Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday at the Beach

Yesterday, we decided to have some 'family time' and go to the beach. My favourite beach on the island has white sand, turquoise water and an incredible view. Yesterday, Hubby introduced me to a different spot. This beach was a bit rocky, but as Hubby says, it's perfect for taking the doggy. We don't have to worry about him bringing in too much sand and messing up the vehicle. He can just shake off and hop into the truck. Check out how pretty the water is! Sooooooo clear!!!

Chance is a water baby. He just loves swimming. You'd be surprised, since he doesn't look like the type of pup that would enjoy trips to the beach. Here are some pics of our afternoon at the beach!Here's our attempt at a family photo. Of course, I'm the only one taking it seriously (as usual)! Hubby's making funny faces at the camera and Chance is being squirmy because he'd rather be playing with rocks!! Will we ever get a nice photo of all of us looking normal?? Notice the plastic baggies in my pocket? LOL! A responsible doggy mama always has plastic bags in one pocket and doggy biscuits in the other! ;)
My student, P1 looking in awe as Hubby wins the stone skipping contest. 5 skips on that throw! Chance is making that "Awww...Do we have to go home now???" face. Bye bye, beach! See you soon!

Lastly, a pic for Lotus. Back on the farm with the bovine babies. See the spotted calf? Cute, eh?


Anonymous said...

However did you cope with a wet dog in the car??

Anonymous said...

I love the way wet dogs shake themselves!!

Uncivil said...

Great pics Chrissy. It looks so nice and secluded out there,like you guys have the beach to yourselves?
I am completely surprised,Chance is such a water lover? Isn't the water still quite cold up there?
I just love that pic of him in the truck mirror! Great idea for a picture!
You all look like you're having a blast. And, back to the farm with the baby calves is a great ending shot. How does Chance interact with the cows?

Karen MEG said...

What a perfect Sunday - Chance is such a cute doggie! Very photogenic (as are you two - what a cute couple you are!).

Chrissy121875 said...

I love it when Chance shakes himself dry too! It's so cute! He makes this funny sound when he shakes. I can't describe it. Why is it that dogs always seem to need to shake themselves dry when they're near people??? LOL! We all moved a bit away so he wouldn't get us wet, but he came right up close and then shook himself off!

PS. We actually took Hubby's truck to the beach this time. I have a whole bunch of doggy towels in the back of my SUV for Chance, but we decided to take Hubby's vehicle this time. Chance loved the drive!

Thank you, dear! :) Yeah, EVERYONE seems surprised to hear Chance is a water lover! LOL! Oh, and yes...the water was still quite cool! Every time a wave brushed up against Chance's...uhh..umm...nether region (LOL!) he would get this startled look on his face! LOL! That didn't stop him from having fun though! However, he stopped chasing branches and rocks after a while. I think he was catching on and when we continued to try to get him to retriece things in the water, he'd look at us with his "Are you kidding me???" look! LOL! What a funny puppy!

Actually, the water will be nice/warmer in mid-late June! Oh, and Chance (being a city dog) is still a bit unsure of how to react to the cattle. He's slowly learning how to be a farm dog :)

Thank you :) I hope you had a wonderful Victoria Day weekend (or as they say in Ontario, "May two-four")!! I'm really hoping that one day you and the hubster will bring Liam and Little G to the island during summer vacation :)

t said...

Great idea for the photograph of Chance in the mirror! He looks so cute in the picture of him in the water. I love his cute little face!

Uncivil said...

Oh,.... so you guys were throwing stuff in the water, and Chance's retrieval instincts overpowered the pain of getting his gnads frozen off!
You guys were really trying to neuter him weren't you? Tell the truth!
I don't blame him for getting up close to shake. He wanted you to share his pain!LOL

Ms. Mamma said...

Sweet! Love the family pic!

Chrissy121875 said...

Yeah, we love him too! He is a little cutie! :)

Grrr! How did you know??? LOL! Yeah, I was wondering why he wasn't swimming like he normally does. I guess it was a bit too cold! Seriously...why do dogs shake near people? LOL!

Thank you :)We shall attempt another family pic soon. Hopefully this time Hubby and Chance will behave and sit still!!!

Curiosity.Killer said...

You guys look so happy!


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

It looks like you, hubby, P1 and Chance had a wonderful time! What a gorgeous beach and a gorgeous day. Gorgeous family, of course, too!

Thanks for sharing!

Sharon, Pinks & Blues Girls

hotmommy said...

Look at that handsome pooch in the mirror!

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