Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A 'Must See' Event

If you're on the Island, you wouldn't want to miss out on this:

All Ye Who Music Love

a choral concert by the

Island Singers

Director: Dorothy Anstice

Accompanist: Holly Scott

Guest Conductor: David Low (Hamilton, Ontario)

Program includes Windseasons by Audrey Snyder, madrigals, folk songs and works by Mozart, Handel and Purcell.

Monday, May 7 at 8PM

Mindemoya Missionary Church

General Admission: $10 Tickets available at the door.

(Photo taken by Esther Anstice)


pete said...

I would go hear you lot sing, dear Chrissy. If only I weren't in Japan.

t said...

AW- Chris we wont' be on the island until june or july! Sorry! Maybe we'll catch the one in June depending on the date! I'm sure the concert will be great! Very nice promo!

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks! That's sweet :)

Let me know when you're coming. You'll have to give me a bit of notice, k? Oh, could you do me a huge favor? Could you please bring me some items from one of the Asian food stores in Toronto? I'll e-mail you a list! LOL! Thanks! You da best! ;) Oh, and don't worry...it doesn't matter if you're not Chinese! You don't have to know how to speak or read it to go there! They're pretty helpful there. If you can't go, let me know and I'll get one of my aunts in Montreal to send me stuff! ;)

Ms. Mamma said...

Add songstress to the list of talents! Is there anything you don't do?!

Anonymous said...

Arg, wish I was there to see it!

CoNnE said...

Too bad, I just read your post now. All flights going Canada are fully-booked! :))
Hope you can post a short video of you performing with the rest of the group. Goodluck and I hope you'll have fun.
All the best from your avid fans in Manila, Phils.

Karen MEG said...

Oh, so neat that you're in a choir! I so wish I could sing. Hope you have a great performance!

Chrissy121875 said...

Ms. Mamma:
LOL! Actually, I'm still really green when it comes to things like this. All of the other members are seasoned veterans! I just love listening to them sing. They're wonderful!

Awww...too bad you and E aren't back in Canada yet! Enjoy the rest of your time in England and come see me when you guys get settled in when you do move back.

Awww...thanks! You're too sweet! How are you guys doing over there?

Thanks, girlfriend! Too bad you won't be able to hear us :( The music is beautiful. Some of the ladies (and men) have the most beautiful voices ever.

Chasing Daylight* said...

Ooh I recognize you and my former music teacher Marilyn! She was known as Mrs. Closs back then...she had me mesmerized. I am going to miss your performance by a day!

Chrissy121875 said...

Chasing Daylight:
WOW! How crazy is that!?! You know Marilyn!?! :) It's too bad you'll be missing the concert, BUT we do have another one in June! ;)

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