Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 11: Little One Turns TWO!

It really is hard to believe that exactly two years ago, Little One cannon-balled her way into the world.  At only 28 weeks in the womb, she wanted to get a jump start on life on the outside.

It was a shock when the doctors told me she was coming.  I must have been in disbelief (or denial), because I honestly thought I was going to hold on until week 40! I was determined to have a full-term baby.  The surprise was on me.

I suppose Little One's entry into the world was just foreshadowing of how life would be after we brought her home.  She has definitely kept us on our toes since day one!

I feel so blessed and so lucky to be Little One's mom.  She never ceases to amaze us with all the clever things she comes up with.  Her speech is becoming clearer and clearer.  Her vocabulary and comprehension have just exploded.  She is one determined and headstrong girl.  Hubby thinks we should have given her the name "Persistence" as a middle name.  That was a joke, by the way.

So much has changed in two years!

Remember how tiny she was in her first photo with Moo? She was 3 months old in this photo. We couldn't take a photo of her on her first day since she was in the NICU, hooked up to all sorts of leads and her CPAP...and she was in an isolette/incubator. 3 months old on her actual due date. I sometimes forget how tiny she was!
Here she is on her 1st Birthday! What a little drool monster! :)
Here is Little One on her 2nd Birthday! I thought it was so cute that she was sitting "with" Moo! Check out the interlocked arms! Too cute!

Though she'll always be my baby, I realize she is two years old now.  She's got a mouth full of teeth.  She uses cutlery when she eats.  She wants to drink from "adult" cups now. Everyone keeps telling me "Welcome to the TERRIFIC Twos"!  Hmmmm...

I feel like this post does not do justice to the way I feel today.  Then again, I don't think words can ever fully or adequately describe the way being a mom makes one feel. 

I love you, Little One! Happy 2nd Birthday!


Dragonfly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Little One! kisses from Montreal!!!

Sreisaat said...

Happy birthday, Little One!!

Sreisaat Adventures

Annie said...

It seems like only yesterday! I can't believe she is 2 already..
Bonne Fete la petite fille!!!

C said...

Merci beaucoup, ma belle! I love the pic of your little bun in the oven! Too, toooooo cute! You look amazing! xo

C said...

Thank you!! BTW, I love the look of your blog! Lookin' good!!!

C said...

Merci! It *does* seem like yesterday, doesn't it!? Crazy! So, when are we going to see you?? :) I was in your neck of the woods the other week and I thought of you! XO

caninecologne said...

hi c! happy happy birthday to your delightful daughter! hugs and kisses from all of us to LO!

merinz said...

happy birthday Little One - and to Mum and Dad!
It will always be a time of remembering and thankfulness.

J at said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! Give your parents hell!

Ellie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe she is two already! Happy Birthday, Little One!

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