Monday, March 12, 2007

Another New Addiction

A childhood friend of mine sent me an invitation to Facebook a few weeks ago. I didn't do anything about it for a few days, since I thought it was spam or something. Suddenly, my e-mail was getting inundated with Facebook invitations from almost everyone I know. I decided to check it out and all I can say is I am now addicted!!! I've been able to get in touch with so many people I had lost track of or haven't seen in years.

One of the friends I got in touch with recently is a guy from my high school grad class. The last time I saw him was in university. I will always remember the time we were studying for exams in the caf at John Abbott College, when I slipped and fell down the stairs (it was winter and the floors were all wet and slippery). I fell head first and cracked my head, but had an exam to write that morning. Poor Mark, just looked at me with concern but didn't say anything. My head was throbbing, I felt like throwing up, I was hearing bells ringing...and thought I was going to die! I asked if my head looked bad, because I could feel something like an egg shaped thing growing on my forehead! He just shook his head, but clearly, the look in his eyes should have told me I looked like that character, Wharf from Star Trek!!! Anyway, I wrote the exam for my Near Eastern Art and Archaeology class and got an 86%. (Maybe I should have made it a habit to knock myself into a state of delirium before exams!)

Anyway, I've gotten in touch with that friend and a lot of other friends from my past through Facebook.
I LOVE Facebook!!!


Anonymous said...

HAHA! I know what you mean! Facebook is really addictive.

Doggy Mama said...

That's great that you've been able to reconnect with people! I was addicted to MySpace a few months ago, but the honeymoon is over between us now. I only go on from time to time now.

No baby news yet from your brother!?

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi Anon! Yes, I'm officially addicted to Facebook :)

Doggy Mama, still no news! This baby is now 7 days late! I was planning on going down to see my brother, his wife and the baby this week since it's March Break for all the students. Looks like plans are not going to pan out since this baby's late! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

Facebook is the new crack.

Dina said...

i thought i liked facebook but now i'm just annoyed by it...i find it makes me feel like i'm back in high school, checking to see who is friends with whom. what people look like now, who has lost weight, who has gained, who is married, not married etc...i am thinking about deleting my account but will leave it for a little while and see how i feel then

Chrissy121875 said...

Stephen: You're too funny :) You're right too!

Dina: I know what you mean. It kind of feels a little juvenile. I was thinking about high school reunions and old classmates...and would I want to go to my high school reunion if we had one? I know that all of that is a part of our past and people should move on and not live in the past....and not everyone in high school were friends, so how do you re-unite something that was never united to begin with?? However, I am still having fun with Facebook. Perhaps the novelty will wear off soon and the honeymoon will end, but for now I think it's so neat to get in touch with old friends. There are some people I wish I hadn't lost touch with, but we've all moved all over the globe. It's nice to reconnect sometimes...but I know what you mean. I'm not in it to see who has lost or gained weight, gotten married, etc. I'm just genuinely interested in how people are doing these days and where life has taken them. I've even found that some people I worked with know and are friends with people I went to school with or know my cousins. It's so funny!

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Oh Christine, you weren't a Star Trek and Star Wars geek, were you? :0)

Curiosity.Killer said...

Thanks for dragging me into Facebook too. I've had a few people pushing me to register, but I resisted till now. I figure I'll post my photos on my facebook account instead of my blog -- that way only my friends can see my pictures. Save a lot of hassle with people stealing photos and all.

Chrissy121875 said...

AHMM: Okay, I'm not going to answer that question :)

Curiosity: LOL! Sorry for dragging you into Facebook...sorta like what I did with Blogger too, eh :( I really enjoy your blog, Ms. H! I'm so glad you're blogging!

Karen MEG said...

I know, I feel about 30 years too old for Facebook, but I figure, as someone says, it's my new addiction and will likely wear off soon.

Chrissy121875 said...

Karen: You're too funny! I know what you mean though!

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