Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summertime Fun #FisherPriceMoms

With school long forgotten and kids excited about being on Summer holidays, parents have a lot to think about when it comes to keeping kids entertained, busy, and having fun!

Our little one loves going swimming and horseback riding.  Since we live on an island, it's not too difficult to get in our beach time!  We take her out on our boat and spend some time on the lake. We also take her to the park. The park at one of the beaches we frequent has a brand new playground. I have never seen anything so amazing. They even have playground equipment that is like what you'd find in a gym if you do circuit training. The equipment uses your own resistance so no worries about kids hurting themselves on heavy weights. Parental supervision at all times, of course!

Here are some pics of Little One and her cousins from out of town having some Summer fun on the beach!

As much as Little One loves spending time at the beach and at the park, I also work and cannot take her out whenever she wants (which is all the time). She is happy to hang out on the farm and is has lots of fun with activities here. She loves helping out in the garden and has really developed an interest in insects, worms, and grubs. I could not believe she picked a worm out of the broccoli in our garden and was playing with it! When I jumped and screamed in shock (I know. Bad move, Mama!), Little One looked at me and said, "MOM!!!! Bugs and worms are our friends!"

We do lots of arts and crafts activities with things we find on the farm. Leaf tracing, painting using leaves and flowers we have on the farm, etc. We also play. We play a lot.

Fisher-Price is also a part of Little One's Summer fun.
What kid doesn't love a bubble mower?

Speaking of Fisher-Price, did you know that they've got some great baby products? It's not just toys that they have! Fisher-Price is synonymous with toys, but they also have a fantastic line of Baby Gear! Swings, bouncers, high chairs, boosters, baby monitors, and more! 

I was excited to receive two brand new baby products from Fisher-Price recently. These items have not yet hit the shelves at stores!

The new Fisher-Price Fast Finder Diaper Bag

My husband doesn't tote a diaper bag for Little One. He never has. Now that Little One is 3.5 years old, a diaper bag isn't necessary. Or is it? She no longer uses diapers, but I still have to carry tons of stuff for her. A few changes of clothing (the girl is a walking disaster when it comes to keeping her clothes clean), some extra panties (she's toilet trained, but you can never be too prepared!), snacks, toys, books, crayons, paper, etc, etc, etc.

This is one bag that Dad will carry because it's gender neutral, convenient, and the greatest feature?! Besides being a backpack, it's got a compartment for wipes! Yes, you put the wipes in there and it's quick and easy to get access to the wipes. No more rifling through your bag in times of emergency! Yes, I still carry around wipes. Even before we had Little One, we had wipes with us all the time. So handy for quick clean ups or to just give your hands a quick clean when out and about.

The Fisher-Price Stretch 'ems

Brilliant! These onesies are not only adorable, but they are so well made. Since Little One is no longer a baby, I've got a Mom Tester on board who will be reviewing all my baby products for me here. She is getting the Stretch 'ems for her little one. What I love about these are that they STRETCH! They grow with your baby. Because they stretch they are perfect for cloth diaper wearing babies! They accommodate all the extra padding from the cloth diapers. Love it!

Thanks, Fisher-Price! Always in the know about all things baby and children! These two "brand new/not in stores yet" items are also a perfect addition to Summer fun if you have wee ones! 

Parents, what do you do to keep your kids busy in the Summer?

Disclosure:  I am a Fisher-Price Mom and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

I love FP. So excited to see some of their new products - FP does it right and keeps their classics and mixes in some new items as well.

Looks like LO is enjoying summer fun with family. She is such a sweetie :)

Tammy @ In R Dream said...

FP is my FAV!!! Thanks for the new introduction to some NEW products!! Love your post, as always ~ YOU ROCK!

Christine said...

The Country Mouse:
I'm always excited to see all the neat new things FP comes up with! Such a great company. Love their classic items too! Brings me back to my own childhood!

Thanks for your kind words about Little One. She certainly loves being outdoors and LOVES Summer!

Christine said...

Can I tell you that you are one of the kindest people out there? Thanks so much for your amazing comments all the time! :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

now look who the cool mommy is! a fisherprice mommy! we need another (or 3) lawnmower the one we have always falls apart and the boys all want to follow Daddy when he cuts the grass!

Sober Julie said...

Oh if only we could have found such a cool diaper bag when my girls were babies....maybe then my hubby would have carried one around while on Parental leave...

Mommy Moment said...

Great photos Christine! Summer is so fun and that bubble lawn mower looks WAY too cool!!

Christine said...

Is it a Fisher-Price mower you guys have? So cute that your boys love cutting grass with their Dad!

Christine said...

Summer is indeed fun! Okay, right now I'm a little bit of a complainer because the heat is KILLING me! LOL! Sooooooooo hot!

Christine said...

I know, right?! Now there are so many gorgeous diaper bags available! I was laughing because a friend of mine who is living and working in Japan was given a yellow diaper bag with teddy bears on it...and that is so NOT her! LOL!

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I can't wait to find out what my sister is having so that I can buy some of these fun Fisher Price items for her! My Mom still has our old FARM that my kids are now enjoying!

Paula Schuck said...

I love these products. All of them. They are fabulous. Fisher Price is so innovative. My favourite is the bubble mower. Both my girls got one for their first birthday.


The Zoo said...

My little ones love the pool and BUBBLES! They ask for them everyday. Only problem with the mower is that I'd have to take them out in the heat, wouldn't want them pushing it around the house. Unless you think that it could double for cleaning!?

Fisher Price is such a known and trusted name.

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

OrangeHeroMama said...

my kids had the bubblemower! soooo awesome!

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