Monday, November 22, 2010

The Best Bath Toy EVER!

Hubby and I try not to buy Little One too many toys.  Quite frankly, she's got enough.  Oh, okay.  The truth is that I am tired of finding toys everywhere and want to keep them contained!

I did splurge the other month and found this amazing bath toy for her.  Why? Well, I felt badly that she was playing with empty containers in the tub.  Sure, she could care less. She thought they were fun. 

I wanted to get her something that would stimulate imaginative play and help her with hand-eye coordination/development of motor skills.  I found this:

It's the Rub a Dub Whale of a Time bath toy made by ALEX.
You simply suction cup the whale to your bath wall and your child can stack up all the whale's friends.  All together, the set includes five pieces. Each cup has a different function (spray, twirl, spin). 

Little One LOVES her Rub a Dub Whale of a Time toy!  All the parts move and spin when water is filtered through.  Little One really enjoys pouring water from one cup into another. It's amazing how a toy like this can teach young children about problem solving skills.  Little One has learned that if she doesn't scoop water into the cups, there will be no spraying, twirling, or spinning. She learned very quickly how to make each piece operate.

Another thing I love about this toy is that you can stack the pieces and let them drip dry!  

You can find this product and other toys by ALEX on the company's website.  I purchased Little One's Rub a Dub Whale of a Time bath toy  at Chapters IndigoChapters Indigo carries a wide range of Alex products as well.


Mama Ash said...

I will for sure check this out!
Sounds super duper awesome!!!!

Frau Guten Tag said...

This sounds wonderful, but I think I'm a bad mama, all I can think of is how much longer it will take to get JOseph out of the tub, LOL!! He already has a rubber ducky & a whale & I struggle to get him in & out quickly

C said...

Mama Ash:
It's a little bit pricier than I thought it would be, but I'm glad I got it. It's sooooo much fun! She learns new ways to use each piece too! Very cool! :)

C said...

Haha! Yes, it will likely take even longer to get Little Joseph out of the tub! After supper tonight, I was making soup for tomorrow's supper and Hubby was giving Little One a bath.

Hubby came up to me and said, "Guess how long Little One has been in the bath?"

"How long?"

"Over an hour!"

"Ummmmm...Is that even good for her?????"

*sigh* LOL! Gotta love Hubby! Too funny.

Frau Guten Tag said...

LOL, I've always done Joseph's baths in the morning & am always busy & in a rush & we are in & out in less than 10 minutes! He does have a rubber ducky & rubber whale that he splashes around & throws but he does that while I'm bathing him, he doesn't get extra play time. Like I said, I think I'm probably a bad mom, hehe

C said...

:) Yeah, I know what you mean! We're always rushing and on the go. I can't give Little One a bath in the morning, because I get up at 6:30, have to get stuff done before getting her up and ready so I can take her to my parents while I'm teaching. The mornings are too hectic to give her even a quick bath. It sounds bad, but I sometimes don't even have time for breakfast (I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day). By the time I get home from school, get dinner cooked, get homework/assignments corrected, and then clean the kitchen, it's time for her bath.

I think the reason we ended up doing bath time in the evening is to establish a routine for her that works for us. She has supper, has a bath, gets read to and sings songs with us, and then it's time for bed. :)

I'm like your Little Joseph though. Quick in and out of the bath (in my case, shower) and I'm good to go!

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