Monday, July 09, 2012

Papersalt Books {Review}

I  have to admit that one of the things I worry about having a daughter is whether I'm teaching her proper values (okay, and maybe whether she'll fare well in the world outside of our home).  With Little One starting Junior Kindergarten this coming Fall, my anxiety level is through the roof.

Maybe I worry too much, but I won't lie in saying I have concerns.

  • Sometimes children are unkind
  • Peer pressure can start at a young age
  • Not everyone is as kind, loving, compassionate, understanding, open-minded, or thoughtful as Little One is
  • Girls can be catty and competitive (boys can be competitive, but not in the same way as girls). Girls can be pretty brutal to each other
Of course I don't want to keep Little One in a bubble and I don't want to project my fears/concerns onto her. I can talk to her and explain our beliefs to her, and share our values and how we choose to conduct our lives. I hope this empowers her and prepares her for the outside world, and hope it lets her know that Mommy and Daddy will be here to help and support her no matter what.

I was glad when Papersalt contacted me not too long ago. The books they sent me couldn't have come at a better time. 

We received:
 Little One is 3 years old, and absolutely loves listening to me read the Papersalt books to her. She made me read "being a girl" FOUR times in one sitting. This is a fabulous book to read to girls when they are young and up to when they become teenagers. Many lessons (doing the right thing for others, saying sorry when you need to, not giving in to peer pressure, being confident, telling Mom you love her, etc...) can be learned from this book. Just reading it again and again, as per Little One's request, had her reciting back to me many of the 'lessons' in the book.

Many things I even forget about have come up in the book. For example: "Stick up for people when needed. If they're nice and need your help, or if they're doing the right thing and other's don't appreciate it" and "The internet is amazing. It is not always truthful."

"We Do"  (Things the family stands for) is a book that I think all families should have. Lessons like "We do sorry. We apologize. We admit we're wrong. We practice humility" are very important things to teach children. The book is filled with lots of lovely things parents and children should share. One of my favourites is "We do quality time. We turn things off, put things down, pay attention to each other."  I admit, this is one of the ones my three year old has to constantly remind me of. She comes to my home office and tells me I need to stop working for a while or turn off my BlackBerry. The book is a breath of fresh air and brings us back to our main reason for being here in the first place: FAMILY. It's a great reminder of what families stand for. You can also add things to the book, like photos, notes, etc...

We love all the books, but Little One and I love Kids Coupons the most. What a fun way to REWARD your children! Some of the coupons in the booklet include: Date Night with Mom, One Chore Free Day, Your Favourite Dessert, and Bed Time 1 Hr. Later.  This is something both parents and children can get excited over! What a great idea.

Papersalt makes books and activities to help parents teach life lessons and simple things all kids should know. I really recommend these books.  I believe parents who talk, read, and do things with their children create the building blocks for what it takes to be good people. I believe that communication, love, understanding, and good values help form the kind of children and citizens of the world that are respectful, kind, and responsible. Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, at least!

Check out Papersalt here.

Disclosure - I received a package containing Papersalt books to facilitate this review. All the opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.

The photos for the books ("Kid Coupons", "We Do", and "being a girl") belong to 


mamawee said...

those look like great little books to share with kids....thanks for posting

Christine said...

Thanks! We LOVE the books! Love the idea of the reward coupons too!

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

What a great mom you are, never question that! Though, I do love the idea of these little books. The reward coupons would be a huge hit.

Canadian Dad said...

The books look great Christine! My little guy starts Jr Kindergarten this year too and I am so nervous for him! Good luck to your little flower!

Christine said...

:) Thanks so much! Yes, the reward coupons are really cool! There are even a few blank ones so you can make your own reward!

Christine said...

Wow! Your little one is starting JK too?! There are a lot of CBNers with kids going into JK this year!

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