Sunday, August 12, 2012

Safees Can Save Lives {Review}

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to beautiful Manitoulin Island was that the nights are really dark here.  I mean really, really dark!  With no street lights, stop lights, or light pollution we have in the city, this was a welcomed treat for me.

Moving to the Island enabled me to experience the night sky as it was meant to be experienced.  With the constellations visible, the Milky Way, shooting stars, meteor showers, and even the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights), this was indeed Heaven to me.  I sometimes still cannot believe that I get  to experience and soak in so much beauty any time I want to!

People from all over the world flock to Manitoulin Island to appreciate the dark skies. (Below) Photo of the Milky Way viewed from Gordon's Park Eco-Resort on Manitoulin Island. Photo source: Northern Ontario Canada: Rainbow Country.
The dark skies are absolutely breathtaking.

The only thing that concerned me with no lights on the streets at night was the danger factor. I sometimes think, "What if I'm walking from our farm to my mother-in-law's farm at night and passing cars don't see me?" or "What if we're out walking in the evening with Little One and cars don't see us as we're walking?"

It scares me.  The country roads can be pretty dangerous in the dark if you're a pedestrian. I noticed that many people (especially teenagers) don't dress with light clothing or have reflective markings on their jackets.  If they carried a flashlight, that might make things easier for drivers to see them, but most of the time people just wear BLACK. Dark jeans, dark shirts, jackets, and hoodies make it so difficult for visibility.

I was recently introduced to a fabulous company who understands this dilemma.

Safees wants you to been seen and be safe.
Their pedestrian reflectors shine brightly when hit by light from oncoming headlights. Drivers can see that someone is in front of them and know that they need to slow down and pay attention. Dusk, dark, dawn, twilight, rain, and fog are when many accidents occur. Accidents often happen because motorists do not see pedestrians, cyclists, etc. With Safees, they can.

We were given a few Safees reflectors to try out. Little One is quite partial to cats and I really love owls. Safees has a variety of cute designs to choose from.

Needless to say, for a Mom who lives in the countryside where the rural roads are really dark at night, Safees are a must have item for my family.  Whether you live in the countryside or in the city, I firmly believe that Safees are a must have for your loved ones.  My motto is "Always better safe than sorry".

For Life on Manitoulin blog readers, Safees is offering you 15% off with code "Safeesbacktoschool2012". Simply enter the code at checkout for the discount!

Find Safees on Facebook too!

Disclaimer - We received some Safees reflectors to facilitate this review.  All the opinions on this blog are honest and my own.


Anonymous said...

Love these! They are functional and adorable!

Deanna T. said...

Very cute! How do you wear them? Are they a bracelet, or do they clip to your clothes?

Christine said...

They are, aren't they?! :)

Christine said...

Such a smart product :) You can wear them by clipping them onto clothing. They come with a pin and string so you can pin them to your jacket, shirt, or pants OR you can buy a spiral attachment to clip onto your clothing.

caninecologne said...

what an interesting product!

when we stayed with you guys on the island, we were amazed at the clear skies. the last night we were there, we saw stars as far as our eyes could see. i'm used to only seeing stars at the very top of the sky, not all the way to the edge! it was incredible! we'll never forget how beautiful the night skies were in Manitoulin.

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