Thursday, March 15, 2007

The good 'ol days

*sigh* I remember when life seemed so carefree. The only worries we had were trying to figure out how to make our bicycles stop without crashing into something or falling off and whether we'd be allowed to play at our friend's house.
Do you remember how it felt to ride your bike with the wind blowing through your hair? The feeling of being young and invincible...oh, and that baseball card taped to your bike so that it made that cool sound when it hit the spokes of your wheels? Do you remember endless hours of playing hide and go seek in the dark?
Here's a pic of mi famila (quite a few of us missing...many not even born yet). Taken circa early '80s. Can you spot me? I'm the only girl...and the one with the toothpick-like legs and the knobby knees!


ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Look at all those little cuties! Time sure flies, Huh?

Doggy Mama said...

Oh my gosh... so adorable!!

And, yes - I do think often of those carefree days when the biggest concern was whether or not so-and-so was talking to me today.

Thanks for stirring up some memories! :)

t said...

GAHHHHHHH! WHat a bunch of cuties! Chris! Look at you! LOLLL Cute!

caninecologne said...

I remember riding my bike around the block when I was five (yeah, my parents let us do that unaccompanied)...hell, I won't even let my own daughter do that!

I also remember getting my homemade BELLBOTTOMS caught in the chain and crying while dragging the bike home while it was still attached to my pants.

cute photo by the way!

Curiosity.Killer said...

That picture is darn cute, Chrissy!!

Chrissy121875 said...

AHMM: Time sure flies. Hard to believe that was almost two decades ago!

Doggy Mama: :) I only hope that when we have kids, they will be able to look back one day and remember their carefree days like we do.

T: Thanks! LOL! You actually know a few of the people in that pic. Recognize them?

Canine: Yeah. We lived in the suburbs of Montreal and we played outside until dark (unsupervised). We biked to our friends' houses, we went to the park on our own, we did so many things unaccompanied. It seemed like it was okay back then. If we lived in the city now, I know I would never let my kids do that!
LOL! Your bellbottoms story is hilarious! :) When I was teaching in Japan, some of the Canadian teachers and I were going for a bike ride to town so we could do some shopping. We weren't wearing our 'business uniforms' and were dressed casually because it was our day off. One of my friends was wearing one of those wrap around skirts/sarongs and a tank top. Well, her skirt got tangled up and stuck in the spokes of her wheels and totally ripped off of her body! LOL!!!! The worst part was that she was going 'commando' at the time. There she was in the middle of town, with her skirt wrapped up in her bike wheels...totally stuck to her bike and half the middle of a busy Japanese town. Imagine the looks and stares! LOL! She couldn't get untangled and had to ask some old Japanese guy to help unhook her! LOL! OMG!

Curiosity: Thanks, sista friend!

Girlie Monkey said...

This picture is ridiculously cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I do so enjoy your blog Chrissy. I look forward to the day you come to NZ.Lord of the Rings has sure put us on the map. You can see the typical scenery used in the film in certain places around the country - if you know where to look. We dont live too far away from the Hobbit village - green rolling farmland.
You asked about our garden -
We have our Kiwifruit orchard which is 17 acres out of town, a large section (you call it a 'lot') at our beach house, and our town garden which is about 1/3 of an acre. On the orchard we have hundreds of kiwifruit, 25 macadamia trees,three plums, a fig, a fejoa,tweo avocados, and several nashi pears. At home we have an orange, mandarin, Louisa plum,Christmas plum, apricot, tamarillo, cocktail kiwifruit, passinfruit, apple, two figs, raspberries - and of curse a vege garden. Also lots of native trees and also exotics - Silver Birches, hibiscus,Australian frangipani, magnolia, ornamental cherries, - and a dwarf weeping maple, etc etc.

Ms. Mamma said...

How cute! Yes, Chrissy I do and let me tell you a secret... it's like riding a Plasmacar! I know, I'm obsessed.

Anonymous said...

oh your the most darling tootpick knobby kneed kid ever! Very sweet.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Is it just me, or did we all have the same haircut??? :)

GM: Thanks! I love looking back at old photos. I was cute back then. I'm not quite sure what happened! LOL!

Merinz: I am sooooo getting myself over to NZ someday before I die! Every time I look at magazines, travel books, and websites, I fall more and more in love with that place!

Ms.Mamma: Hmm...I think I need to get me a Plasmacar!!!

Anon: Thanks! I don't have toothpick legs and knobby knees anymore though :( LOL!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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