Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crazy Messed Up Random Thoughts

Had a meeting today regarding tourism on the island. It was very productive. I'm working with a great bunch of people, all of whom are very talented. We're doing the official unveiling of the project in May. I'll post more then, since we'll have some media coverage at that time.

Today, tons of thoughts have been swimming in my head...totally unrelated and random thoughts.
A) parents and in-laws: Who does what regarding wedding preparations? Who pays for what? This is all such a touchy topic. J and I have been making all the plans since we're the ones paying for the wedding. At the same time, we don't want to leave anyone out because like I said, it is a touchy subject. I know traditionally it's the bride's day and the mother of the bride gets to help out with all the preparations. I also want to include my mother-in-law-to-be though.

B) Who to invite and not invite? I know it is our wedding and it's ultimately our decision on who to invite, but seriously, this is a political and personal thing. Certain people get mad because certain people are not on the list or some people may be upset that certain people are on the list. How do you please everyone??? Initially, it was supposed to be a small and intimate affair for only those closest and dearest to us...and not distant, distant, distant relatives who you never hear from ever. Why spend this special day with people we hardly know or don't even know for that matter? *sigh*

C) How do you treat a puppy wound? Hey, I told you this was random!! Chance, my puppy, got bit by J's mom's dog. They were playing and I guess Kia nipped Chance a bit harder than anticipated. He now has two welts each the size of my pinky's fingernail. They're a bit raw and I just hope he doesn't keep licking them. Anyone got any ideas on how to treat an open wound on a puppy???

D) Recipe Sharing- Typically, I don't share family recipes as they've been kept in the family for ages. I used to be very weird about sharing my secret recipes. I've since let go a bit of that weirdness and have posted recipes or given them out when friends have requested them. I really don't know why I was so anal about sharing recipes before. Weird.

E) Again, totally unrelated: Celebrities and their not so secret lives- I'd like to think that normally I wouldn't give a rat's a$$ about famous people and their lives. After all, what's everyone fixated on anyway? They're human beings too and they do have their own lives. Plus, we don't know them personally, so why should we care? Eventhough I would like to think I don't care, I do find myself guilty of sneaking a peak at the tabloids while I wait in line at the cash at my local grocery store.

F) Sort of related to the above- I mentioned that I don't give a rat's a$$ about celebrities (sort of) but I cannot hold back on the idea of infidelity. Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I think infidelity is as much a cardinal sin as murder. Okay, I'm extreme sometimes. I had this messed up dream last night that John was Brad Pitt and I was Jennifer Aniston and there was a very seductive Angelina Jolie there too. We were sitting at a picnic table on the beach and I remember feeling very insecure. I know, dreams are sometimes funny. You either perceive them as the mind's garbage can or a reflection of the world as we see it. Anyway, I awoke from the dream and John was surprised because apparently I asked him, "Honey, you wouldn't cheat on me ever, would you?". I know the answer to that question already though, because unlike all the other people I've dated, John's a very sincere, genuine, loving, wonderful man. Dreams are weird. I know for a fact that I think infidelity rates right up there with murder for me. So, when it comes to celebrities, I'm totally on Team Aniston.
Again, who actually knows the whole story behind the Brangelina thing...ah well.

G) euthanasia - what do you think of mercy killing? Is it a sin to relieve someone of pain and suffering if they are terminally ill? Hmmm...growing up Roman Catholic, I have some strong views on this, yet at the same time, I don't know how I'd deal with the situation were I to ever be presented with such a difficult choice.

H) premonition and extra sensory powers- This can be an entirely separate blog post in itself. In my family on my mother's side, all the females have a sixth sense that has been passed down to generations upon generations of females. The other night, I awoke from my slumber because I all of a sudden smelt roses! I got soooo scared and called my mother because everytime a woman in our family smells roses out of nowhere, it signals death. Pretty freaky. Anyway, turns out one of our favorite people on the island is very ill and is on his last hours. He's the old man I call my island grandpa because he reminds me so much of my late grandfather. Apparently he has been in the hospital for a week and may not even make it to my wedding :(

Like I said, today's blog was totally random. I'd like to know your thoughts and opinions on some of the topics though :)


tammy said...

Haha! Yes, I'm on Team Aniston too LOL. I know we shouldn't care about other peoples lives and that it doesn't matter what stars do in thier private lives but Brangelina went wrong in Brad splitting with Jennifer and then not admitting to a relationship yet Angelina is pregnant? Don't lie about it. C'mon! LOL But yeahh whatever stars do is thier own concern, right?

Anonymous said...

I am on Team Jolie. A friend of mine works in hollywood and knows all three people involved. Pitt and Aniston had been seperated for a while before anyone knew anything. She had hard time with his charity work and him wanting to go off to Africa..she didn't want him to go. While filming Mr and Mrs Smith Angelina and Brad started working on something to do with a charity and one thing led to another. Aniston and Pitt had been seperated for a while. I know we shouldn't care about what the stars do and its not our business, but everyone seems happier the way things are.

Chrissy121875 said...

Wow! That's interesting! Cheers for posting that, Anonymous :) Goes to show that people never really know what goes on in the lives of others and that there's always a flip side to every story. I agree that people like Brangelina should just be left alone to live their own lives--too bad those juicy tabloids by the cashier at the supermarket are so tempting when you're waiting in line though! LOL

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