Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Okay! I admit it...

I am such a kid!! I am a sucker for care packages!!! I love sending them to friends and family and I love receiving them! It feels like Christmas in May at our house! Our student, (whom I will refer to as P1 to preserve his anonymity) received a care package from his mom. In it, she thoughtfully included lots of Korean snack-type goodies (cookies, crackers, etc), lots of chocolate and candies, clothes, stationery, and gifts for our family.
How P1's mom got all of those goodies into a small box is incredible! Here's P1, tyring to explain what is what. He's getting better at explaining and describing in English, but some of the Korean was a bit hard for him to translate.

Apparently, stationery is really big in South Korea. They've got lots of really cute paper products. Here's a notebook I thought was funny. P1 didn't seem to understand why I was laughing. You're always safe with that milk! ALL Ways! Is it just me, or does anyone else see the humour in that?

Now for some delicious Vegetable Crackres Tin Tin With Garlic, Parsley, Onion, Pimento, Leek, Tomato! The "crackers" were savoury (no, I didn't spell "crackres" incorrectly. That's what it said on the box!). I have one question though...What on earth is "tin tin"?

More stationery. This one cracked me up too. Again, P1 couldn't see why I thought it was funny. Would you care for A piece of Remember too?

Still more stationery. This time, it's a folder. Apparently, if you arrange your paper in this folder, it makes your feeling fresh!

Dark Angel chocolate. Need I say more?

Snack food...all sorts of it! Everything from mini pizzas, chocolate-filled biscuits, 'moon pies' (aka 'choco pie' in S. Korea or 'wagon wheels' in Canada), and even cuttlefish&peanut flavoured snacks. I passed on the last snack item, but Hubby was brave enough to try it.

The goods!

Finally...pens, mechanical pencils, refills, highlighters, markers and more writing implements than you can ever imagine! Yes, hundreds and hundreds of pens!!! I kid you not! I told P1 and his mom that we do have pens in Canada. Apparently, South Korean pens are way better than North American pens. At least that's what P1 says! LOL!


Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

Please save me those boxes. I love climbing into them and scratching them and marking them with the corner of my mouth. The boxes are the best part!


Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Dan! I didn't realize it was Lulu, your cat! HAHA! I was a bit surprised! My kittens love boxes too. They really, REALLY love boxes! Hours of fun in a box!

Ms. Mamma said...

Yes, I totally recognized you in that photo!

WOW! How DID she get all of that stuff into a small box?! Hilarious. You're all ways safe with that milk, all ways! LOL.

Cuttlefish and peanut snacks I would give to the kitty. That's like if we had "lutefisk in a biskit" or something.

doggy mama said...

Wow, P1's mom really knows how to do a care package up good!!

OK, you're not alone - I was totally cracking up at that stellar grasp of the English language, too! :)

Dina said...

gotta love Konglish!!!
BTW Those cuttle fish/peanut snacks are pretty yummy- i used to eat them all the time while in Korea!
I still have some of that funny stationary, i can't bring myself to use it as it's just too silly!

mrsmogul said...

WOW!! SO COOL!!!! So colorful!! My baby would love those boxes!

Chrissy121875 said...

Ms. Mamma:
HAHA! I know! I told my student we should give the cuttlefish/peanut snacks to the kittens! LOL!
Oh, and as for the Island Singers pic...It's actually one of the only photos someone has taken where I look half decent!!! ;)

Hey, I was thinking of your neighbour and her doggie. Did she ever get all those burrs off her dog's coat? Now I have to contend with a burr situation of my own. Chance found a nasty burr bush and decided to roll around in it! *sigh*

PS. The cramming all that stuff into a small box thing....Still a mystery! LOL!

Doggy Mama:
Hey gorgeous! Tell me about it! I thought I sent some pretty neat carepackages. Nah...P1's mom takes the cake!
PS. I hope you like those candies from my friend's company! *hint* *hint* ;) As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see you receiving a package of some sort...

(you too, Ms. Mamma)

Chrissy121875 said...

Really??? Hubby said they weren't that bad and my mom tried it and decided to take the whole package home (I guess she really like it). I must learn to not shy away when I hear the words 'cuttlefish and peanut'! LOL! Heck, I tried some crazy food when I was traveling, so I guess I shouldn't be so closed minded. But...cuttlefish and peanut??? ;)

You should post some of your funny Konglish stuff! I'm a sucker for Konglish, Japlish and Spanglish! I love it!!!

Miss ya and hope to see ya soon!

Mrs. Mogul:
I love colorful boxes too! I was actually surprised that my student's mom sent him lots (I mean LOTS) of folders and notebooks with white, fluffy teddy bears and Miffy (I don't know if you're familiar with that character.It's a white bunny and it's popular in Asia; namely in Japan! I think its origin is Dutch though).

