Thursday, November 19, 2009

La Dolce Vita

Sometimes I think I take things for granted. When I should be thinking about how fortunate and blessed we are, I think about how we need so much work done on our old farm house or how I would really love to buy myself a dishwasher because I'm sick of always having so many dishes to do by hand. I think of how I need a new vehicle. My vehicle has served me well and I love it, but having a baby and having so much baby gear means a van would be more practical. My vehicle is great for a couple or a single person.

I think about how it's taking forever to get our deck done. We started it before summer and it's almost winter and it's still not finished. I think about how I'm forever dusting and cleaning...and there are always flies and spider webs! It just never ends. I suppose that's just life on the farm. There will always be flies and spiders.

Then my husband told me this morning, "We are so lucky. We have such a good, full life. We have a beautiful, healthy, smart daughter. I've got you, babe". All of a sudden, I was reminded of how sweet life really is.

Photo by PhotoCaptiva. More photos from our family photo shoot to come when we receive the pics!


Autumn's Mom said...

I go through the same thing Chrissy. Like right now. And J always says, our bills are paid, our kids are healthy and happy and we have each other. There's some stress, but truly nothing to be down about. :) We'll have to keep reminding each other!

C said...

Thanks for that! :) Love ya!!! It's so true. I always end up feeling badly though, because I KNOW we have a lot to be thankful for. I hate feeling like that sometimes. MUST remember how lucky we really are. xoxo

merinz said...

Gorgeous photo!
Yes it pays to stop every now and then and take stock of the positives!

Anonymous said...

This should be framed, together with the writing.

A wonderful Friday for you all.

C said...

You are so right. It's so important to stop and appreciate things more. Life really is good :)

C said...

Thank you! :) Have a wonderful weekend! XO

Jackie said...

um, get a dishwasher! look on kijiji, you deserve it!

i get stressed too, alot, but i always think , the most important is that i have 2 healthy kids and a hubby... good for you to always remember.


C said...

You are soooo right! It is so important to remember.

Oooh...never thought of checking on Kijiji! I priced a few at Sears online. I *suppose* I should have looked at the two stores on the Island that sell appliances too, but the one store is soooooo expensive! The other one at the north end of the Island is really good though. I don't remember if I saw dishwashers, but I'm sure they sell them there. We got our stove from the store in LC when our old one konked out on us!

Off to check out Kijiji now!

Hey, we NEED to get together sometime! I was in your neck of the woods several times in the past two weeks!

J at said...

Your husband ROCKS. One of my mom's favorite memories growing up, believe it or not, was doing dishes with my Grandma. She was the oldest, and it was their time without the little kids around, to just chat and connect.

I love my dishwasher, but you don't get something without giving something up.

humpsNbump said...

You are very blessed. Just look at that picture. Perfection!

~ humps

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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