Monday, November 22, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 22: Why? Oh, Why?

 Photo from The Canadian Press Images, Jeff McIntosh
Trying new food is always exciting for me. I LOVE being adventurous and sampling food from other countries.  I've eaten octopus in Japan, and spicy noodles in Singapore. I've had Brazilian feijoada and Mexican chocolate sauce with chicken (mole).  I've even had spaghetti with squid (the noodles were black from the squid ink)!

Having tried many exotic dishes, I enjoy being open-minded when it comes to culinary techniques. I draw the line at certain foods though. I've often wondered why some people are fascinated by food that is so bad for them? I recently heard people talking about the artery clogging, heart attack inducing menu item at KFC, and then came across this article yesterday.

Why do people want to tempt fate like that? The mere thought of all that grease, sodium, and the high caloric intake for that one sandwich just makes my chest hurt! Just reading the description of the sandwich makes me feel really, really ill.
Excerpt from the article: "the Double Down - two pieces of seasoned fried chicken, two pieces of bacon and processed Pepper Jack cheese all topped off with the Colonel's savoury, secret sauce - is the most successful menu item in KFC Canada history. Canadians ate more than one million Double Downs in just the four-week period they were available across the country, according to a press release."

I know! I know! Lady, you'll eat octopus, but you won't eat two pieces of fried chicken with bacon, and processed cheese all sandwiched together?  I'm just crazy like that. Seriously. I feel my arteries harden as I look at that photo above!

A friend of mine tried it. He said it was "awesome"!  He's a food rebel and will try anything unhealthy just for the sake of saying he tried it.  It's almost as if there's something thrilling in trying the most unhealthy item on a menu.  He's traveled far and wide to sample the greasiest of foods. The greasier the better.

I won't lie.  I like the odd onion ring or spring roll.  I'm not completely adverse to the odd "bad for you" kind of food. I'm just curious as to why the fascination with such unwholesome kinds of foods...especially when there are so many delicious, healthy alternatives out there.

I can tell you now that I will never try the KFC concoction mentioned in the article I am referring to. To be honest, I am far too aware of the effects of colossal colon clogging foods. I'd like to stay healthy for my daughter for as long as I can. Thank you very much. But, by all means...if you want to try it, please let me know what you think!

Penny for your thoughts?


Dina said...

when i first heard of the double down i thought it sounded absolutely disgusting but now i might just try it out of curiosity! I would probably take a bite or two then give it away-knowing me!
it is really quite unbelievable HOW many people are obese out there! (More so in the US i think but here in Canada too we have our fair share of overweight people)- i think some people are like your friend but eat like that all the time-just out of spite- but IMO it's of themselves and nobody else!

caninecologne said...

hi c - i've never tried it, but this guy has:

i love his blog - he does food reviews for the oc weekly. got a couple of good resto recs from his earlier this year...

word ver:


i personally wouldn't eat that whole sandwich - just one chicken breast and maybe just the bacon inside but the whole thing? ugh!

Cherry said...

Ok my dear. Here is something we differ on. I wasn't sure there was anything but this is it.

I LOVE FRIED FOOD (bonus if it's slathered with processed food goo)

There I said it. It's not tempting fate, or not thinking about my daughter, I just likes me some good ol' processed foods cause it tastes good.
It's not like I'd eat it everyday, although I do eat pretty darn crappy compared to you, but I live by the whole moderation thing.

It does sound bigger than my appetite, but I'd likely eat the whole thing if it were good and would likely enjoy it. I'd probably feel sick later, but I'd enjoy it while I could :)

C said...

True! I have to admit that I was a bit curious. I know I'd never eat one, but it does sound intriguing for some reason.

C said...

Oh! Thanks for the link! I'm going to check it out now! :)

C said...

My sista! Well, I won't lie. I don't *hate* greasy, fried food. Like you, I believe in moderation too. I *try* not to eat too much greasy/fried food, but every once in a while, I luv me a good fried wonton or two or five! ;) Sweet potato fries and onion rings are among my fried food weaknesses. Oh, and mushroom caps too!

The only reason I'm steering clear as much as I can is that my dad had a heart attack and a stroke, and diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure run on both sides of my family. I'm screwed on both ends, so I'm trying to lessen my chances of ending up with a heart attack and a stroke like my dad.

*Sometimes* I do throw caution to the wind and just let myself enjoy some nice fried calamari or wings (you food!). I do worry about one day having to be on meds like some of my family members though. Hence the obsession with speed walking and Zumba!!

Barbara said...

All I can say is YUCK! KFC is not where I would want to spend my hard earned dollars if I'm going to eat out. I would say that you could make a healthier version with organic ingredients baked in the oven. That might be worth a try.


C said...

That's a GREAT idea!!! Why do you think so many people are so attracted to artery clogging food? My husband actually said he'd try that KFC sandwich just for the sake of saying he tried it. He's curious. I was shocked! After all, he grew up eating wholesome, homemade, good-for-you food! You know, since he was a farm kid and all!

Anyway, I wonder if it's the novelty of trying something so dangerously unhealthy? What do you think?

J at said...

My thought is that if I were guaranteed that it would be delicious, I would try it ONCE. I see absolutely no harm in trying anything once. It's the habit that's dangerous. But I feel so such assurance, and feel that it's a crapshoot as to whether it's hot and fresh or lukewarm and gloppy, so no, not really interesting to me.

I like KFC, and we eat it once a year (coming up), on Christmas baking day. More than that, I don't need. Really, it's not good enough to have more than that. If I adored it, I'd figure out a way to fit it in my diet. I'm with Cherry. If I like it, I'll eat it. I'm with you, too, about the careful. So once in awhile, eat whatever you want, however bad it is. But only once in awhile.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I couldn't agree more & no thank you, I will not be trying that. I feel the same way, just reading about it makes my chest hurt.

Carly said...

The thought of this "sandwich" makes me puke in my mouth a little. It has to be disgusting!!!lol Then again any body who has suffered from morning sickness would probably agree it's a barf on sight kind of "sandwich"

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