!! He says some Spanish words too! My SIL told me on the phone the other day that my nephew says "Gracias" and he can recognize the letters of the alphabet!! The kid is only 2 yrs old and he knows his ALPHABET!!! Crazy!! He's a smart cookie, my little nephew! LOL!

robert said...

Over here in Greece there are neither Tubbies nor any of those other programs you mentioned running.
If he watches TV, which is very rare, it's also mostly news and documentation programms with animals or alike.
Until now, he's two years old, finds his books much more interesting.
For me, haven't watched TV for more than two years now. I takes really a couple of days getting used to it again.
A nice weekend to you all!

C said...

I agree with you about the whole TV thing. We don't watch much TV here, but when I'm doing stuff around the house I sometimes leave the TV on for her. She seems to really be attracted to the colors, the movement, the music, the talking...

She loves books too (just like her Mama!). She also likes classical music and some jazz and opera. Funny kid, eh? LOL!

Your little boy is just adorable!! What is his favourite book right now?

Have a great weekend!!

t said...

Funny! Never heard of the doodlebops. Then again I don't have any kids of my own yet! Maybe she really enjoys to colors, movement and music. They do look fun and anything is better than Barney!Does she like Dora?

Dina said...

OMG- i took their CD out from the library and E LOVED it when he was a baby. I even found myself humming their toons on occassion! I should look for it again and play it for our LO!!!

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