Friday, August 03, 2012

Hold Me! I'm Gonna Cry!

I realize it's the beginning of August and Summer isn't over yet, but I took Little One shopping for school items yesterday. *Gasp* I know. Crazy.  She'll be entering Junior Kindergarten and is SO excited about it. Since we don't have the list of school supplies yet, we just went to get some new clothes (everything is too short or too small on her now!) and her school bag.

She has a school bag already, but apparently the kids need a full sized one. I love the adorable Skip Hop penguin one she has, but I was told it's too small.
 Our little excursion and seeing Little One carrying her school bag all of a sudden triggered that flash forward moment of seeing her getting on the school bus for the very first time with a school bag bigger than her! I almost cried in the middle of the store. She's only 3.5 years old. She's too little to be going to school!
Friends have told me to "get over it", but the thought of seeing her get on that school bus and seeing that bus whisk her away just makes me want to cry!

Someone hold me! Come Fall, I know there will be a lot of tears! Ha! They won't be coming from Little One either! She's totally ready for school! It's Mom who is not!


Anonymous said...

It is so hard to see them go off to "school" for the first time. My oldest had a difficult time going to his nursery school for the first couple days. I did as well. It's sad only for a little while. It gets easier as time goes on. *hugs*

Christine said...

Insane Mamacita:
Thanks for your comment! Oh my goodness! It just made me cry! LOL! *gulp*

Torviewtoronto said...

what a cute post my little one is starting in september as well

Bonnie Way said...

She's only 3 1/2 and she needs a full-size backpack? That's crazy. My daughter (now 4) loves school too; she keeps talking about how preschool starts again in the fall. :)

Whispered Inspirations said...

Gabs marched in with her over-sized bag an said "Bye Mom, see you later" leaving me there, standing there with my heart breaking! I'm here to hold you! I think it's okay to feel this way, it's your baby whom you've never been apart from going off almost on her own without you! She will be fine but, it's okay to cry! ((HUGS)) Love youuuuu!

Brandi Yee said...

Aww I know the feeling of seeing them go to school for the first time. My son already completed his first year and he LOVED it. He even loved his first day of school, had no problems. It'll be harder on you than her lol. He'll be in SK this year and is excited. She'll do great!! And you will too ;) hehe. Trust me, you'll be excited about the little crafts and things she brings home to you that she made :)

Gingermommy said...

I am not ready for my little one to go either. I actually have not even registered her yet lol

Ms. Key said...

So cute, and such a sweet post. I'm a teacher, and that first day of school is hard on many parents -- even when the kids are going off to grade one and two, I still see the anxiety in some parents eyes! It's normal! The kids do AMAZING, though, and even the ones who cry on that first day, make it through really well in the end. It's an exciting place to go, and kids enjoy the freedom and the chance to learn.. and as was said before, she'll be so excited to bring home crafts and pictures she has made for you!! :-)

Also, the over-sized bag seems silly, but as a teacher it is really important kids have a proper sized bag... so many 8 1/2 by 11 sized notes and pieces of art and all that have to come home (along with a lunch bag), and having a proper sized bag makes a massive difference when you are trying to help the child fit there stuff in! :-)

shashers Life said...

I cried putting my kids on the school bus for the first time! time marches on and some days I just want to press the pause button...

Christine said...

Ooh! Is your little one excited about starting school? Are YOU excited?

I know. Pretty crazy! I guess they put the lunch bag in their school bag and all the other stuff they need lugged back. I was thinking it was way too big for her. She's so tiny :(

Christine said...

Aww! I have a feeling it'll be the same thing with Little One! When she had Welcome to Kindergarten week, she didn't even care that I wasn't there :( I stood outside the doorway for a few minutes to make sure she was okay. She was totally having a blast. *sniff*

Thanks for your comment :) Totally bittersweet! I'm excited for her, but can't help but feel a tiny bit sad! LOL!

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