Thanks for popping by my blog! I'll have to head over to yours and check yours out now :)

t said...

Hey are you sending ME a carepackage too or are you going to make me wait until I see you this summer? Meanie!

Uncivil said...

Cool. I'm feeling fresh already!
Cheers to P1 and his mom!

I would stick with the pen collection. Are you sure the food isn't carrion, instead of Korean!LOL

Chrissy121875 said...

Saving for when you get here. LOL! Gotta make sure you do get here! ;) The treats are the incentives! Oh, but you're coming to see me right? That's your main purpose, right? LOL!

HAHA! That's gross!! Carrion! Good one!!! You are clever, my friend!

Chrissy121875 said...

I suppose you would like me to send you some Pocari Sweat and Collon? Certainly, you must miss those things from Japan. Or perhaps some Calpis?

Diesel said...

Boy, I could really go for a piece of remember, but I think I'm safer with milk.

Chrissy121875 said...

Ooops! LOL! That last comment was meant for you, Pete! I know you're reading this! I meant that I suppose you would like to send me that stuff and that you'd miss them too if you weren't in Japan. Darn...I think I've been listening to Konglish way too much these days! I can't even write in English anymore! ;)

You crack me up! LOL! Too funny!!!

N.B. Goldstein said...

WOW! Diesel pointed me to this post - I eat, sleep, and breath Chinglish! Very funny! Great post!

japanmanpete said...

Yes Chrissy, I had a feeling you were talking to me! HAH! You must practice not speaking Japlish or Konglish for that matter! Would you like me to send you some Pocari Sweat and Collon then? I quite enjoy the taste of Pocari Sweat!

Looks as though Miss Moneypenny has abondoned us yet again..........

japanmanpete said...

Oh hell! Now I need to learn how to write in English! Do we write PRACTICE or PRACTISE? Too many blasted North Americans here are mixing up my students! There's a reason the language is called ENGLISH! Being from England, but you know that, yeah?

caninecologne said...

holy cow! that was some care package! love that stationary with the funky english! :)

your husband was brave to try the cuttlefish snack. was it the dried kind? that's like eating dried fish flavored leather...

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks for popping by! (Thank you, Diesel for directing N.B. over here!) I checked out your site last night. It's hilarious! I'll be visiting again! Love the Chinglish you've got there!

Yes. We say "practice". I don't know what you say! LOL! By the way, I never did like Pocari Sweat. I tried it once when I was in Japan, and I didn't like it for some reason. Now, gotta love a chocolately tubular shaped cookie that's called Collon! LOL! That was actually my favourite cookie/snack when I was in Japan. Sure...send those over! ;) LOL!

I have an interesting Calpis story for you. I'll share it with you some other time. I really did enjoy drinking Calpis. Delicious! However...Let's just say that Calpis sounds like "cow piss". Enough said!

HAHAHA! That's too funny! You know, there ARE some snacks like that (the leathery, dried up stuff). This one was like a little cracker thing in the shape of squid, starfish, etc. It was peanut and cuttlefish flavoured. Hubby said it wasn't horrible, but thought it was a bit weird. Actually, he now says he's not sure which one it was that he ate because he's having a hard time keeping track of all the new food he's being exposed to. I think there was a snack that was peanuts covered in a cracker thing (kind of like the filipino cracker nuts in adobo flavour and other flavours), but this one's cracker shell was cuttlefish flavour. LOL! I don't know if Hubby would eat dried squid or anything. He's not a seafood person except for salmon and shrimps...and sometimes oysters/mussles.

PS. I'm going to order that cookbook you had on your blog! Looks really good! I'm even thinking of getting one for my mom! I think she'd really like that.

J at said...

Oh my god, I LOVED the various stationary, but I think the milk was the best of all. Too funny.

Udderly Delicious said...

Hilarious! I shudder to think how some American companies are translating their products for the asian markets.

I've had squid/peanut butter crackers before. They're not awful, but definitely not something I'd eat again :|

Shana said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the net.

What a neat box full of ggodies. Not real sure about the Cuttlefish snacks... what is a cuttlefish???

Nice to "meet" you.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...


Looks like P1 got some great loot! I love your sense of humor... that would have made me laugh so much, too! Good thing you took some pictures for posterity.

Hey, why don't you give P1's mom MY address!?!?

- Sharon, Pnks & Blues Girls

`NEFTY said...

That's cute, nothing to be ashamed of:]

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Yes, the milk one was hilarious! When I worked overseas, I used to collect postcards and t-shirts with funny "English" phrases on them. I love that kind of stuff! *sigh* I'm not very hard to please, am I? LOL!

