Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Being away the past few days made me realize a few things:
1) I love my little nephew to bits. He is the cutest, sweetest little boy ever. Just being home a few hours, I already miss those sweet, chubby cherub cheeks, and that baby soft smell!
2) I hate, hate, hate being away from my husband (this was our first time apart in the past two years together).
3) The trip from the Island to Kingston by bus is something I never ever want to do again! I should have driven, but didn't want to drive by myself. I thought taking the bus would be the best idea, but it was horrible!!! I will explain further in #4.
4) I think as I am getting older, my tolerance level for certain things has really decreased. I realized that on the bus, I just got so annoyed with people who:
A) Wouldn't shut up the entire 12 hours!! I was seriously annoyed and wanted to tell those people to just shut up! There was a really inebriated man who was so drunk that he was rowdy and rude. He told this one guy (who happened to be black) that the Ku Klux Klan ought to go after him. Like who says those kinds of things?? What an idiot!
B) I can't stand it when people use foul language when there are children present. I understand that a person ought to be free to say whatever he/she feels, but when there are children present, I think it is distasteful and inconsiderate to swear like a sailor and use the F-word every chance you get. I'm definitely not a saint and I won't pretend I am. I do utter some unpleasant words once in a while, but it's usually if I'm really upset or if I accidentally injure myself. I really to make a conscious effort not to, especially when children or people older than me are present.
C) I think it's really, REALLY annoying when people talk down to other people or disrespect others and think it's cool. There were these two military boys from the States who were on the bus and they were talking very loudly. It was impossible for people on the bus to not hear them, and they were including other people in their conversation. They seemed to think they were cool in talking about prostitutes and the way they treat women...and that they aren't as 'responsible' as they ought to be (in reference to not using condoms during intercourse). Like why on earth would one admit to such things and boast about it? It's certainly nothing to be proud of! One guy was telling me how he treats his girlfriend like dirt and she still begs to be with him. He told me that the other day, he stopped the car and told her to get out and walk was night time and it was in the middle of nowhere. I asked why he did that and he said because he could.
I am seriously starting to think that I'm not as nice a person as I would like to think I am. I just can't cope with stupid people. Does that make me a horrible person?
Oh, and lastly...
5) I must have a big sign painted on my forehead that reads : PLEASE COME UP AND TALK TO ME or something. I seem to be a magnet for all crazy people. I just seem to attract all the crazies out there. Why, oh why do strangers always come up to me and talk to me??? I was trying to peacefully and quietly enjoy the trip back to the Island, when some lady who looks a lot like Goldie Hawn sat down next to me. She saw that I was crocheting a baby blanket and asked me about it. That began a 6 hr talking fest of how she was remarried and her new husband cheated on her with some young, sexy thing, but she still loves him and is taking him back. She went on and on about her life. I suppose it's normal to strike up a conversation with people on the bus, but there are some strange people out there. After popping some pill, she gave me her address and phone number and asked me to keep in touch. I genuinely liked her. She seemed nice enough and she had an interesting life. I don't think I'll be keeping in touch though. This sort of thing just seems to happen to me all too often. Once when Hubby and I went down South, we stopped off in some town to get a coffee, stretch our legs, and use the facilities, and some lady started talking to me in the bathroom. When I got out and sat for a coffee with Hubby, she sat next to us and continued talking. I think Hubby was amused that this stranger would be so intent on talking...and that she gave me her phone number, e-mail address and mailing address and invited us to her housewarming party. Who invites total strangers to their housewarming party? Especially if you met that person in the washroom at a coffee shop?? I'm just an open receptacle for weird energy out there.


Merinz said...

I totally agree with you on the matters raised in 4 A,B, and C. There are some ignorant people out there. For me the scary part is that they either are or will one day be parents!

Dina said...

wow such a cutie pie!! Who do you think he looks like??? My guess would be Elisha :)

ROAR! said...

Don't know how long the bus ride was but it's 11 hours from Sudbury to Kingston on the train with a 2 hour layover in Toronto. I know that's most likely longer than the bus ride but you get the comfort and in most cases a quieter group of people on the train. You can also walk around, go up to the dome car, dining car, lounge...

Chrissy121875 said...

Merinz: It's sad, but true! I often wonder what the kids will turn out like when they get older. Just the incident with the fellow who was drunk (and we got on the bus at 7AM!!!) makes me wonder how his kids are and what they're like. I mean, if he can say things like the Ku Klux Klan should go after that man on the bus because his skin was dark, then what is he teaching his kids? Ignorance? Hatred? Intolerance? Luckily, according to him, he doesn't see the children he has least he doesn't see them often.
Gosh, I just realized after re-reading my post that I must sound like the biggest complainer ever! LOL! I'm really not that horrible.

Dina: I think he looks like Elisha!! He is such a cutie! I love that little baby!! The funny thing is that I think he actually grew since my first day there! LOL! He feels a lot heavier! I lost 2.5 lbs while I was there! LOL!

Roar!: It's ridiculous how long it took. We went through EVERY little town possible in between Sudbury and Kingston. We must have gone through over 30+ towns, villages and a few cities. The drive is much faster. My husband and I did it in 9 hrs before.
I had no idea there was a train that I could have taken!! Thanks for that! I think if my husband doesn't go with me next time, then I'll take the train!
PS. How've ya been?

