Sunday, November 21, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 21: Bathing With Baby

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I have a question for all you parents out there.  How many of you take baths with your toddlers?  Do you sometimes just stick your toddler in the shower with your spouse/partner/significant other?

 I don't take baths with Little One very often.  I probably stick her in the bath with me once a week or so.  It's not that I mind or anything.  I think it's a perfectly natural thing to do.  She's only two years old.  I do enjoy hanging out with her, but bath time takes soooo much longer when I'm in there with her. She just wants to play...and play...and play.  She would stay in the bath ALL night if I let her.

Little One and I were splish-splashing in the bath and singing Broadway show tunes.  All of a sudden, her eyes widened and her mouth was gaping open.  "Oh, dear. Here we go. She's going to ask what my hoo-ha and boobies are."

Instead, she reached over to my shoulder and touched my tattoo (which I completely forgot about!) and said, "Oh! Oh! Mommy!"  She tried to rub it off, but realized it wasn't going to come off.  She then leaned over and kissed my tattoo and said, "All done!"

A little more "swimming" around the tub and eight show tunes later, Little One was in top form.  She was giggling and babbling away.  Then, the  unmentionable happened.  Ha! Of course I'm going to mention it, and pray she doesn't decide to disown me when she's older!  Little One stopped what she was doing and made this really strange face.  All of a sudden, I saw two logs floating in the tub!

I jumped out of the tub, soaking wet, and screamed!

"Honey! HONEY!!!!!! Come in the bathroom! Quick! QUICK!!!!!"

Hubby came running in with a puzzled look on his face.  I pointed at our toddler, sitting quietly in the tub at the opposite end of those two little floating logs.


"Ummmm...Your daughter pooped in the tub!"


"Well? Can you please do something about it?"

Hubby disposed of the two little floating logs, washed the toddler off, and took her to her room to change her into her pyjamas...while I sat on the toilet seat and contemplated what just happened.

I honestly do not know why I reacted that way.  I mean, it's just poop!  Man, I've got a weak stomach when it comes to things like this though.  Poop and vomit.  Ack!  I've gotta toughen up.  I sense many years of poop and vomit ahead of me.  Gross.


hotmommy said...

that is the funniest thing i have heard in a long time! this made me laugh especially when you jumped out o fthe bath!

as for your question on fb, i think baths with toddlers is fine but when they get school aged it's a no no. not socially my opinion.

Unknown said...

LOL! How did I know you'd be the first to comment? Thanks for always (well, usually) being the first to comment!

I guess school-aged would be an appropriate time to stop taking baths with kidlets. Why though? Is it because it's just not the social norm? When did you stop letting your kids take baths with you?

Unknown said...

By school-aged, I'm guessing we mean when they're ready for kindergarten or pre-k?

Karen MEG said...

Well, I think I posted about a logging expedition I had to do for my kids ages ago when they were in the bath together. Thankfully I wasn't in there with them. I had a it of a laugh over this post as well, sorry ;)!

To your question, I took baths with the boy when he was about one or so, but not by the time he was toddling. The girlie, I took a couple with her when she was toddler but it wasn't a regular thing. We stopped when she was about 3 or so.

I'd agree with hotmommy re school-age. They also tell teachers EVERYTHING at that point, and it could be totally misconstrued, KWIM?

Barbara said...

OMG! C, I laughed out loud when I read about the "logs"! Too funny. Even better than that was when little one kissed your tattoo to make it better. That is perhaps on of the sweetest things I've ever heard.

When my kids were little, before preschool so I'd say up until 3 or 3.5 there would be the occasional showers together. I'm not a big bath fan so no baths for me with the kids. I think you'd be safe until that age. And as a preschool teacher I can attest to what Karen said; the children tell us all kinds of crazy things.


Unknown said...

Hahahaha! Actually, I do remember that post you wrote about your logging expedition! Soooooo funny!!!

I think you are right about the school-aged part. Kids do say the funniest things sometimes!

Unknown said...

:) Kids are so sweet when they're this age, aren't they? :) Yes, I agree with you, hotmommy and Karen about the school-aged thing. Kids don't "filter" their thoughts at that age. LOL!

Robyn said...

I have thought about bathing with my little guy, but the peeing and pooping in the tub makes me think twice. Getting poked in the nipple today while I was changing put an end to the thought completely!

Annie said...

She's 7 and occasionally it's a treat! We have a big deep tub so there is lots of room!!

I was lucky and there were never any logs when we bathed together.....

J at said...

Sorry C, but that would be the LAST bath I took with her until she learns to control her bowels! Too gross. It's just poop, yes, but that's how so many diseases are transferred...blech. I think I would have given myself a Silkwood bath after that.

We're a wild family. We bathes with Maya until just a few years ago, though she'd been bathing by herself for quite awhile. But if one of us were showering, and if she wanted to jump in and shower, we'd let her. The downside to this attitude? No modesty. Or really, it's just starting now, and she's almost 15. But up until a few months ago, she would walk around naked without a thought. She still does it sometimes, but not as often, and seems a little uncomfortable if we see her. We always said we felt sorry for her college roommate if she kept with the naked thing. HA!

Avery said...

I still bath/shower with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. I am still breastfeeding as well, so I figure it's all normal to her. I'm sure each child is different, some ask questions, or touch/point, other just enjoy their bath and play with their toys.