Udderly Delicious:
Hehe! I love your username! ;) Wow! You've tried the peanut butter/squid crackers!! I'm usually pretty open and good about trying new things, but for some reason I just couldn't do the PB & squid thing. BTW, do you have a blog I can check out? :)

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by here too! I know cuttlefish are a type of marine animal, but I didn't know how exactly to describe them. I actually went and Googled it! LOL! I am addicted to Googling things! Cuttlefish are in the squid and octopus family. Now that I've seen pics of them on Google Images, I don't think I ever want to try eating them! LOL!

Tee hee! I'll send P1's mom your address, pronto! ;) By the way, I really loved your sweet husband haiku!!

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by! Yes...I admit it! I plead guilty! I am addicted to care packages! LOL!

Karen MEG said...

That's some care package! Maybe there's a Korean contraption similar to those vaccum packing bags that suck all the air out of sweaters, comforters etc. so you're down to a one inch thick package! Amazing how much stuff your student's mom got in there - moms are wonderful, aren't they?
I remember when we visited Japan when I was a teenager - my sister and I got such a big kick out of a breakfast menu - they had "Corn Frakes" available.

Anonymous said...

hahahhahahahahahaha! its so funny that she sent so many pens! i guess they think that there are no pens in canada!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, just reading the comments about cats and boxes - there is a gorgeous childrens book called 'My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes' written by Eve Sutton and illustrated by Lynley Dodd (author of the famous Hairy Mclary childrens books)

BeachMama said...

That is one huge care package! I love, love paper and stationary and pens. I would be in heaven over there.

The translation is pretty funny. My girlfriend has pointed out to me different peoples tatoos that actually spell things other than what the person though.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Chrissy121875 said...

Moms are amazing! My mom used to send me care packages when I was teaching in Japan. She sent the BEST care packages! Hot chocolate, Cadbury chocolate (notice a theme here? LOL!), movies (There's Something About Mary, Ever After, The Wedding Singer and a few others), clothes (for the office...since Japanese women are all size 0!!! I swear, I couldn't find any shirts that accommodated boobs!).
PS. HAHAHA! I rove corn frakes!

Yeah, I was surprised my student asked his mom to send pens. I was even more surprised when I saw how many pens she sent! :)

Thanks for that! I shall check it out! I love children's books! I have a collection from all over the world...even a Japanese kiddie book on 'poo'. LOL! It's actually really funny.

Beach Mama:
I have actually been lurking for a while! :) I found you on Northern Mom's blog ages ago, but never really left any comments until now. Great blog you've got there!

Miss Moneypenny said...

Wow, what a fantastic care package!!

Now did you ever go up to Pacific Mall when you were in Toronto? It's north of Toronto, in Markham I think. It's the largest Asian mall in N. America - absolutely amazing, I love it there! All the Sanrio stuff you could possibly hope to buy ( Hello Kitty rice cooker anyone? )and the selection of groceries, candy, chocolates and packaged food is unbelievable. I also love the stationery shops - I bought a ton of birthday cards last time I was there, all written in Konglish/Japanglish...I love that stuff too. The clothes and accessories are great too - but I can never find anything that would fit a 5'10" kid like me. I'll let you know the next time I head up that way - I'll pick you up something fun! Send me your address! I looove sending care packages too!

Good gravy, Pete - I haven't abandoned anyone! I moved house two weeks ago. Between moving, running my store, working freelance at my old job, plus the regular craziness of being a single mum to two little boys, life has been absolute chaos.... The dust is starting to settle now, so here I am. Oh, by the way, I'm off to England next weekend - what shall I bring you back? :-)


Chrissy121875 said...

Miss Moneypenny:
Hey girlfriend! Good to see ya here! Bet things have been crazy busy where you are.

Wanna hear something funny? My parents used to live near Pacific Mall! I just loved going there! There are so many cool stores AND the food is yummy there! *sigh* I'll have to go there when I'm next in the area! Chat soon, amiga!

Chrissy121875 said...

Miss Moneypenny:
I just re-read your comment. Oh, don't bring me back anything :) Especially not Marmite!!! LOL! I'll be happy for you to just come for a visit this summer or fall! That's it...that's all! ;)

eve said...

That was REALLY fun to read! I can't believe they print English that way! Very very funny!

Chrissy121875 said...

Yes, unfortunately they do print English that way! LOL! :) When I taught overseas, I used to cringe at the spelling and grammar mistakes that HUGE corporations used to make in their advertising (on billboards, in magazines, on t-shirts, etc). I even thought that my dream job would be to work for a foreign company just editing or correcting their English. I didn't end up pursuing a career in that though, since I thought "Why deprive the world of such funny Engrish?!!?!". The world would be a boring place without Engrish! If you think this post was funny, check out !!!

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