Monday, March 13, 2006

So easily pleased

Wow. I have discovered that I am a very easy girl to please! When I was younger, I used to want to have all of the latest, coolest things. The thought of expensive linen, dishes, cookware, furniture, and everything else, were all things that I imagined I'd want. I'd think of how gorgeous and Martha Stewart-ish or 'Home and Garden' my house would look. I'd have a gorgeous bathroom that I wouldn't want anyone to use and I'd have the most beautiful bedding in the guest room...that I wouldn't want guests to use!

Yikes. What have I become. I don't want any of that anymore! Of course I want a gorgeous house. Doesn't everyone want to be surrounded by pretty things? The only thing that's different now is that I feel like I want things a lot simpler and practical. I want things that will endure the test of time and that will be classic.

I opted to paint our living room vanilla ice cream white, while my darling husband to be chose to have our bathroom in a 'wine' color. He just loves that rich, velvety red color. I would have loved the bathroom to be in white and different shades of blue, but I can't have it my way all the time, can I? :)

I guess I'm also thinking of kids. If we do have children, I'd want the house to be child-friendly. Meaning, our furniture has to be that which we know we won't worry about getting bumped, scuffed, stained, or spilled on. If I had the light, cream colored linen and tan leather couches I wanted, I know I'd FREAK if there were little handprints all over them. Expensive when on earth would I be using it??? Wow. Sooooooooo weird how ideas and wants change sometimes!

Yes, sad to say, but I have become very simple in my wants. Today, I got soooooo excited when John decided that he's going to build me an island for the kitchen!!! Wahoooooooo! Totally made my day! Sheeeesh! So easily pleased, eh? LOL

Oh, and au lieu of getting new sofas right away, I wanted to get slip covers for the sofas. John's sofas are wayyyyy too comfy to throw out right now. The only thing is that the cat has turned the sofas into her scratching post. I was debating on a kind of gingham/checkered pattern or a floral pattern, since our home is very cottage-like. The floral won, since I couldn't find a color I liked in the checkered pattern that was available. We needed something simple and since we will most likely have the girls over a lot (Courtney, 8 and Elizabeth, 10), something that won't show a lot of stains or dirt would be necessary! Floral, hands down. Hmph. Never was a floral kinda gal. Funny how things change.

Oh, those of you who know know I've got those that leather sofa and loveseat set, right? My mother has informed me that my sofa set is not leaving her living room since it looks so good there! LOL

Today I'm Thankful for
- being able to share a quiet moment with my wonderful fiance
- a warm quilt on a cold day
- living only 4 minutes and 40 seconds from my parents
-the news (otherwise I'd feel like I were living in a bubble not knowing what was happening in
the outside world!)
- my little brother, PJ

Thanks again, Kelly, for suggesting years ago that I take the time to make note of things I am thankful for. It really makes one realize what is important in one's life :)


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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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