Saturday, November 21, 2009


My sister-in-law, my two year old nephew and my nine month old twin nieces spent a week on the farm with us. After having a house full of little ones for a week, I'm suffering from withdrawal now that they're gone!

We had a busy and fun week.Of course, the cattle were out again! I tried to push them back since we didn't have a gate up by the house. It didn't work and they were just not cooperating. I made a makeshift fence out of some boards that were laying around and said, "ARGH! Forget it! Hubby will have to worry about this when he gets back to the farm!" Grrrrr! Those girls are soooo bad!

These two deer were in front of the house every morning. They were eating the apples that were still on the apple tree. My little nephew kept saying, "Ohhhh! Big horsies!!" :)
My two year old nephew and I baked cookies...
and went apple picking on our farm...

and made apple sauce for the babies with the apples we picked!

"Ohhh! What's that?!?"
Mmmm! Apple sauce!

I really miss my sister-in-law, nephew and twin nieces! :( Now the house is quiet and Little One has no playmates to hang out with every day. She has learned a few new tricks from her cousins though!


J at said...

She's such a big shot, isn't she? I'm totally impressed. :) Sorry you're missing the family. It's always fun to have people there, and sad when they leave.

jan said...

It's always such a letdown when tiny visitors leave, but obviously they left some lessons and a lot of great memories.

C said...

I know :( She's a total big shot now! Oh, I went on a day trip off-island with the girls today and we took Little One. We watched New Moon and I thought LO would sleep through the movie like she did with Harry Potter in the summer. Nope! She was awake for the ENTIRE movie! She was pretty good and I didn't miss much. I missed the wolves' fight scene because I had to change LO's diaper though.

Word ver: caspig
For some reason, it reminds me of Caspian (as in Prince Caspian).

C said...

So true :( I'm still suffering withdrawal. I miss the babies and my 2 yr old nephew soooo much!!

Anonymous said...

It is of much joy to read and see how nice life can be, far from big city noise.
See your little daughter is now able to stand and surely will soon walk :)
A wonderful week for you all.

C said...

Thank you so much for your comments :) Yes, she's able to stand on her own now. *sigh* She occasionally lets go and falls and hits her head on the floor. Oh, well. That's to be expected. I promised myself that I wouldn't be one of those moms that hovers all the time. She is going to have to learn by doing sometimes. I have to admit that when I see her about to fall, I do cringe and sometimes try to prevent her from falling. I know she has to learn on her own though, but it's hard.

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