Wednesday, August 08, 2012

National S'mores Day

Did you know that August 10th is National S'mores Day?  I didn't either until the kind people I work for (PTPA) informed me of this fun day that pays homage to the camp fire favourite!  Check out "S'mores Reinvented" by Toronto4Kids!  I should have added a disclaimer - Warning! Do not read if hungry!

Because PTPA is all about sharing all that is wonderful about parenting and all about having fun too, here's my family's National S'mores Day post!

My 3.5 year old daughter made this S'mores creation.  
 Our Summer student made this one.  She is a purist when it comes to S'mores and is all about the chocolate and marshmallow. Her GIANT S'mores creation had not one, but two marshmallows!  Pretty hardcore!
 My S'mores creation was different from the rest, and I was deemed to be the S'mores champion of the evening. Want to know why?
 My S'mores treat was made with all the traditional S'mores ingredients (Graham crackers and marshmallow), but it also contained something extra special!  I used Manitoulin Chocolate Works Pecan Butter Toffee!  Oh, some may think it's sacrilegious to use 'good' chocolate on S'mores, but why on earth would you not use anything but the best?
 I have a little confession.  I was actually going to send the Pecan Butter Toffee to a pregnant friend of mine (and fellow PTPA Social Media lady). Sorry, Carol! I had to do it in the name of National S'mores Day! Confession: The parcel we were sending Carol and her newest addtion-to-be hadn't been sent out yet and we tore into it so we could get to the good chocolate. Don't worry, C! We'll replace it! :)
Hubby got Baker's chocolate for his S'mores. In the past I've always used Hershey's or Jersey Milk.

How do you make your S'mores?

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Disclosure - This post is not a sponsored post. I am affiliated with PTPA, but the opinions written in this post are my own.  I received no compensation from Manitoulin Chocolate Works or any of the other chocolate companies mentioned in this post. These are my personal thoughts and opinions.


Brandi Yee said...

It's getting close to midnight and of course I'm hungry...and have to come across THIS post! Mmmmmm...smores lol. What better way to celebrate a day...than National Smores Day! Yours looks awesome and I agree...why would you use anything BUT the best?? ;) hehe

Jodi Shaw said...

Not Nice Christine, with my monthly visitor coming you are making me crave some of these lol! Yum!

SamiJoe said...

I'm so glad I know about this- we love s'mores! Total summer fun.

I like making our s'mores with Lindt Milk Chocolate. During summer when we'll be camping, I try to pick them up on sale because they can be pricey. But they melt awesome and taste so good!

The pecan toffee sounds mighty tasty too. ;)

LilSugarMag said...

OMG!!! This makes me SOOO HUNGRY! looks amazing! Love the post...working for PTPA has it's 'perks' doesn't it? lol <3

Annie Brown said...

oh yummy yummy for my tummy!!! love love love smores!

Christine said...

So true! Why WOULDN'T we use anything but the best? :) Right? LOL! Some say the 'good' chocolate should be reserved for eating and not cooking with. That totally doesn't make sense. LOL! You should always use the good stuff for both! ;) My question is, why would you buy anything that's not 'good'? LOL!

Christine said...

Ohhhh! Sorries! :) Quick! Head to the kitchen and make some! Yum!

Christine said...

Ohh! Good call! That sounds divine!

Whispered Inspirations said...

Oh good lord, this looks amazing. We made smores the other night and it was delish. But, Manitoulin Toffee? Can't beat that! Can you adopt me?

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