Monday, May 28, 2007

Pinks & Blues and Safari Animals

By now you must have guessed how much I love, love, love promoting sites and small businesses for my friends and family.


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll also know how much I love the gals at Pinks & Blues. Not only are they brilliant, dynamic, friendly, super cool, wonderful ladies, but they also have all the neatest things for moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and pets :)

The Pinks and Blues gals currently have a contest on, so don't miss out! This time, they're giving away a Dooney and Burke handbag and they're also tossing in a bottle of Dream Angels Heavenly Eau de Parfum by Victoria's Secret.

Go on and enter the contest :) What a cute way to usher in the Summer!! (Men, you can enter the contest too! What a great way to win even more brownie points with your wife/girlfriend/significant other!!)


Now for another plug for my familia!!! My sista-in-law's sista painted one of these babies for our little nephew's baptism gift. Her kids' paintings are really taking off right now! Her animal paintings are super hot...especially in the Ottawa region! This is not the first time I've talked about Melanie's paintings. I mentioned her baby farm animal line of paintings last time. This time she's got a new line out and it's her safari series! What a great way to add a splash of colour to a nursery, kid's bedroom or play room! Get your Melanie Bailey Creation today!


Doggy Mama said...

Chrissy, you are just too great! Thanks so much for entering the contest and providing lots of linky love! :)

Oh, and I purchased 3 Melanie Bailey canvas paintings recently for 3 sister's 3 boys, and they are FANTASTIC! Everyone should have one!

Doggy Mama said...

Oops, I meant "my sister's 3 boys" and not "3 sister's 3 boys!" Haha!

Chrissy121875 said...

Hey Jane!
LOL! You are too cute! BTW, at Kenny's baptism on the weekend, Melanie and I were talking about the paintings you chose for your 3 nephews! How adorable! Sounds like you chose really cute ones! All blue?

japanmanpete said...

I was going to say I have not seen you blogging in days! Welcome back and happy posting! I need neither a handbag nor a baby room painting but you are so kind to promote friends and family. You are a star.

t said...

Japanmanpete, don't hate me for saying this, but that was one gay comment there! :0)

Christine welcome back. I hope you had a good time in Kingston and I am waiting to see the photos! Kenny must be getting big!

japanmanpete said...

Gay as in happy, yeah?

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks, Pete :) You're too funny! I got the e-mail you sent about Japanese signs in English! Too funny! Have you checked out the site? You should submit those photos!

PS. Why aren't you on Facebook yet? LOL!

Yes, Kenny's definitely getting BIG! He's tooooooooo cute! I miss him already!

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