Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Princesses, Fairies, Ballerinas, and BornFree Twist 'n Pop Straw Cups!

 Little One turned TWO on Remembrance Day.  We had her birthday party on the weekend and included a few of  her gal pals.  Last year, we had a huge party for her and to be honest, this year I am just too busy overwhelmed with everything else exhausted to have another big party.  Instead, we had a Princess-Fairy-Ballerina party with 10 of her closest friends and 3 baby sisters! Too cute!

 I have to say that I LOVE throwing parties and entertaining.  It's so much fun!  I even wrote an article on the BornFreeMom site about toddler birthday parties.  For Little One's 2nd birthday, the decor was Tinkerbell inspired. Hello, A Buck or Two! They've got great decorations for all themes! Is it sad that I love that store?

 All the little princess-fairy-ballerinas were ADORABLE in their tutus!
 The food was deeeeeeeeeeelish!  My Mom wanted to make some traditional Filipino food for Little One's birthday.  She said that all birthdays need to have pancit (a Filipino noodle dish).  Noodles are symbolic of long life.  The lumpia (spring rolls) did not even last five minutes on the dining table!  My Mom even doubled the recipe and we still ran out!
 I made a veggie tray, fruit tray, edible fruit arrangements, sandwich rolls (roasted red pepper and garlic and herbs), and what I jokingly call "funeral sandwiches". You know, the egg salad sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, ham sandwiches, etc.
 Some of the little princesses getting their tiaras on.  So adorable! I can't get over the cuteness!

The Pièce de résistance was definitely the CAKE!!! 

The loot bags were Tinkerbell inspired as well.  Bubbles, Tinkerbell crayons, and other goodies were given to each guest.  The most exciting parting gift was by far the BornFree Twist 'n Pop Straw Cups.  Each little girl got to take home a straw cup.  They were a real hit!  Moms and tots LOVED them!  I cannot begin to tell you how excited everyone was about the cups.
You all know how much I love BornFree products, so I was really happy to be able to spread the BornFree luuuuuuuv at Little One's birthday party.  I honestly and firmly believe that every kid needs a BornFree straw cup!  

When I started writing blog posts for the BornFreeMom site, I was fortunate to receive a Twist 'n Pop cup for Little One. She used the training cups and the drinking cups, but the first time I heard about the straw cup was from the BornFree site.  Little One LOVES the straw cup.  I love how easy it is to clean.  I love that it's BPA-free.  I love that it's got a hygienic feature -- the twist straw mechanism that keeps the straw clean and reduces spills.  It really, really grosses me out when straws are exposed or when kids touch each other's straws.  I do realize that kids will be kids, but seriously...Way to spread the germs!!!

Pretty soon after Little One got her straw cup, ALL the kids wanted one!  Mommies at play groups would tell me that they had to go out and get "little Johnny" or "little Susie" a BornFree straw cup because they were obsessed with Little One's.

One of the moms at Little One's party told me that her 3 month old will not use any product other than BornFree products.  Her 3 month old will only use BornFree nipples when bottle-feeding! Isn't that interesting? 

I would like to thank BornFree for being part of Little One's special day. Thank you so much!


Mom vs. the boys said...

oh all the girly cuteness is killing me! adorable! that cake is fantastic! i want a tinkerbell party! lol

MealPlanningMama said...

So cute!!!! Love L.O.'s tutu!!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

That's a HUGE party for a two year old, and it sounds GREAT. The food sounds awesome, and that cake is, in all seriousness, much prettier than my ugly wedding cake was. No, I'm not bitter. ;)

So glad you all had fun, and L.O. looks adorable in her princess outfit.

C said...

Mom vs. the boys:
I know! Crazy how "girly" the party was! :) Did I mention how I used to HATE all things girly? Then I had a daughter. Now, girly is kind of sweet. To a certain degree, of course! ;)

C said...

Someone once told me that the number of guests for a children's party should be directly proportionate to the child's age. So, according to that theory, next year Little One should only be allowed to invite 3 friends. Hey, that works fine for me! ;p

C said...

I actually made LO's tutu! I made one for her and her two best friends. They look so cute in their tutus. I was going to make more tutus for LO's other friends and my twin nieces (who are the same age as LO)...but the 3 were enough for now! LOL!

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