Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Ramblings

* Spent the day with mom for a long overdue "mother-daughter outing". We had lunch, went shopping, got our hair cut and styled. It was a good time. We live 5 mins away from each other, but because we're both so busy, we can go for weeks without seeing each other. We communicate via e-mail and the occasional phone call. Weird, eh?

* George looks like she's about to explode. That kitty's belly is getting so big, I anticipate babies any day now. The only trouble is that she's been eye-balling my bedroom closet a lot lately and I have a sneaky suspicion that she may be contemplating giving birth there! I keep closing my closet and blocking it with the laundry basket, but George somehow finds ways to open the darn thing! I hope she doesn't give birth when I am away next week!!! I want to be there. I've never seen kittens being born before.

* I don't know why, but all I've had on my mind these days has been mango!!! In fact, I just bought a crate of mangoes today. I know...not local, but all I've been wanting to eat is mangoes!! Sorry Annie! I know you think mangoes smell/taste like armpit! LOL! ;)
* I am usually a very frugal and smart shopper, but today I bought way more than I really needed. gotta splurge sometimes, right? Got myself 3 new dresses and love them all! I've got 2 weddings and a baptism to go to. I needed the new dresses!
My mom saw this outfit on the rack and I refused to even look at it. It looked like only a 12 year old could fit in it! After much harrassing, I succumbed and I hate to say this, but mom was right! The outfit looked great on. I'd have to wear a wrap or a cover of some sort and I need to shorten and hem the pants just a week bit.
I got this dress in a chocolate brown. Mom argued with me about the colour, but and said I dress like the "Crypt Keeper"! She loves bright purples and pinks, whereas I am more subdued.
I thought this dress was cute. I tried it on and fell in love with it. Again, I'll have to wear something to cover up a bit, but it's not revealing at all and it's very, very comfortable! My mom will be the first person to tell me if something looks hideous (oh, and she's so honest about things!). She said it looked pretty.
* I was going to let Chance in the house, but he scared a skunk last night and got 'misted'...not sprayed. There's a little hint of skunk smell, but it's not really potent. It's potent enough for me to not want to let him inside the house though! At least he's doing his job and patrolling the premises. He's so cute! Jimmy, I'm still working on getting that pic for you!!

* I was thinking of a certain person today and of course, the day she calls, I end up being out all day! Grrr! Coincidence? Telepathy? Who knows...but it was cool that she called when I thought of her! Not cool that I wasn't there to talk to her though! LOL
PS. Hubby, if you're reading this...ALL of the items I purchased today were on sale! :) See, I'm still a frugal shopper...sort of! LOL!


Udderly Delicious said...

Awww, poor Chance. We had a devil of a time getting the funk of skunk off Khyber's coat when she got sprayed. She grabbed a skunk and pulled it out from under a table in our backyard; she got sprayed in the face and mouth. Even her barf smelled bad. It was really hard getting the smell off her face (hard to wash).

Have you tried hydrogen peroxide and baking soda? Go to for the recipe. It worked better than tomato juice for us.

Good job on the dresses. Every girl needs pretty dresses to celebrate spring!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Don't listen completely to your mom's thoughts on your dresses and colours. If we listen to our mothers all the time, we'll still be wearing 10 year girlie dresses with frills and ribbons, white socks and patent maryjanes with our hair in pigtails.

Imagine the horror.

japanmanpete said...

Mangos! Fruit is so bloody expensive in Japan. I miss fresh fruit.

Chrissy121875 said...

Udderly Delicious:
Ohhh...I'll have to try that hydrogen peroxide and baking soda concoction! Thanks for sharing! Luckily, Chance didn't get it that badly! I think he must have just scared the skunk and the skunk let it out mid-air. The whole area stunk!!! Chance didn't seem to be bothered. He just looked rather pleased with himself. He doesn't smell too badly today. I think today is going to be spent grooming him (or attempting to!) and if we're lucky, a trip to the beach. He just loves the water!!

Oh, goodness! If I let my mom choose my wardrobe, I'd look like one of those old ladies at a tea party or something! She loves pinks and purples...and really prissy looking things. However, she does have a great eye for some gorgeous outfits every now and then! Yesterday, she bought this really stunning little black dress. It's soooooooo pretty! I wish I could wear it! My mom has got to be like a size ZERO!!! The woman weighed 75 lbs when she got married AND she's not that much bigger now!

I hear ya! I really missed fresh fruit too when I was in Japan. It's so expensive thee! I once caved one summer and bought watermelon...for like $10 US! Insane? Yes!
Try going early in the morning to the market. You can find good, affordable produce. You'll find more of the apples and oranges, but if you're craving strawberries and pineapple, forget it. You can find that in the supermarket, but again, very expensive. I think the only time I ate strawberries was when it came with dessert (like in a strawberry shortcake) at a restaurant or when my friends and I went to a bakery/cafe.

mrsmogul said...

The subject of mangoes came up today. A friend is growing four mango trees. I love mangoes. How many times can I write mangoes here?

t said...

Ooooooooooooh! I really like the dresses especially the last one!

Ms. Mamma said...

Okay, seriously cute! Can I buy any of these here? Love them! I want to be your twin!

Chrissy121875 said...

Mrs. Mogul:
Wow! Your friend is growing four mango trees? That is too cool! I wish I could grow mangoes here! When I used to go to my dad's country (Trinidad & Tobago), we used to climb the mango trees and eat them off the tree. My brother and I would have sticky, sweet mango juice all over our arms, hands, faces, clothes...LOL! Those were the good 'ol days!

PS. Mango count: 4x in that comment! LOL! I may have said it a few times in mine too!

The last one's cute, eh?

Ms. Mamma:
You know, I nabbed some pics off of the Victoria's Secret site. Two of the outfits I got look like the ones from VS. I am sooooooo jealous that you can get stuff from VS and I have to order online or by catalogue!! How unfair! Oh well...all the more reason to go for a trip to the US :) I know I try not to be materialistic, but I just love me my VS!!!

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