Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Manitoulin Spotlight - The Island Chill

I remember when I was in my late teens/early twenties, being vegetarian wasn't as easy as it is today. Not many restaurants catered to vegetarians or had many (or any!) vegetarian options on the menu. Back then, whenever I dined out with friends, I'd end up eating a baked potato and a salad. Every time.

Have I ever told you about the time I asked if I could have soy milk and the server told me I'd have to grind my own soy beans?! Ummm...Thanks.

Now, there are so many amazing dishes to tempt the taste buds. Yes, admittedly, we do live on a beef farm and my husband is very much a meat and potatoes man. This said, I do make sure we incorporate lots of vegetable dishes into our diet and we also have days when we have vegetarian dishes.

I had heard about The Island Chill from friends, but every time I passed by, it happened to be a day when they were closed. The Island Chill is a vegetarian eatery that offers a variety of mouthwatering items on their menu.

The Island Chill is a take-out place, but there are a few tables available should you wish to dine on location. The atmosphere is casual and the service is friendly. Take your pick from fruit smoothies, veggie burgers, paninis, chili, burritos, wraps, and more!

Since we had friends visiting, we took them to the Bridal Veil Falls and Manitoulin Chocolate Works. While there, we decided to get a bite to eat. Not wanting anything deep fried, I suggested we try The Island Chill. I was so excited to finally get the chance to try out their food! I have been wanting to try their Sunflower Hemp Burger for a while now!
 Let me tell you, it was delicious! I'm tempted to drive back again this week!

Little One devoured her chili and really enjoyed her berry smoothie! 

Above photo: Tropical Smoothie and Mixed Berry Smoothie

Portobello Mushroom Burger 

If you're in Kagawong, Ontario, pop by The Island Chill!

The Island Chill is located on Hwy 540 around the corner from downtown Kagawong on the way to Gore Bay, right beside Rock Island Mini-Golf. Open July and August. Open Sun-Fri 11.30am-7.30pm, Sat closed.


Brandi Yee said...

Oh yum!!! That looks delicious. I'm not a vegetarian, but I love vegetarian food...they make some great stuff now a days and that Island Chill looks like a great place! A server seriously told you you'd have to grind your own soy beans??? WOW! :S lol Thanks for sharing, great post :)

Christine said...

LOL! YES!!!! This was back in the '90s! The funny thing was that I wasn't even demanding. I just asked if they had any!

Bonnie Way said...

Sounds delicious! There are quite a few vegan/vegetarian places here on Vancouver Island, so we've been out with vegan friends of ours. I don't mind eating vegetarian, especially when the food is yummy! :)

Mommy Moment said...

I should have had lunch before I read this post...Mmm that looks SO good!

Annie Brown said...

Looks so so so yummy!

shashers Life said...

I love little spots like this, what a gem eh!

caninecologne said...

Yay! You finally went! So that's what a hemp burger looks like! Miss you guys so much!

Christine said...

Funny thing is that when I was vegetarian, people used to make comments like "URGH. No meat? Why must you be so difficult?" and now that I have started eating meat again, I get "Why do you eat vegetarian dishes sometimes if you married a beef farmer?" or "A true vegetarian would never have started eating meat again." LOL! People crack me up.

Christine said...

Mommy Moment:
It was soooooooo good! I almost went back again today because I was craving a sunflower hemp burger!

Christine said...

Mmmmmm! Nom nom nom nom nom! :) Now I'm hungry again!

Christine said...

Totally agree! Love finding little gems like these! So amazing :)

Christine said...

YES! Ohhh...soooo good! I thought of you guys when we ate there! I remembered how bummed we were that it was closed!!! :( Next time! LOL!

P.S. I almost texted you to tell you we were eating at Island Chill! LOL!

Christianna said...

We stopped to eat there last year and it was delish. Need to make another trip there before summers end.

Christine said...

If you head over, let me know and I'll meet you there! :)

isa said...

hey there...is it still around? i'm heading out there in a week and i'm just wondering if it still is open? i loved it there the last time i ate there

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