Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Showing Support for Canadian Athletes in the 2012 Olympics with General Mills Cheer Gear! #LMDConnector

Growing up, I remember getting really excited about the Olympics. I think my earliest memories of the Olympics were from when I was in grade 4. We had a project on the Winter Olympics and I watched TV religiously, cheering on and supporting Canada's athletes. We had a class project and had to research and write about the history of the Olympic Games, some of the events/sports, and athletes. I actually still have that duo-tang with all my hard work, research, newspaper clippings, and drawings.

There is something that gets me all choked up watching as our Canadian athletes represent our country and bring back the gold (or silver, bronze, or even just giving it their all).  One of the most exciting things is cheering on our athletes.

To celebrate the hard work, dedication, and perseverance, General Mills has launched an inspiring Cheer Campaign to empower everyone! Carry the message of our great nation by sporting Cheer gear! Not only are these items fun, but they're also FREE!  Cool, fun, and FREE t-shirts and flip flops with the purchase of selected General Mills snacks and cereal.

As a #LMDConnector, I received my Cheer gear! I got some very cool, patriotic flip flops and my favourite...Multi-Grain Cheerios! Hubby loves the Honey Nut Cheerios, and Little One alternates between the two.  I was sent a specially marked box of Multi-Grain Cheerios, which I was able to use to order my Olympics 2012 t-shirt.

Do you watch the Olympics? Who will you be cheering for? I know I'll be wearing my flip flops and Hubby will be wearing the t-shirt as we show our support for Alexandre Despatie, Benoit Huot, and the rest of our amazing athletes who represent Canada in the 2012 Olympic Games.
If you'd like your own free Cheer gear, after purchasing your specially marked boxes of General Mills snacks or cereal and enter your pin codes online at

Disclosure - I was given the products mentioned for being part of the #LMDConnector program. All the thoughts expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Ninja Mommers said...

AWESOME! Love this post! I will have to check out this gear!

Mom vs. the boys said...

that tee looks pretty cool actually!

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

My daughters love her flip flops and we've ordered shirts for all the kids. So excited for the summer games.

Anonymous said...

I think DH put in his order for the shirts a few days ago. We got them the last time the Olympics were on (Vancouver). My boys still wear them.

I am not much of a summer Olympics fan, more enjoy the winter sports (but maybe that is because I practically live in Winter for ten months of the year LOL). But I love watching diving and swimming. :)

Julia said...

My kids and me can't wait for the Olympics and are stocking up on Cheer Gear! So exciting cheering on our Olympians.

Chris said...

Bought my Honey Nut Cheerios today solely based on the fact that they had Olympic stuff on the box, lol. I love the Olympics!!

Mimi said...

I got the same cheer gear package. My shirt came within 3 weeks and I love it so much I ordered another. My niece claimed the flip flops ;)

Amy #LMDConnector

Christine said...

Ninja Mommers:
Pretty fun gear!!! :)

I got the tee in the mail the other week. Love it!

Me too! Looking forward to it!!!

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