Monday, November 08, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 8: Fall Back, Spring Forward

I thought "falling back" meant we get an extra hour of sleep?  Apparently not.  Today, I was up at 6AM *(which would be really 5AM) because I had a student from overseas call to inquire about studying ESL here. I ended up not going back to bed (on a Sunday!) so I could help the student with visa information.  Since I was already up, I did three loads of laundry (two of which were Little One's clothes!), cleaned Little One's room and rearranged the living room.

Remember the rant I went on about purging the house of "stuff"? Well, our house looks more "Zen".

My lovely friend, Artsy Teacher Mom came over and helped me move things around.  We often go to each other's house and move around furniture.  Our husbands constantly come home and the furniture is all rearranged.

I love the flow of energy through the room. There's lots of good chi throughout the house.  Clear passage way for chi, lots of natural light from our big windows, and a great view =  one happy Mama!

Now, we need to do something about our old flooring.  I think a nice dark hardwood floor would be fantastic! I'm really happy with the new look (at least for the time being, I am!), but I would LOVE to have THIS! A girl can dream, right?

*Note: I must be really tired, because my mother just sent me a message on Facebook telling me that "spring forward, fall back" means I was up at 7 and not 5 when the 6 o'clock phone call woke me up on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

My mom used to sometimes re-arrange the furniture when my dad was at work. He'd come home from night shift, try to get to bed in the dark, and he'd either stumble across a chair that hadn't been there 12 hours ago or he'd try to sit on the bed, only to find himself on the floor. E's mom

C said...

E's mom:
I had to laugh at this! :) That's exactly what happened to my husband last night. Haha!

Our exchange went something like this:

Me: You don't appreciate all the hard work I do to make our home a home?

Hubby: I do. It's just that sometimes you just drive me crazy.

Ha! Well, I'm pretty satisfied with the way things are arranged in the house at the moment (for now, at least). Now, all we need to do is get that basement completely finished. Who knows when that will happen though!

J at said...

We can't move the furniture anymore, since Gen went blind. Wouldn't be fair, would it?

Love your conversation with your husband. Too funny. :)

I wish we could empty out the space in our bedroom. Very bad chi, fung shue, whatever. I believe a bedroom should be for sleep, sex, cuddling, that kind of thing. Family only. Kids yes, tv and computers no. Our bedroom has my entire office, plus Ted's computer. Sigh.

C said...

Oh! That totally wouldn't be fair to Gen at all! :( Give her a big hug from us! :)

I saw "The Lovely Bones" and thought of you for some reason. I think it's because I enjoy reading all your book reviews. I can't remember if you reviewed "The Lovely Bones". Did you?

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