Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Time with Me in a Tree

I am reluctant to admit this, but we really don't spend much time as a family in this house. I wish we did. It makes me really sad that we don't have more family time.

With having the farm, we are always so busy.  Sure, we do a lot of things on the farm together, but Little One is too little to safely do things on the farm with us. When she was still a baby, we used to put her in her car seat and tote her all over the farm with us. She'd be on the wagon in her car seat while we loaded the wagon with square bales or she'd nap in her car seat while we split firewood.  I'd put her in the baby carrier while we checked on the animals and she'd comfortably snooze while attached to me.

Now, she's running around and into all sorts of things.  She's permitted to come along for some farm chores, but for others it's just too dangerous. We're teaching her how to respect the animals and the equipment, and to be aware that there are potential dangers.  She's pretty good and she 'gets it'.

With me working and Hubs working on the farm, there just isn't much room for family time. The farm is all consuming and pretty much a 24-7 thing.  Little One and I go on family vacations without Daddy.  That is something I desperately wanted to change.

We need family time.

When I was asked if I'd like to review Me in a Tree, I thought I'd give it a try.  I had read reviews online from other parents and I figured that if PTPA gave Me in a Tree their PTPA Award, they must be great.  After all, PTPA Award Winning Products are Parent Tested and Parent Approved!

Me in a Tree is a game-based family website that helps parents build stronger kids and happier families.  It uses fun, interactive, game-based techniques to grow a better family.

Using the site, we were able to conquer the chaos of every day life.  The Me in a Tree Calendar helps us manage day-to-day activities and makes sure that everyone is in the loop.  Granted, Little One is only 3.5 years old, she sits with us and is part of what's going on.  Okay, I guess the Me in a Tree is the best for HUBBY because he's the one who needs to be reminded of what's going on and when!

One of my favourite features of the site is the Family Things To Do. With this app, you can get your family, spouse, etc doing things and exploring together. Things to do that enriches relationships: Family Activities, Volunteering, Date Night, Parenting Programs.

Little One loves the site. Like I said, she's still too little to navigate the site on her own. She can't read yet! This said, she likes the idea of having a family site and she loves her new avatar! She helped customize it herself!

I also love the Family Huddle. Families get together to discuss schedules, important things, and work together on family challenges.  I've scheduled our Family Huddle times for Sundays.  Since I first mentioned the need for family time, we've allotted time on Sundays for family time.  It's hard to get away from the farm for an entire day, so even half a day or a few hours a day to do things as a family on a Sunday afternoon is a BIG improvement.

For more information on Me in a Tree, check out their website!  You can also find them on Twitter and on Facebook!

Disclosure - I was compensated for this post, however all the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


~Shannon~ said...

What a great tool. Balancing everyones lives can be a little daunting! What a fun way to get it all organized. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

This sounds like a really useful tool! Making time for family can be hectic at best living in the city, I can only imagine what it would be like on a busy farm.

Monica said...

Having a family, a farm and working would certainly keep you busy! It's nice that you were able to set aside some time on a Sunday. As your daughter gets older I'm sure you will be able to work the farm as a family and spend more time together.

J at said...

Family time is one point today, in our non-farm, suburban life, I noticed that we were three people in one room, doing three completely different things. Ted was watching a video on the computer (for work, I think), Maya was watching 'Downton Abbey' on her phone (while doing her hair and so on), and I was getting some work done on my computer. In some ways, there's nothing wrong with this. In other ways, there really, really is. We manage dinner together almost every night. With a 16 year old, I'm not sure you can hope for much more, and as soon as she gets a job and/or a driver's license, I'm sure we'll lose that. Maybe then we'll schedule some time, like your Sunday meetings. Sigh. Life is too busy, sometimes with stupidness. (Not saying yours is stupidness...more mine.)

Paula Schuck said...

This is a great tool. I will check it out. Thanks! It must be difficult as wife of a farmer. I can fully appreciate how exhausting a farm would be.

Jodi said...

Great review! I've never tried this but lord knows we could use some family time together. <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review! Please keep us posted on the changes you are able to make using the Me in a Tree tools and resources. There are more to come!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean to make that anonymous.

Have a great one!

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