Unknown said...

Ooooh! I hear ya on the nipple poking thing! Nursing Little One was great, but now that she is bigger and more aware of things, the poking and pinching is not cool. I tell her it's not nice to do that and she stops. She's just curious and I know that. I just hate being poked in the nipple. Period.

She self-weaned at 16 months and now that she's 24 months, she still sometimes likes to put her hand down my shirt and just keep her hands in there. She seems to find comfort in just "holding them". I notice this particularly around bed time. It's the reaching down into my shirt and then licking her fingers and saying "Mmmmm...TASTY!" that I'm not so sure about. I still have no idea where she got that from!!! *sigh*

Unknown said...

Ooooooh...I need a big tub! :) Lucky you for never having any logging experiences!

Unknown said...

YUCK! Okay, just got the willies thinking about what you just said. GROSSSSS! Even more reason to not like poo! BLECH!!! I get really grossed out when it comes to poo and vomit. I mean, REALLY grossed out. Ha! And, to think that I now live on a farm! Ahh!

It's weird. Little One doesn't usually poo in her bath. This would be the third time in her brief 2 years on this planet. Part of me feels that had I read her better, I could have averted the whole floating log disaster. :( I should have paid better attention to her body language and removed her from the tub and placed her on her potty.

Hmm...I guess hindsight is 20/20 after all.

Unknown said...

Hubby and I take Little One into the shower with us sometimes. I much rather the shower than the bath. She's never had a poop in the shower. I asked Hubby about this and he said that the warm water can be relaxing. She must have been really relaxed if she let one (or two!) go. Sorry, that was gross. Then again, as moms our conversations for some reason revolve around these types of things!

Thanks for popping by and commenting! Off to check out your blog now. xo

caninecologne said...

funniest post EVER!!!! gaw!!!!!

i used to have tc in the shower with me when she was a tiny toddler. she loves the shower. i'll have to email you separately about what she said that made me stop! ha ha

word ver:


Unknown said...

HAHA! Oh, how cruel of you to leave me hanging! Now, I'm going to have to check my e-mail! ;p

Cherry said...

How have I been too busy to read your posts?
This is just too funny! and adorable at the same time cause I know I'd do the same thing which is funny because I don't have an issue with the poop but my husband does, yet I know he'd just swoop in and take care of it because I'd still be dancing around dripping wet not knowing what to do.

I'm sure someday I'll bathe with her on occasion. Maybe.

J at said...

Well, if this is only the 3rd time ever, you're lucky. For a short time, Maya pooped in the tub EVERY. NIGHT. Something about that warm rushing water just relaxed her bowels. Gross. We weren't sure if we had the dirtiest tub in town, or the cleanest (because we scrubbed it every night after her bath).

I'll admit to not liking baths in general. I feel like I need a shower after, and then, what's the point?

Robyn said...

OMG - I laughed so hard when I read, "It's the reaching down into my shirt and then licking her fingers and saying "Mmmmm...TASTY!""

Yeah,that's a little odd, in a cute/funny sort of way!

Unknown said...

I can pretty much guarantee that the posts will slow down once November and NaBloPoMo are over! This blogging every single day of the month is hard!

Squeezes for lil'Miss! xo

Frau Guten Tag said...

Haha, that is too funny! I have a strong stomach, I'm a nurse, I have to, but I have to admit that sitting in a tub with poop floating would gross me out, LOL! It's just so "dirty", full of bacteria, etc.

I do not bathe with my son & I try hard to make sure he doesn't see me dressing or using the toilet. He does see daddy using the toilet sometimes, though, & I always make sure to comment that he will be using it someday too, just like daddy.

Unknown said...

I'm the exact same way! I am not much of a bath person. I prefer showers. I thought I was the only one who felt that after a bath a shower is called for! I've always been weird like that. I've always felt that I needed to shower off all the bath stuff...and then I felt guilty for using so much water unnecessarily. I can probably count the number of baths I take in one year on one hand! Nothing beats a nice warm shower :)

Unknown said...

Ummm...yeah. I STILL have NO IDEA where she got that from!!! Hubby asked me, "What kind of movies are you watching!?!?!" I swear, she didn't get it from me! Where on earth do kids pick up things like that? I mean, seriously? "Mmmmm! Tasty!"????

Unknown said...

Yes, poop just grosses me out because it's so dirty and full of germs. Ewww...Can I tell you how squeamish I am just thinking of it? LOL!

I have to admit that I do let Little One come into the bathroom with me when I use the toilet...only so she can see what to do when she starts to use the potty. She's already showing signs of interest and readiness, and her doctor mentioned letting her come into the bathroom, pass me the toilet paper, etc. It's actually quite funny. She sees me and the goes and sits on her potty at the other end of the bathroom.

Frau Guten Tag said...

If I had a daughter I would totally let her see me use the toilet, but since I have a boy I feel kinda awkward about it & I just make sure I let him see daddy so he can get the idea, LOL. I don't know, that's probably strange, but hubby feels the same as me.

Unknown said...

No, no! Not strange at all. I would probably feel the same way if I had a boy. Perhaps when the kids are still small (babies and toddlers), I'd be fine. It's just when they get more self aware and start asking questions. I think my husband might feel a bit awkward too if Little One were older and sat in the bathroom with him!!! Know what I mean? :)

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