Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mommy Mixology

I hate to admit it, but I am not really good with stress.  There.  I said it.  The past week was pretty overwhelming and I *gasp* could not wait until the weekend rolled around so I could have a drink.  Yes.  I really, really wanted to a drink.  That's something I haven't said in ages!

Our Summer has been hectic and chaotic with work, family, the farm, events, visitors, gatherings, get-togethers, parties, activities, and the household chores, the front yard, the garden, and everything else has been neglected. Little One and her friends completely wrecked our house, breaking things, toppling over the bookcase, trampling over furniture, flinging toys all over the house (which totally ticks me off, because Little One knows she's not allowed to do that). I glanced around the house and thought, "Oh. My. Goodness.  I think I need a drink."

 I haven't really drank much in the way of alcoholic beverages since before I had Little One.  I didn't drink because I was pregnant, then I was nursing for almost two years, and then I was too busy to kick back and unwind with my girl friends because I was running after a very busy little munchkin.

Tonight, that all changed.  I called in the troops and told them they needed to come over for supper and drinks.
I was sent Mommy Mixology and the ladies and I tried out a few drinks.  If you haven't heard of Mommy Mixology, it's written by Janet Frongillo.  As the cover of the book reads, there truly is "A Cocktail for Every Calamity".

It's a fun, light hearted collection of stories accompanied by a recipe for each calamity.  "Mommy Mixology shares stories, sympathies and some strong drinks to keep you laughing through it all."

“Mommy Mixology” to the rescue! Featuring more than 60 playful recipes, 20 color photos, and author Janet Frongillo’s personal tales of catastrophe and triumph raising three sons, this book shows that a good attitude and a fully stocked bar can keep any mom smiling through the worst and best of times.

My friends and I had some good laughs reading the stories and could totally relate to some of them.  We also got a kick out of the names of the drinks Janet Frongillo came up with.  It's been a very long time since I've been able to let down my hair and just laugh until I cried.  Too funny!  I really feel blessed to have good girl friends!

We tried out three of the drinks in the book and they were all delicious.
Son of a Beach
Shitzer Spritzer
Muffintopmommy Mudslide

I do have to say that I haven't laughed that hard in ages.  It certainly was great to unwind. I have to admit that I am a total lightweight when it comes to drinking, as I haven't drank much since right before I got pregnant with Little One and only have a drink a handful of times a year.  Those three drink recipes we tried were a little too tasty!

Want the recipes?  Get the book! :)

Mommy Mixology: A Cocktail for Every Calamity is available on

Disclosure - I received a copy of Mommy Mixology to facilitate this honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Brandi Yee said...

Although I don't drink alcohol, those sound like great drinks and what fun that you could all try them out together! :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

we are currently planning our grocery shopping around this book right now! lol that mudslide looks fab and all from a fellow blogger too!

Shayna said...

Sounds like a great book to crack open and invite the girls over to enjoy!

~Shannon~ said...

The perfect book for a girls night. What a fun time!

Wendy S said...

I need that book and a girls night out! How fun!

Journeys of The Zoo said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time with friends. Me, I don't mix, beer or wine.

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

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