Friday, March 23, 2007

A day in the life...

I awoke early, as usual, to make sure our student was awake, had his breakfast and was ready to catch the bus for school. Hubby motioned in the direction of our backyard. We counted 27 deer in the field behind our house. That was just the closest field to our house. I imagine there were lots more hanging out on the property! What magical creatures. I think they're beautiful. Hubby thinks they're a pest because they eat the most valuable part of his crops.

I worked on progress reports and summaries from the math, communications technology and English teachers so I could inform our student's parents of how he is doing in school. I communicated with other potential students and then set off for a day outdoors. I spent some time with the pup and lugged buckets of sap from the maple trees back and forth. I strained the sap so Hubby could boil it into syrup.

In the afternoon, I spent the most part clearing the old raspberry canes so the new ones can grow this summer. That was a good two or three hours work and when our student returned from school, he helped clear the canes too. By the time we were done, it was time for me to cook supper. After supper, I tutored our student and worked on a Roald Dahl story with him. We did some reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. Now I'm ready for bed! LOL!

Now, onto more important things...Izzy and George slept together!?!?! I don't have time to watch much TV, but Grey's Anatomy is my weekly indulgence. I'm addicted.
Btw, I took the Grey's Anatomy Quiz and the character I'm most like is Izzy! You're impulsive and often follow your heart, not your head. Caring too much can get you in trouble. But you're always there for your friends, and good thing they're always there for you too. Just doing your job isn't for you; you'll always find a way to go above and beyond because there are so many people who need your help. Just remember to save yourself before you save the world.

LOL! Take the quiz and let me know who you're most like :)


Doggy Mama said...

What a fun life you have! I couldn't believe it when I read you had 27 deer in your yard! Crazy!

I can't believe Izzy and George slept together! Poor Callie! I wonder how this saga will play out...

mist1 said...

I dealt with a sap tonight too. That's why I'm home early. I cannot tolerate sappiness.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful area you must live in!

Deer are considered a pest here also because they eat the young seedlings in the native forests. Possums (an import from Australia) are also even more of a pest.

Your raspberries are just regrowing after the winter, mine are just winding down, I am still picking a few.

Ms. Mamma said...

Chrissy, you are an inspiration. Or like the Energizer Bunny or both! I think you should write a book about country life and your observations. You're an excellent writer and a dynamic girl.

Jill said...

The deer sound beautiful!

I am Addison...that surprised em, I don't think I am much like Addison at all!

Chrissy121875 said...

doggy mama:
It is a fun life and I'm enjoying it. It's quite the change from my former life in the city where it was always rush, rush, rush. I never felt as though I was actually living. I had the same routine day in and day out and no time to myself. Presently, I'm very busy, but it's a different sort of busy. I also just have one student with us at the moment, but when we have the next bunch it will get busier again! I teach morning (vocab and grammar) lessons and then afternoon (reading, writing, listening or speaking) lessons...and then we have a field trip or activity. The students also stay with us, so it's a constant 24-7 thing.

I'm curious about the outcome of the George and Izzy saga. Do you think they'll end up together? I feel sorry for Callie! I know it's just a TV show, but what can I say? LOL!

LOL! I'm looking forward to hearing about the sappiness ;) Was it really that bad?

I know we're lucky to be living where live and that the island is a beautiful place, but I still can't help but imagine how beautiful NZ is!!! I think it's so funny how you're still picking raspberries and mine are yet to come! Mine will be ready in the summer (spring has just arrived here).

ms. mamma:
You have got to be one of my fave people in the world! LOL! Thank you so much - you always make my day.
PS. About the book...I've actually thought about it. Sort of a "city turns country" thing perhaps? LOL! The only thing is now when I visit friends and family in Montreal or Toronto, they think I'm sooo "country", but when I'm here on the Island, I'm still regarded as "city". Ahhhh well. LOL!

Wow! You're Addison??? I wouldn't have thought you would be Addison at all! I kinda had a feeling I may be an Izzy...and it turned out I was right. Which character did you think you might be more like?

t said...

HUH??? It says I'm Cristina! I am not as cold as Sandra Oh am I?

Karen MEG said...

Chrissy, I love reading your descriptions of your life on the island. Deer are so beautiful, but I guess they can almost be like your neighbourhood raccoons in your neck of the woods (raccoons drove us crazy in the city).
So, I'm MIRANDA - I can't believe it - I admit I'm starting to like her more, but initially I couldn't stand her. I find her a bit scary, to tell you the truth.
You might not want to ever meet me now LOL!

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! I was surprised that you are Cristina! That's too funny!

Hehe! You're Miranda?? SCARY! Just kidding! ;) btw, don't you think a nice family vacation on the island would be a great idea??? LOL! Come with Dina and her family :)

caninecologne said...

btw, i have never watched this show at all. i took the quiz and i'm miranda. from your last comment to your friend karen, that was 'scary'. well, i am a perfectionist to some degree. now i feel like i must watch at least one episode to see this 'miranda' character. gosh, i hope she's not a beeyatch.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Canine, you have to at least watch ONE episode! I try not to get addicted to TV shows and I'm pretty good at not watching too much TV...mainly because I have very little time for it :( However, my biggest TV weakness would definitely have to be "Grey's Anatomy".

I can see you being a perfectionist like Miranda, but definitely not a beeeeyatch! LOL! Plus, you're wayyyyyy cooler ;) (I actually do like Miranda's character though)!

caninecologne said...

i wonder if i can take grey's anatomy seriously since the dr. mcdreamy character is being played by the guy who was in the 80's flicks, 'loverboy' and 'can't buy me love'! kidding. he's definitely improved.

btw, i met sandra oh back in '99 when she was in s.d. the la jolla playhouse premiered filipina american novelist, jessica hagedorn's novel 'dogeaters' as a play. sandra was one of the main actresses. an organization i was in sponsored a q & a event with jessica and the actors.

i met her in the bathroom (of all places) during intermission. like a starstruck fan, i told her i really liked her performance in 'double happiness' (1994 - a canadian film i believe). she seemed surprised but delighted that i knew of that film.

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