Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just a regular day on the farm

Many people who know me, find it hard to believe that I'm now living in the country and still insist that I'm a "city girl". Some have said that I would never even last three months. It's been almost two years since I left Toronto! Though I do miss some of the luxuries like being able to dine at a Greek restaurant one night and at an Indian restaurant another, I don't think there's much I'm lacking in being up here.

Yes, the occasional night out with the girls for a chat and a drink or taking in a good movie on cheap Tuesdays are sometimes things that I crave, but all in all, I am very happy up here. There's always something new and exciting waiting for me. Plus, when I was in the city, going out and having fun were rarities, as my life revolved around commuting, work, commuting, housework, sleep...and the cycle repeated itself with what seemed like an endless pattern. Too tired and mostly grumpy, I didn't exactly enjoy living in the city. I dreaded those long commutes with all those unhappy, grumpy commuters--who were very rude, might I add!!

It struck me one day, when I looked at my reflection in the subway window on my way home from work--wow, the person looking back at me in the reflection looked so tired, sad and completely worn out.

Anyway, now I'm on the island and exciting things are happening! Since it's off-season and the motel isn't so busy, I have been able to help my fiance on the farm and with his other work. In between that, I've been unpacking all my stuff and fixing up the house.

Some of you have asked me what exactly it is that my hubby-to-be does. Well, he farms. He's got A LOT of cattle and a few hundred acres of land. He also owns and operates a saw mill and does custom work for people on the island. He's also a firefighter and a first responder. He's president of the Island Co-Op and is a member of the board for several committees. So, it's hard to really narrow down what exactly he does since he does so many things.

Hmm..let's see. Today, J carted over loads of slabs and after he split them, I stacked them. Hopefully this load of firewood will feed the outdoor wood furnace for a while. After that, he did chores and I cleaned our house. J's got a sick heifer in the barn and when I saw her the other day, she didn't look too good, but I was praying that she'd improve. Anyway, to my dismay, when I went to the barn to check in on her, I saw her on the ground. She had passed away in the morning. The poor thing. I am really going to have to learn to toughen up a bit, because when you live close to the land, as farmers do, life and death are things which are all too familiar.

Sadly, the heifer I'd been hoping would live had passed away. The good news is that in three weeks it'll be calving season, so hopefully the new calves will make me forget about the poor heifer. It honestly made me feel as sad as I was when I was a kid reading Charlotte's Web, only to find out that Charlotte died.

There you have it--just a regular day on the farm.


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City girl moves to the country, falls in love, and marries a farmer. She tries to incorporate her city ways with her new country lifestyle and blogs to keep in touch with friends, family & students who live far, far away :) Can this city girl go country? Watch as she learns all sorts of exciting things about life on the farm and in a small rural community. *UPDATE* We are now parents! Our baby girl was born on Nov. 11, 2008 (at 28 weeks gestation- 12 weeks premature, but she's quite the trooper)!!!
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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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