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Earth Day for Kids ~ @myfunkins Helps with #LitterlessLunches!

Little One watering her seedlings in our greenhouse - Food from the garden to the table

Earth Day for Kids and some little things we can do at home to teach our kids about taking care of our planet.

As Earth Day approaches, I have been thinking of ways to get my four year old more aware of the impact mankind has on our planet. At home, we compost, practice the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), grow some of our own food, use crushed eggshells and other homemade insect deterrents in our garden, etc. 

Living on the farm, every day is Earth Day for our family.

Some fun Earth Day activities for Kids

Coffee Ground Fossils: Use recycled coffee grounds to create your own fossils. It's a fun craft to do with the kids! Source:

How Energy Efficient are you? (Game - kids find out how much they know about reducing energy and greenhouse gases). Source:

Plant a tree or garden - Source: Toronto4Kids

Bring a litterless lunch to school! Actually, Little One brings a litterless lunch to school every day. It's something we think is important to practice in order to tread a little lighter on the planet. For our family, this is important every day and not just on Earth Day.

Lunch ideas for Earth Day for Kids

Here's an example of what Little One's lunches look like. She's in Junior Kindergarten and doesn't like sandwiches. She prefers her lunches to have lots of fresh fruit and veg, and she opts for things like rice noodles, Quinoa, Butter Chicken, etc.

In the photo below, I included a homemade blueberry muffin made with Quinoa flour, orange segments, grapes, and pear slices. I also included a chicken and vegetable stir fry on top of a bed of rice vermicelli and salad. She also took a yogurt and a Thermos filled with water.

Earth Day for Kids and MyFunkins

Another thing that helps with our litterless lunches are MyFunkins! Last year, I happened to cross paths with MyFunkins on Twitter and instantly fell in love. With Little One about to start Junior Kindergarten, I wanted to make sure her lunches were going to be as litterless as possible.

Below are some of the latest designs MyFunkins has to offer. My little girl is all about ballerinas and mermaids these days, so these are perfect! I've never seen a kid get so excited over fabric before! Love it!

Little One gets a different Funkin in her lunchbox every day and she's always tickled pink when she sees which one she gets! It's a surprise every day!

I love that we reduce our disposable paper napkin use this way too. It's not just Little One who loves Funkins! I even carry one in my handbag! They come in handy when eating an orange while waiting for your child's school bus to arrive! They also double as a place mat when out and about and grabbing a bite to eat!

For more ways to use Funkins, check out their site.

MyFunkins are a great idea for reducing classroom lunch waste. To see how your child's school can use MyFunkins as part of Earth Day for Kids or for every day lunchtime, visit the Funkins website.

Did you know that "the average child throws away 67 lbs of lunch waste each school year"? (  That's a lot of waste! That weighs more than my 4 year old!

Connect with on Twitter, Facebook, and on their website! They're also a PTPA Award Winner!

Disclosure - I received product to facilitate this honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


mamawee said...

We started using our green bin last year (city run program) and have reduced the amount of garbage coming from our home.
I also use Norwex products for cleaning instead of harsh chemicals.

those funkins are super cute!

Torviewtoronto said...

lunch looks fabulous and healthy so cute of your little one helping :)

Christine McN said...

Oh! I've heard of Norwex! A friend of mine sells them. I guess I should look into that :)

Christine McN said...

:) She's a funny kid. We recently baked rainbow pinwheel cookies because I saw them on Pinterest. Little One took them out of her lunch box and said she didn't want them and wanted orange segments instead. LOL!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

If its PTPA approved you know its quality!!! Those are some great ideas for inspiring our kids on Earth Day! I think I'm going to try the coffee grind fossils!

OrangeHeroMama said...

I only just recently learned about Funkins, and now here they are again! I think they're fabulous, and would love to get my hands on some!

Sny Med said...

I love your Earth Day post. My son has an Earth Day birthday tomorrow! Your food is always so lovely and mouth-watering.

We do use environmentally friendly zippered bags and containers for our kids' lunches.

Christine McN said...

So true! Parent tested, parent approved! :) Yeah, the coffee ground fossils sound like tons of fun! I think we'll be doing that too!

Christine McN said...

Oh, you'll love all the different patterns available! So much fun! Little One gets a surprise in her lunchbox every day!

Christine McN said...

Sny Med:
Oh, that is so cool! An Earth Day Birthday!!! :)

Love that you use reusable lunch containers! We do too! It seems like second nature to do so. It's just habit! :)

Victoria Ess said...

Funkins are so handy, as well as cute to use!!

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