Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 16: Welcome to the Terrific Twos!

 She only just turned two, and the unexpected has happened.  I never believed people when they spoke of "the terrible twos".  Hubby prefers to call them "the terrific twos". It seems that just as quickly as her second birthday arrived, that the toddler meltdowns came too.

Me:  Honey, let's put on your plain tights.
Little One: This! This! THIS!!!! (grabbing at the Argyle tights)
Me: (Insert Little One's real name here), these match your outfit better.
Little One: No! No! No! THISSSSSSS! (screaming her head off)
Me: I don't know why I'm trying to reason with a toddler. I'm just going to put THESE ones on you!!!
Little One: (in tears, throwing herself onto her bed, and burying her face in her hands) Thissssssssssss!
Me: Oh, fine! Argyle and hearts it is then.
*sigh* Oh, the drama! She's only TWO and she already wants to dress herself! Guess what? She wouldn't take those Argyle tights off.  She's wearing them today too.
Scene: The morning after Little One's birthday party. Little One and I were in the bathroom.  She was just finishing her bath and I started to put her bath toys away.

Little One: No! Mine! Mine! Mine! MINEEEEEE!!!!
Me: What? Where did you learn that word?! We never taught you that word!
Little One: Mine! Mine! Mine!

The night before, one of Little One's friends was trying to take home Little One's birthday present. She kept saying "Mine!". I believe this is where Little One learned that word, as we never taught it to her before.

Scene: Niece 1, Niece 2, and their friend were over for the day. Little One wanted to watch her "Once Upon A Potty" DVD.

Me: Brace yourselves, girls! This video is a bit graphic! (teasing the three teenagers)
Niece 1: Ewwwwww! (at the part of the DVD where the body parts and their functions are described)
Niece 2: Why do they call it that?!
Me: Well, what do you think they should say? Vagina and penis? I'm contemplating teaching her to say the real words for the body parts and not wee wee and poo poo. I think we're going to teach her to say penis.
Little One: PENIS!!!

The teenagers break into roaring laughter.

Niece 2 and friend were playing on the couch with Little One. Little One was jumping up and down while watching her new movie, "Up". Little One accidentally dropped something on the floor.

Little One: Oh, $h!t.

For the record, I am very careful about what I say. She learned this word from her Lola! LOL!


dina said...

lol!!! she is a total riot!!

i love the tights story. We have such similar fights with our little one too! Today she insisted on wearing infant size socks (not sure why they are actually still in the drawer!!)
and she came home fromdaycare in someone elses clothes again!

Barbara said...

Too funny! I had a 4 year old at school say 'This is bullsh%t" as he worked on an art project the other day! Kids say the darndest things.

On another note....I think twos are tame when compared to the threes!


Barbara said...

Peace! (oops)

C said...

Ahhh! I miss you guys!!! That is too funny! Little Miss M is hilarious! I had to laugh at the "she came home in someone else's clothes again!" Tooooo funny!!

C said...

WHOA!!! A 4 year old said that!?! Wow!

Hmmm...You're not the first person to tell me that 2 is tame compared to 3! That makes me very, very worried!!!! LOL! ;)

Annie said...

2 and 3 are nothing...4 gets even better....Our trailer had to go in for servicing and one of our neigbous asked what was wrong with it...she replied..it F***ing fell off..he was so taken aback that he said what..and she repeated it!
Out of the mouths of babes...
And I can tell you that at 7 it`s a nightmare!

Frau Guten Tag said...

In another 5 months I'll be right there with you, LOL! Keep me posted on what's ahead :)

caninecologne said...

hi c - hilarious that she learned the "S" word from your MOM! i can believe it too, having met her! and i mean that in a good way! :)

Dina said...

just this evening I muttered damit because the sinked leaked all over the floor...then BOTH my little ones kept asking wheat dam it meant...i kept trying to convince them i said DAMAGE not dam it! (didn't quite work though!)
Kids are hilarious!

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