Monday, August 06, 2012

Manitoulin Spotlight - Pickers of Prov

It's always inspiring to see a thriving new Island business, especially when the person behind that business is an up and coming young entrepreneur.  A few years ago, I introduced readers of this blog to Lake Huron Fish & Chips Co. The very same owner of the fish and chips take-out now has a fabulous shop chock-full of goodies for all to admire. 

The shop, in the beach village of Providence Bay, Ontario, is located next to Lake Huron Fish & Chips. Pickers of Prov is a quaint little shop with lots of character. Inside the shop, you can find locally made items (from Manitoulin Island as well as other cities across Canada). Pickers of Prov has everything from Native Shoes, cool earrings and jewelry, t-shirts, sunglasses and many more unique, fashionable, and super cool items!
 I absolutely love the fact that the paintings and art work in the shop are by local artists.

 Even the decorative pillows are made by local artist, Madonna Aeschlimann.

Above: Mehoi Earrings are a great conversation piece! I picked up the bacon earrings and the rice cooker earrings! I still have to pick up a pair of rice cooker earrings for a friend of mine in Japan!

Below: Native Shoes are so comfortable! They even come in my favourite colour

If you find yourself on Manitoulin Island, swing by Pickers of Prov on your way to the beach. You'll be glad you did. It really is a (not so hidden) gem!

In case you were wondering about the P0P logo, all the postal codes on Manitoulin Island begin with P0P. Clever logo, isn't it? We love shopping locally!

Find Pickers of Prov on Facebook and on Twitter!
Address: 20 McNevin Street, P0P 1T0
Telephone: 705-377-4500
Disclosure - This is not a compensated post. I just love showcasing the many businesses on Manitoulin Island. Shopping locally and supporting local businesses is very important to me. *ALL PHOTOS are property of Pickers of Prov*


Andre said...

I have been to the store a few times and really enjoy it. The young man who owns it and his girlfriend are very nice. A lovely touch of hospitality on a beautiful island. We love the beach at Prov, as you locals call it!

Christine said...

Thanks for popping by and commenting! Yes, the owner and his girlfriend are wonderful people! A great addition to Providence Bay :)

Brandi Yee said...

What a great looking shop! I love that there's so many things by local artists....those are the types of shops I love going to :)

Jackie said...

Love both! esp the poutine=)

Mom vs. the boys said...

I love cute shops like that!

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

I so wish we would of had more time, (and my children were better behaved) and could of spent more time exploring. Thanks again for such a fun, whirlwind afternoon. We have been telling everyone what fun we had with you on the island. BTW, did you hubby go to high school in my area? (Inquiring minds want to know, lol)

Christine said...

Ohhhhhhh! Now I want to have poutine!!! :)

Christine said...

I love shops like these too! They've got so much character. Love local artists' work!

Christine said...

Me too! Love them!

ashley picco said...

If I ever make my way to manitoulin Island I will for sure check it out!

hotmommy said...

cool bit of info about the POP postal code!

caninecologne said...

hi c - so that's the name of that store! The owner, Matthew was so very cool! loved the variety of items in his store - lots of local artists and very edgy to boot! Bert ended up getting an "I (heart) POP" shirt.

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