Monday, April 29, 2013

Keurig Brewer ~ Top 5 Things I Love About Our Keurig

Fill in the blanks: "Coffee makes me feel _______, _______, and _______". 

For me it's happy, extremely relaxed, and warm all over.

I read in a teen magazine many moons ago, that your description of the way coffee makes you feel is reflective of the way love makes you feel. Do you see a correlation there? Not sure if I do, but that was from one of the fun quizzes in teen magazines that I used to love when I was a tween/teen.

Who doesn't love a hot cup of make-me-feel-good-all-over coffee in the morning?

Keurig Brewer ~ Top 5 Things I Love About Our Keurig

  1. I love how sleek my Keurig Brewer looks on my "coffee station"
  2. I love how quickly I can have my coffee ready
  3. I love how easy it is to use
  4. I love how each cup of coffee is perfectly brewed 
  5. I love how I don't have to make a pot of coffee for just one person!
Okay, those who know me are probably laughing because they know that I'm one of the few people in the world that coffee has an adverse effect on. 

That's right. Coffee makes me sleepy!  The stronger the coffee, the quicker it knocks me out. A shot of espresso will knock me out in a few minutes! I know it's crazy. I absolutely love a good cup of coffee too! I'm only able to enjoy a cup of coffee right before bedtime and especially if I have insomnia. 

Hubby enjoys his coffee first thing in the morning to give him that "get up and go" feeling in the morning. He is a big fan of the Keurig Brewer and uses it every morning (and afternoon). When he's on his way out the door for work, he grabs a coffee and rushes out the door.

Keurig Brewer brews the perfect cup of coffee

Staples Canada  recently sent us the Keurig Brewer for review purposes. My husband was in heaven! In just under a minute, you can brew a perfect cup of coffee, and with just a touch of a button! Presto! 

I was shocked at how easy it is to use.  To illustrate just how simple it is, my husband got our 4 year old daughter to make me a cup of coffee! Don't worry, she wasn't allowed to touch anything hot. She simply pressed a button and my coffee was made!

To use the Keurig Brewer, simply fill the water reservoir, load in your K-Cup of choice, place coffee mug under the spout, and press the brew button for the desired cup size. Easy peasy.  So easy that our 4 year old (with Daddy watching her) can make a cup of coffee!

Another thing I love is that the Keurig Elite Single Serve Brewing System has three cup size options. Depending on how much coffee you'd like, you have the choice between 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz cups of coffee. Clean up is also super easy with the removable drip tray.

Variety is the spice of life.  With Keurig, the variety of flavours is impressive. I love having all my favourite coffee flavours available in my kitchen! Check out some of the the K-Cup refills here! What's your favourite?

Keurig also has the reusable My K-Cup filter. If you want to use your own gourmet coffees or teas, this is a fabulous item to get. It's great if you've run out of refills too. Simply scoop your favourite coffee into the filter to brew your own single serve coffee.

The Keurig Brewer retails for $99 at Staples.

Disclosure: provided me with these items for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions  expressed on this blog are honest and my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of Keurig Coffee Makers and Kcups online.


Deanna T. said...

Totally jealous. My favourite part of visiting my sister is getting to use her Keurig. I am a sucker for a nice dark cup of coffee, and K-cups have the most delicious roasts. I'm actually pretty excited they've come down in price so much. $99 is totally affordable.

Shannon L said...

I love my Keurig too! I have a few favorite K-Cups but I think I may have to add some syrups. My daughter (10) loves making our coffee in the morning (and she is super careful too!). I am excited that the price is so low at Staples because I may *need* one for the cottage.

Little Miss Kate said...

I miss the Keurig from work! Since being on mat leave I have not been able to enjoy my coffee & hot chocolate the same way!

Christine McN said...

I know! The price is so reasonable! Thinking of getting one?

Christine McN said...

:) What's your favourite k-cup flavour? for the cottage too would be a great idea!!

Sober Julie said...

I'm dying laughing, just because I've watched coffee make you SUPER sleepy. Hubby is a lucky man to have that daily Keurig cuppa java ;)

Tammy inRdream said...

Staples sells Keurig? WOW! We don't have one but I love a dark roasted coffee. One day it maybe on my counter. Do they make espressos?

Christine McN said...

We never had one until now. Some of our friends have Keurigs, so we loved going over for coffee! LOL! Now that we have one, we're spoiled! Love ours!

Christine McN said...

SEE?!?! I TOLD YOU! I wasn't joking! LOL! Coffee DOES knock me out! You saw it firsthand at FBC2013!!!

Whispered Inspirations said...

Ooooh looks amazing. :)I am in need of one! :)

Christine McN said...

They do! My husband just bought some espresso K-Cups! :)

Christine McN said...

:) Yes! Get one!!! You won't be sorry! :)

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