Thursday, November 05, 2009

I Love My Crazy Little Family of Three

Life is certainly never dull with Hubby and Little One to keep me busy.I woke up this morning to see a deer eating some fallen apples in our front yard. I had to do a double take. Too big to be my dog and too small to be a cow. Yay for no runaway cattle today!
I don't know why I wake up so early every morning. Little One gets up around 9 or 9:30AM. She went to bed a bit later than usual last night (almost 10PM) and woke up at 10 this morning! I guess the girl is a true believer in her twelve hour sleeps! Fine by me! :)
*sigh* I always put her to sleep on her back and she always rolls over onto her tummy. Lately, she's been sticking her limbs through the crib railing and getting them stuck all the time. Crazy kid. :)
She's sort of crawling, but not really...and she only has one direction. Backwards. In the past two days, she's discovered that she can crawl backwards under her playpen. She thinks it's really funny...until she gets herself stuck under her playpen and Mommy has to rescue her.
Hubby was getting his coffee ready. He was holding Little One in one arm and with his free hand, he made his coffee. He stuck a bagel in his mouth since he was multitasking. This is what happens when you have food and Little One is close by.
The kid wants to eat EVERYTHING!

Case in point:
Hubby, for some reason, thought it would be funny to give Little One a dill pickle. He put it on a plate and set it beside her. Of course Little One went straight for it!
What on earth is this?!
Maybe I'll like it the second time around.
Meh...Not bad!
No more pickle. Wait! What's this?
Mmmmm! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Yes, she tried to eat the plate.
I cannot believe my baby girl will be a year old next week. I made a pinata for her party. I know she won't be able to enjoy it, but the older kids at the party will.
Can you guess who this is?! My years teaching in Japan sort of created a Hello Kitty and Miffy obsession. Even my bank card when I was teaching in Japan had Hello Kitty on it!
The contents of the Hello Kitty pinata (which will all spew from her head once the kids smash her to pieces!). Poor Kitty-chan!


Cherry said...

Did she eat the whole pickle? did she eat the whole plate? ;-)

I want to get 12 hours of sleep a night. Perhaps I should start by going to bed. tee hee.
Good night!

Dina said...

ymmm pickle! both my kids love to suck on pickles!! I love them too so it makes sense :)
The pics of her eating it are so delish!!She is just super duper cute! LOVE the bagel between baby and daddy shot too!!

Your pinata looks awesome! The kids are all going to have such a great time!! What a lucky bunch having you plan all the festivities!
(and yes it's 2:50 LO woke up crying, has now gone back to sleep and i'm here twiddling my thumbs!!)

C said...

LOL! She ate most of the pickle, but I took the rest away from her. I was afraid she'd choke. What a crazy girlie, eh?

Ummm...I think we know who the strict parent will be. I am so anal about her eating homemade food with no sugar and no salt and here's Hubby giving her a Sodium-filled pickle! Oh, and the Cheerios he gave her? Honey Nut Cheerios!!! Babies aren't allowed honey OR nuts!!

She didn't react. She's fine. I did buy her a box of original Cheerios though. I know farm kids are tough cookies, but...


C said...

I was awake too!!!! LO was having a nightmare around 2:30AM and I ended up having to lay on the living room couch with her. She needed a cuddle. I could have gone online. The laptop was on the couch!

She ended up falling asleep at almost 4AM. Gah! I hope this does not become the "norm". I can't do 2-4AM awake times and still function during the day. :(

Patti McK said...

what a cutie! I love the pics of her experience with the pickle. She's not quite sure about it, but says, ah what the heck, I'll give it another go!! Too cute! My little monkey has been sticking her legs out of the crib at night too. And I find she sleeps better when she's on her tummy. Of course, I put her to bed on her back and within a few minutes, she rolled over. She usually ends up laying upside down in her crib with her legs hanging out between the slats. Still no teeth? I've heard that the longer they are getting them, the better they'll be. But I think that's just an old wives tale. Samantha only has one, but is working on another. She's a little sick right now and I am feeling like crap too, so I don't think we'll be able to make it to RA's bday party. I was really looking forward to it, but I would rather keep this bug to myself. It never hurts to be selfish once in a while right?! Anyway, have a great party, and we'll get our little girls together once this illness has run its course.

C said...

Awww! That's too bad, Patti :( I hope everyone feels better soon! As soon as Samantha's over her cold, give me a shout and we'll get together. I have loot bags for her and Taylor from Little One's party :)

Fruitful Vine2 said...

LOL! I love this. Eating from her daddy's mouth, munching on the plate. Babies like to taste everything.

I just got back from my ladies retreat and now I'm catching up on blog reading and the like.

hotmommy said...

i love the hello kitty pinata! you're so creative chris. little one is a lucky girl to have a mama like u!

Uncivil said...

What a joy as I scroll from top to bottom of this post. I just gotta smile and sigh! Beautifully done.

Barbara said...

Could the three of you be any cuter? What a beautiful family. Enjoy your party. The Hello Kitty pinata is sure to be a big hit!

I can't wait to see pictures of 'Little One' enjoying her birthday cake.


caninecologne said...

yeah! bash that hello kitty's head in!!! ha ha.

omg, those pictures of the baby and your husband are so cute!!! the bagel and the pickle!!!

i wished i took a picture the first time we let tc eat a slice of lemon! that was hilarious!

love the pix of LO's legs poking out of her crib! aaawwww....

word ver:

louann said...

I love that picture of her eating the bagel! Very cute!!

J at said...

Too funny! Better buy more plates, if she's going to be eating them. ;) Enjoy the pinata while you can. When Maya got older, they really upset her if they were shaped like animals. All that mahem and murder.

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