Thursday, March 08, 2007

So happy!

Canine finally got the care package I sent her! Click here to see what was in the package! I wanted to send her products that are local, so she received products from Ontario, Canada (Manitoulin Island and Toronto). Canine, I'm glad you liked the little trinkets. My care package certainly paled in comparison to the one you sent me!

In other good news, when I got home yesterday afternoon, there was a parcel sitting on my front doorstep! I get all excited whenever I see a parcel or package waiting for me. I can't explain the feeling other than I feel like a little kid at the candy store (or like I did as a kid at Christmas...or on my birthday). Anyway, I rushed inside the house and didn't even bother taking off my boots or jacket. I tore that sucker open, and ohhhh my goodness....This is what I found in that box:
As I've mentioned before, I'm not a candy person. I do have a weakness for chocolate sometimes, but I don't generally eat candy...except for these babies!!! My friend at Big Sky Brands sent me an assortment of candies from their compant. ALL my favourite ones were there (and some of the new ones, which we haven't tried yet). I've already gotten quite a few of my family and friends hooked on the energy mints and on the Jones Soda and CO2 candies. Just spreadin' the love :)
PS. We're still waiting for my brother and sister-in-law's baby to be born. The due date was March 5th, but today's the 8th! This baby must be on Filipino time! LOL! (But usually filipinos are a few hours late...not days!!) :)


Doggy Mama said...

How fun!! You are such a great blogger friend... you take care of all of us!

I get soooo excited about packages, too! Even if I know they're for my husband, just the sight of a box to open is fun. Actually, I get excited just seeing the mailman come down the street. Weird, I know! :)

I'm hoping you have baby news REAL SOON!!! I know how frustrating it is to wait! My brother and sis-in-law's first child was over a week late. It was torture!!

japanmanpete said...

How come everyone seems to be sending you parcels in the post? Hmmmm???

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Oh goody! That sounds like fun! I also get excited when I get presents (or anything) in the mail! HAH! By the looks there are some new flavors, huh? We;ll have to go and get some more candy. We've just run out. Thanks for always posting all the cool new things on your blog. I think it's so sweet of you to promote all of your friends' businesses. Your a great friend christine!

Merinz said...

Hope that the baby news comes soon! We are waiting for my son and daughters in laws twins to arrive. They are now 30 weeks and will probably be born by ceasarian at 36 weeks. We know they are boys,and identical. They have one little girl already, age 18 months, so the grandparents (us!) will be very much needed.
So that is the reason my blog hasn't moved for so long and I have not posted you any more comments!Still enjoy reading about life on your beautiful island. From another island dweller!

Girlie Monkey said...

Those look yummi! I love packages too, so I know what you mean!

By the way, I have a Filipino friend and she is always a couple of hours late, ha-ha! You are so right! I tell her to come at 7pm and expectto see her at 9pm ;-)

Chrissy121875 said...

Doggy Mama: LOL! I know what you mean. I just love getting stuff in the mail. Oh, and my poor sister-in-law is just waiting...and waiting for this baby to arrive!

Pete: I suppose I've just been lucky. I don't usually get anything in the mail...except for bills! LOL!

AHMM: Thank you :) I just love promoting my friends and their businesses. There's nothing better than word of mouth :)

Merinz: I'm so happy to see you back here!!! I've missed your comments and have been wondering how you've been doing. Hope all is well on your end. TWINS! Wow! That is exciting news!!

Girlie: Hehehe!! Yes! If you want a filipino person to arrive at a party for 9PM, you have to tell them that it starts at 6PM. I have known this ever since I was a little kid, but still get frustrated when people aren't on time. My husband has never really known any filipino-Chinese-Caribbean-Spanish people before he married me, so he's slowly getting accustomed to the way things are. LOL! He's such a good sport and finds everything so amusing and entertaining :)

t said...

I'm jonesing for a Jones!

Diesel said...

Man, a package like that's gotta make you feel good.

Ms. Mamma said...

Oh that looks awesome! How cool! Packages are the best! Tonight when we got home there was a parcel for Snowflake. Yes you can imagine his surprise when he opened it and it contained a Pee Wee Herman doll circa 1987!

Curiosity.Killer said...

I'm so mad mine was lost in the post. So UNFAIR. I'm going to sue the postal service.

Anonymous said...

Christine - Check out !!!


Chrissy121875 said...

t: LOL! Good thing there are a lot of stores where you are where you can get your "fix" :)

Diesel: Sure does :) It just made me day. I'm not that difficult to please.

Ms.Mamma: Awesome! The look on his face must have been classic! What a cute kid!

Curiosity: Yeah, that sucks :( I've sent a few care packages out and everyon'e received them...and vice versa.

Stephen: OMG. I just checked that site out. It's him! It's really him! It's sort of neat to see what he's been up to. He was a very interesting professor. I really enjoyed his class. He made me want to do field work and get involved in archaeological digs! LOL! I mean that the course material was interesting. Then again, I know some female students who were interested in a bit more than his class! LOL!

caninecologne said...

hey, not all of us are late! ha ha

Seriously, I'm 2nd generation Filipina American and I am pretty much on time for everything. I hate being late.

Chrissy121875 said...

Canine, LOL!!! I know :) I'm almost NEVER late. I'm actually pretty anal about being on time. It's kind of a sickness really. I NEED to be places at least 5 mins early and start to panic if I think I'm going to be late. I just feel it's really important to not keep people waiting and it's also rude if you tell someone to be somewhere and they end up waiting for ages.

My family (the filipino side) is ALWAYS late! LOL! Seriously. Tell them to be at the dinner party for 6 and and they don't show up until almost 8 (if you're lucky)! LOL!

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