Chrissy121875 said...

Dina: How was Elie's first trip to BC? :)

t said...

Maybe she WAS Goldie Hawn and was just acting like she belonged in a loonie bin just for kicks! HAHAH! Kidding of course. I don't see why Goldie Hawn would be on a bus coming from Kingston!

Kenny is adorable. I hope he doesn't get teased at school. Did you ever notice his name? Kenny G?! Remember that guy who used to sometimes sing with Michael Bolton?! Omigawd~

japanmanpete said...

You've been missed terribly Chrissy! By the way, Miss Moneypenny hasn't been here in a while either! Welcome back nonetheless and looking forward to more installments on your blog!

mist1 said...

So, would it be awkward if I invited you to my housewarming party? Because, you're totally invited.

Chrissy121875 said...

t: LOL! Kenny G! That's too funny!

Pete: Awww...shucks! Nice to know I was missed! Oh, and go ahead and send over those soba noodles! :)Cheers for that!

Mist: Nah...if you invited me to your housewarming party, I'd attend for sure. Just make sure your friend, Sue is there too! You two sound like a total riot! LOL!

sentimental me said...

Welcome back, Chrissy! Now you're no longer missing in action. :)

Sad to hear about your horrible bus ride. I think Roar's suggestion of taking the train would be a good alternative if you prefer not to drive on your own.

Hey, I think you'll be a wonderful mother when the time comes. If you can adore your little nephew so much, how much more when it's your very own little one? :)

Girlie Monkey said...

Hey Chrissy,
Good to see you back! He is absolutely adorable as I said before. Glad you had a good time.

I was cracking up reading this post because it sounds really familiar! I always thought that I was a magnet for the crazy people as well. It doesn't matter where I am, the craziest person in the place decides to tell me the story of his/her life. Moreover, the stories I hear usually contain the information that I would have loved not to know. For example, I've had employees (not my direct reports but people that work for the same company) tell me stories about how they got drunk or high right before coming to work. Did they not realize that they should not tell anyone at work about such things especially since it is grounds for immediate termination and I have the authority to do that on the spot! Mind boggling!

Wow I wrote a lot! I am at work on a Saturday afternoon working on a project I really don't want to work on so trying to distract myself in any way possible ;-)

Chrissy121875 said...

Sentimental: Awww...thanks! That was such a sweet comment! BTW, you can contact me at cg underscore lee 121875 at hotmail dot com if you wish :)

GM: LOL! I know! No matter where I go, I attract all the crazies too. Note to self: Do not make eye contact or smile at strangers! LOL!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Sounds like you had a shitty ride. We need to work your "f**k off" sign, and take down that "good girl" sign off your forehead.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Thanks, Curiosity! I know, I know! I need to try not to be so nice all the time :) I need lessons in A) Assertiveness and B) "Back the *bleep* up! I'm a biatch, yo!" LOL! ;)

Karen MEG said...

Hey Chrissy, you're not a whiner - sit beside me for a couple of hours and you'll know what I mean! Kidding aside, I agree with you about all that stuff. You have a very welcoming face and probably an aura that says "hey, if you talk to me, I'll listen and not tell you to buzz off!".
Your nephew is one little cutie - I bet it was totally worth the trip to see his precious face in person.

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi Karen!
Yes, you are right about both things.
A) I have been told that I have an "aura" about me and something that just says, "Talk to me and I'll listen". I've also been told by my friends that I am way too kind! LOL! I admit it...I'm a sucker. I have a soft spot for people that most would not associate with. This is both an endearing trait, but at the same time, it can be a huge problem. I just need to know when and how to let people know I need my space.

B) The trip was totally worth it. My little nephew is adorable and this time last week, I was holding him and changing his diapers. To be honest, I'm quite depressed because I miss the little guy already! LOL! Anyway, next time I think I am going to either drive or take the train!!! No more Greyhound or Coach Canada bus rides for this gal! Noooo way! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I once took the bus from Windsor to Gravenhurst. A fellow rider told me about how her uncle murdered her mother. How her brothers and sisters were split up and placed in foster care. How Uncle served his time and went on to marry and have a kid. Very disturbing....

I'm perfecting my chilly Empress glare though because my blonde locks and asian kids draw stares and comments.

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi Anon!
Wow! You took the bus all the way from Windsor to Gravenhurst? It's funny when you think about all the personal stories that people will share with a stranger. When I was in my early 20s, I just loved listening to strangers' life stories and talking about all sorts of things. Now that I'm older, I just get either really annoyed because I want some quiet time to myself or really weirded out because some of the people who end up talking to me have some CRAZY stories that they really shouldn't be sharing with too many people! LOL! That story you told of that fellow rider is crazy!

I try to be polite and friendly, but not toooooo friendly because that always gets me in trouble. Maybe I should learn how to do your chilly Empress glare!!! Do people really give you and your kids odd looks? When I first married my husband and traveled to the Woodstock, Clinton, Stratford, St. Marys area, people used to give us a second glance because I'm...uhh...Asian (Chinese-Caribbean-Filipina-Spanish) and my husband is as 'White' as he can possibly be :) It used to make me chuckle because I come from Toronto and multiculturalism and mixed relationships are not uncommon there :) Tee hee! Now, it's pretty much normal for us and I sometimes miss the head turns! LOL!

Anon, do you have a blog?

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