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#FisherPriceMoms The Joy of Learning

With Little One being our first (and only...for now) child, I always fretted over whether or not we were giving her enough stimulation or too much stimulation.  Were we reading enough to her?  Were we singing enough to her?   I am the first to admit that I was one of those moms that worried about everything.

This is why when shopping for toys for Little One, I always wanted to make sure of a few things:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Materials used (ties in with safety)
  • Age appropriateness 
  • Educational aspect
  • Does the toy help with Little One's development
Sure, toys are meant for fun. At the same time, for me, they always had to challenge Little One in some way.  For example, work on hand-eye coordination, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills, etc. Toys have to be able to help teach some kind of new skill.  I'm really picky that way when it comes to buying toys for Little One.  

Usually, I have a clear idea in mind of what toy I'm going to get for Little One before I head to the toy store. I do my research, go online, check out what other parents have to say, read blog reviews, Tweet other parents to see their opinions, visit company websites and Facebook pages.  I like to know what I'm getting and want honest reviews from other parents who have used the products.

What I love is that Fisher-Price now has The Joy of Learning Playtime Guide

The Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Guide is comprised of 12 Elements of Enrichment under the major pillars of what is critical for children's development: Physical, Cognitive, and Social & Emotional.

I am SO excited that these icons will be placed on each Fisher-Price product's packaging as of 2013 onward!  Why does this excite me? Well, now parents can see exactly how the product aids in specific areas of their child's growth and development.  It's a fabulous idea!
You can start with play at any age and more play leads to more learning.  When kids are having so much fun, they don't even know they're learning. They enjoy learning! 

Fisher-Price truly captures the joy of learning.  I can think of a few moments when I've witnessed Little One's joy of learning.  

The Rainforest Peek-a-Boo  Leaves Musical Mobile was the very first item I ever bought for Little One. We were in the NICU for a long time and I wanted to give her some stimulation and offer her soothing sounds and music at the same time.  The moving animals, the colours, and everything this mobile had to offer just seemed the perfect fit. The icons for this product show that this is good for Sensory, Security & Happiness.
Photo of my old college & university friends AvoidEverything and GadgetGirl visiting us while Little One was in the NICU at Mount Sinai Hospital. Even back in 2008 I was all about Fisher-Price! Note the elephant mirror from Fisher-Price as well?


Her Christmas present from Lola and Grampy (she had just turned a year old chronological, but almost 3 months until a year old corrected).  Look! Fisher-Price! AGAIN! Hmmm...Am I sensing a trend here? 
The Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Learning Walker really helped Little One learn how to walk! It also taught her ABCs, Numbers & Counting, Opposites, Left & Right, and Shape Sorting.


Little One's favourite toy is her Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set. She has tea parties with all her stuffed animals in her play room, as well as with anyone who will gladly share a cup of 'pretend' tea and biscuits with her! She is a pro at serving her grandparents tea! The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set has helped Little One learn shapes, counting, opposites, manners, and more!

Little One is officially a "big girl" (according to her and not Mommy!). She is enjoying make-believe play and loves playing with her Little People Happy Sounds Home and the SUV! She has a vivid imagination and comes up with the most interesting scenarios for her Little People! The Little People Happy Sounds Home learn through play: Sharing & Cooperation, Security & Happiness, Fine Motor, and Curiosity & Discovery.

I was included as one of the #FisherPriceMoms when Little One turned 3. Just looking through her toys, I was surprised at how many Fisher-Price toys she had before I became a Fisher-Price Mom! That certainly speaks volumes! I do my research and am happy to see that Fisher-Price has been with us since the beginning of Little One's learning and development.

Parents, how do you determine what toys to buy for your children? What resources do you use to help you make your decisions? 

Disclosure:  I am a Fisher-Price Mom and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Mama Ash said...

Great post! <3

Christine said...

Mama Ash:
Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading your August post for FP :)

ashley picco said...

great post! we had the ride on/learn to walk car for ODS

Lisa said...

Loving the photos in this one. Sweet post. :)

Christine said...

Too cool! Isn't it fun? :) Ours is now at my parents' house so all the grandkids can play with it when visiting their grandparents. Whenever we go over, Little One still plays with it! LOL!

Christine said...

Thank you :) I still remember the day I got Little One her very first items from Fisher-Price! After spending a very long and exhausting day in the NICU, on my way home I stopped off at Toys 'R Us. I just wanted to get her something special and found the mobile and mirror. Brings back memories of life in the NICU. So bittersweet.

Mom vs. the boys said...

love the different toy stages! you tell they are growing and learning!

Mommy Moment said...

I am willing to pay more for high quality toys that will last. Quality over quantity is my motto!

Anonymous said...

Love FP! They make great products for children. We have many. hehe!

Just Us Girls said...

Awesome post girly! I love Fisher Price!!!

One of the things I've learned while shopping for toys is to look up reviews from you awesome bloggers. I also look at the durability as well as age.

Brandi Yee said...

Love Fisher Price! Great post :) Your daughter is so adorable! And my little girl has the FP Little People house & car as well...she loves it :)

Katrina Brady said...

You have such a princess and I adore her through your posts even though I have not met her. I know your character and I'm sure you stimulate her mind, creativity and learning. It's good to know that toys are being labeled though for parents to understand what their children can be doing at any given age and how to encourage that.

Whispered Inspirations said...

Awww, I love this. SO cute to see her grow. We are definitely a Fisher Price Family too. :D

Annie Brown said...

Love the toys... great having all the different ages for all the different stages.

Shayna said...

Oh we have so many Fisher Price toys in our house. It's like a toy store. The great thing is that they last forever so we can pass them on when our little one is done with them!

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

FP is timeless. My mom still has FP toys from our childhood.

Kathleen (aka Callista) said...

That is cool! I look forward to seeing the info on FP toys in 2013, great idea.

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