Tuesday, May 29, 2007

K-town and back

Early Thursday morning, we left the Island for Kingston. I was so sad that I had to leave this behind for a few days:
Pit stop somewhere. I think it may be Gravenhurst, but I'm not sure. My Korean student (P1) and my dad.

I always pass The Big Apple on my way to K-town and Montreal. Rarely do I stop in though. This time, we decided to take a break, do the touristy thing and even buy an apple pie.

Did you know that The Big Apple is only 10,631 Km from Seoul, Korea?

Inside the Big Apple Bakery/Factory, watching the workers make the pies.

Lots and lots of pies!!! You can smell all the yummy goodness as soon as you enter the building.

These things scare me. I'm sure I used to love them as a kid, but I haven't had one in over 20 something years. Seriously! I'm sometimes tempted, but every time I think I want one, I remember that I broke a tooth on one of those babies when I was a kid!!

The Big Apple from the highway.

Finally in K-town. Here's Grumpy Gramps and Kenny. Dad called dibs on holding the baby. No fair.

Can he possibly be any cuter???

Kenny and his Daddy.

Downtown Kingston.

I was craving enchiladas! They may not look very appetizing, but they were gooooooooood.

We ate at Baby Bro's place of employment. If you ever eat there, his work name is Hombre.

Back with Kenny. We can't get enough of the little guy!

Okay, I admit it. I hardly put him down all weekend. Horrible. I know.

Kenny's baptism. Godparents and soon-to-be husband and wife in the background.

LOL! It's like that scene in The Lion King. Don't you think so too?

On our way home from K-town on Sunday, we had lunch at Baby Bro's girlfriend's parents' farm. I've never seen a farm like this before!!!

P1 is so lucky to always be eating such good food!

P1 with Baby Bro and C. C's mom is in the background and you can see a bit more of their gorgeous farm! Funny how Baby Bro and I have partners from rural areas, since we have always lived in the city.

Doesn't their place look like it's out of Home and Garden magazine or something?

After a long drive home, we arrived on the Island around 2 AM! We were exhausted. P1 had school and had to get up for the school bus at 7AM. I also had our Island Singers practice in the evening. I was beat!

Look who was waiting for me to return though! Sweet!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo journal! You are certainly blessed to be living in such a wonderful part of the world and to have such a beautiful and loving family.

japanmanpete said...

That pie place looks cool! Have they got banoffee pie? Oh right- Miss Moneypenny said she'd make me one!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Great photos, Chrissy! You look amazing.. the baby is totally sweet and your family so Happy!!

I'm so happy for ya.

Pavel said...

It's wonderful to see a family that clearly loves each other. (Either that or you hid the pictures where they were having food fights!)

That baby is so cute, I wouldn't have put him down either!

hotmommy said...

Kenny is adorable, Christine! He is so lucky to have come into such a loving family. Looks like you guys had a great time in Kingston.

t said...

Hah! Hah! That's cute! I like that- Grumpy Gramps! How's your dad doing these days anyway? He looks good for someone who's had a stroke and heartattack! Good for him!

Chrissy121875 said...

Thank you for your kind words :) Yes, I'm lucky to have such a great family. Like every family, we have our moments though! ;)

Oh, no...they don't have Banoffee pie! You know, I still haven't tasted Banoffee pie! They had tons of different varieties of apple pies and berry pies. They had apple-caramel, caramel-apple, strawberry-rhubarb, apple-berry...

Thanks! Oh, isn't he just adorable?? I love that little boy! So sweet!

Chrissy121875 said...

Hey! Long time now see (uhhh...hear? Ummm...blog?)! LOL! Thank you for your comments! How have you been? You know, I think my SIL and my brother will kill me because every time the baby wanted to be held, I picked him up! LOL! Is that considered spoiling him? He's just too sweet and my mom followed the advice of Dr. Spock way too religiously with me 31 yrs ago. She let me cry until I turned purple in the face! I could never let little Kenny cry like that :( Plus, I know this is probably bad and selfish of me, but I just love holding him!

Hot Mommy:
Yes! We had a great time! It's always so sad to have to leave Kenny, yet I after traveling and being away for a while, I'm always so glad to return to the island! There's no place like home :)

t: He's doing well! Thanks for asking! He's got his days...but being on the island has been good for his recovery.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Hey Chrissy!! These photos are AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness... !! I just love love love your blog... that we need to tell you this since we're on ALL THE TIME!!! :) Hope you had a fantastic time away!!!!!!!!!!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues

mist1 said...

The kitties are so cute. I am partial to ginger kitties.

Pavel said...

Chrissy, the only Spock worth listening to is Mr. Spock, so you go ahead and pick up that baby!

Ms. Mamma said...

Awesome. I want pie! That bambino is getting the chubby cheeks already!

doggy mama said...

The love and adoration that surrounds that little boy is astounding! I love it!

And what a great sight to come home to!!

Karen MEG said...

Oh that Big Apple - always pass by it, never stop in either!
I love your photos and sharing of your family life. I feel like I've known you 4ever even though we've never even met (yet:)]!
And I agree, that farm looks like it came right out of a mag - beautiful.
What a great trip!

Chrissy121875 said...

It's so good to see you pop by! Thanks soooo much for you comments :) I really enjoy reading your blog too. I just love that recent pic of Alex eating his cake! Too cute!!! You, your mom and your sis are awesome :)

Me too! What kind of cat is Hissy?

LOL!!! Thank you! Those are the exact words I was hoping to hear! ;)

Chrissy121875 said...

Ms. Mamma:
Yes! The pie at the Big Apple is to die for! At first glance, one may think that the price is rather exepensive ($10/pie), but it is sooooooo worth it! I know that in the grocery store, people can buy pies for less than $4 a pie, but you can definitely taste the difference!! Incidentally, when I make pies for fundraisers, they go anywhere from $8-$12...and I'm not the one who puts the prices on them!

Oh, and yes...Kenny is getting soooooo chubby! I've got a pic of him where it looks like he has THREE chins! LOL! Seriously, this is the only time in a person's life where it's cute to have three chins! LOL!

Chrissy121875 said...

Doggy Mama:
Yes, I feel the same way too! It seems so much like how closely knit your family is. One can really see how much you love your nephews too! :)

I know! LOL! We'll meet soon though! :) BTW, I've been driving past the Big Apple for YEARS and have never stopped in. It's really cool in there. I think Liam and Giselle would love it. They've got a little zoo there with llamas, bunnies, etc. Plus, the kids can see how they make the pies. Their gift shop is super impressive. The only thing is that if you eat there, you pay taxes on whatever you eat, but if you buy a pie to take home (or wherever you're going), there's no tax. We only found out because my dad wanted to have pie, so I bought an apple-caramel pie. When he asked for a fork, the lady said he couldn't have one because the pie I bought was tax free. If we wanted to eat there, we'd have to pay tax. Anyway.....we ate in the car! LOL!

Uncivil said...

Gosh! Sure enjoyed those pics Chrissy. Everyone seems to have mentioned everything I wanted to say, and I agree with all.
Oh.....the enchilada pic is making me hungry!

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