Thursday, July 05, 2012

No Mo' Stinky! Arm & Hammer Littler Bustin' Panel

"Ewwwwww! It's STINNNNNKY!!!" is something our 3 year old daughter cries in protest a lot these days.  I'm not sure if she realizes it, but she does live on a farm and it doesn't smell like roses here all the time.

My youngest brother left his cat on the Island when he and his girlfriend got their condo in Toronto. A busy young professional couple, they are always on the go and are not able to take care of Chloe the cat. Chloe has been a fixture in our family for a long time.

We were never allowed pets since I had allergies and my Mom didn't want to end up being the one taking care of the animals. Apparently, she had four animals to take care of already (my two brothers, my Dad, and yours truly). Every Christmas, I'd ask for a white kitten (the kind you see on the old Cottonelle commercials). Every year, I'd grow more and more disappointed in Santa because he would never bring the one thing I always asked for.  I did get a stuffed animal that almost resembled a real white kitten.

My lucky (or not so lucky!) younger brother ended up getting a kitten when he was 7. How? Well, Mom was cutting his hair and forgot to put the guard on the razor. She ended up pretty much "scalping" him. All you could see was skin. His head was shiny!  It was beyond the point of no return and beyond the point where she could have fixed it. He ended up having to get his entire head shaved down à la Michael Jordan style. The only thing Mom could do to right the situation was to get BabyBro a kitten.

Chloe has been in the family for what seems like an eternity. She's quite old now (BabyBro is now 26). Chloe is growing weaker and a bit senile in her old age. It's so very sad to see. She isn't taking care of  herself like she used to, and like Little One says, "She's STINKY!" 
Chloe and Little One -2009

Accidents are not uncommon to Chloe now and she has grown very, very particular with the type of cat litter we use for her. 

When I was asked to join the Arm & Hammer Litter Bustin' Panel, I was really excited. With Ms. Chloe the cat being such a fussy lady, I was hoping she'd like the new litter. Why?

Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Baking Soda Coated Clumping Litter is:
  • Longer lasting
  • Fresh all day
  • Every granule destroys odours
  • a solution to beat the daily scoop
Arm & Hammer Ultra Last is a highly effective formula and with its baking soda-coated granules, it neutralizes odours (yes, even the worst litter odours). It really is the longest lasting clumping litter I've used. I also love that it's dust-free! There's nothing worse than taking care of your feline friend's "business" and having all that dust stirred up. Don't worry. I won't go there! ;)

I think it's safe to say that Chloe and her human family are very pleased with the way Arm & Hammer Ultra Last works. No more stinkies!

Disclosure - As a member of the Arm & Hammer Litter Bustin' Panel, I received compensation in the form of  free product coupons to facilitate this review. All the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

We had an incredibly fussy cat as well. She would only use a certain type of litter and always unscented. I really miss our cat - but I do love our dog which we have now.

Kathleen (aka Callista) said...

I just wish my cat would USE the litter box. She's getting old and won't use it anymore.

When we eventually have new cats though, I definitely want a litter that eliminates odors and has no dust.

Just Us Girls said...

My little one wants a kitty, well, everyone does, but me, since mommy would have to take care of it and I'm already picking up after Izzie, our Boston Terrier, lol.

Shari G said...

We have this to use as well. I haven't tried it yet, but our cats are very particular. Our little one has to have clumping litter or you get the poop in the tub. So I am hoping he likes this!

Christine said...

Cats are very particular, aren't they? Fussy, fussy, fussy! :)

Christine said...

That's the problem we're having with Chloe too! She doesn't seem to A) like the litter box anymore, B) be able to wait to use it and C) care that she's pooping and peeing where she's not supposed to.

I feel so awful that she's getting so old and making a mess everywhere. Just makes me realize how finite time on this planet is. I don't want to say goodbye, but she is getting old. I know her days are limited :(

The Zoo said...

We have the cat litter in the bathroom closet (just the way it works out) and I always add arm and hammer to it and it does the trick.

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeysof TheZoo

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