Tuesday, July 10, 2012

60 Things About My Mother

On Saturday, my Mom turned 60.  In honour of her milestone birthday, we threw her a 60s themed birthday bash. I still cannot believe my Mom is 60. She doesn't look a day over 40! 
 In keeping with our "Today I Ate a Rainbow" theme in our family, I wanted to have a psychedelic food display!

 Check out this amazing cake that The Cake Lady made! How fitting for this hippie birthday theme! A tie-dyed cake with a fabulous edible VW van!

 Did you notice the license plate? I almost died laughing, because my Mom's initials, "E.V.L." spell "EVIL"!

 We had a great time and it was so nice to see my Mom so happy and surrounded by her loved ones. The party almost did not come to fruition because of the recent death of my beloved grandmother. My Mom was just too sad and heartbroken, and not in the mood for celebrating.  I told her that my grandmother would have wanted her to celebrate and be happy. Ack! The tears won't stop flowing! I know this is what my grandmother would have wanted though.

Anyway, here are 60 Things About My Mother:

  1. My Mom is very youthful
  2. She doesn't look a day over 40 
  3. She loves onion rings
  4. She's crazy about her four adorable grandchildren
  5. She's married to her best friend
  6. She's a lot more lenient with her grandchildren than she was with her own kids!
  7. She's FUNNY!
  8. Her laugh is contagious
  9. She smiles a lot
  10. She'll do anything for her loved ones
  11. She stands up for what she believes in
  12. Do not ever cross her! 
  13. She's small, but mighty!
  14. She's been wanting an iPad, but keeps calling it an iPod!
  15. She's a fantastic cook, although she claims that she isn't
  16. She's generous
  17. She still pinches people's cheeks, even if they're adults (mine included)
  18. She's very friendly
  19. She's ADDICTED to Facebook
  20. She's brutally honest
  21. She's my best friend and worst enemy. LOL! Kidding! Sort of! :)
  22. She loves the Beatles, the BeeGees, the Carpenters and the Lettermen
  23. She loves sappy romantic comedies
  24. It wasn't until just a few years ago that she found out what the expression "Cut the cheese" meant!
  25. She hates being in the sun
  26. She's not a fan of swimming
  27. She's a neat freak
  28. Okay, maybe a bit on the obsessive compulsive side when it comes to the cleanliness and the state of the house
  29. She is very organized
  30. She has post-it notes all over the place so everyone knows what they're doing or what they need to do
  31. She makes the best "pancit" (Filipino noodles)
  32. She always threatens to bite chubby babies. You know the saying "Aww! He/she's so cute, I could bite him/her?" Well, Mom's guilty of having done that!
  33. She loves her three kids
  34. She loves British style fish and chips. Won't eat fish and chips unless served wrapped in newspaper
  35. Mom has a big heart
  36. She's beautiful
  37. She likes to feed people! She's Filipina! It's in her culture to want to always give people LOTS of food to eat when they visit!
  38. She loves dancing
  39. She doesn't drink (because she's a lightweight!)
  40. Did you honestly think I'd make you sit here and read SIXTY things about my Mom!?! :)  I'm going to stop here and say...

 Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!
We love you very much!

*Hubs and my 60s costumes from http://www.costumesupercenter.com/ (from previous product reviews)


Multi-Testing Mommy said...

Happy 60th MOM! Wow! What a fun looking party - I love how you did all of the food. What a great theme :) I also love that she is addicted to facebook - I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, eh?! LOL.

Christine said...

Hahahaha! I guess not! However, only one of us gets paid to be on there! LOL! :) xo

Mom vs. the boys said...

I am totally in love with the 21st birthday picture, sometimes we forget that our moms were young and fun once like that! she is gorgeous!

Paula Schuck said...

Oh my goodness your Mom is the cutest thing ever! She is adorable in that old picture. Love the food and the theme!


~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! I know she is a great lady - look at the fantastic daughter she raised.

Hope you all had a wonderful celebration together and I know your grandma was watching and smiling.

caninecologne said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! You're right, she is so youthful looking! Bert sent her a bday greeting on her fb. Looks like the party was a success! Great job with the theme and the food! Your mom is truly a generous, humorous and wonderful lady! Best wishes for many more birthdays!

Whispered Inspirations said...

What a great way to celebrate her 60th and it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She seems like a beautiful person, inside and out--just like you! Happy Birthday to her!

The Zoo said...

Your Mother does look SO young. That bodes well for you.

Love the rainbow theme. I think that I was born at the wrong time, should have grown up in the 70's.

Your mother is so lucky to have a daughter that can come up with 60 great things (and more) to say.

Happy Birthday Evil!

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

Katrina Brady said...

this is beautiful Christine. What a great tribute and happy belated birthday to your mom :)

shashers Life said...

Happy 60th Birthday E.V.L.! lol I giggled with that one.

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