Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wow. I knew it was too good to be true. I really have to stop boasting about how my baby sleeps from 9PM to 9AM. Really.

A few nights ago, she was up ALL NIGHT. I kid you not. ALL NIGHT!

She was sleeping in her crib in her room and Hubby and I were in our room up in the loft and down the hall from her. I could hear her making noise and crying, so I waited. I figured she'd stop crying and put herself back to sleep. Still crying. I waited a bit more and then went downstairs and down the hall to check in on her.

She was flailing around, thrashing her body, kicking, screaming, and crying. The tears are what got me though. Real, full-on tears! Poor girl! Funny how one temporarily forgets about exhaustion and lack of sleep when baby is in need of comforting. I picked her up and gave her a cuddle. I decided to just sleep in her room with her because it didn't look like she was going to just succumb to sleep. Hubby has to get up super early for work, so I didn't want to disturb his sleep.

Mehhhh...I don't need that much sleep anyway, right? *groan*

Nope. She didn't succumb. In fact, she cried SCREAMED for almost the entire night. I ended up putting her in bed with me. I put a bed in her room across from her crib just in case something like this happened. I didn't think I'd actually have to resort to using it! Anyway, even with Mom's cuddles and caresses, she was still inconsolable.

I have no idea if she was having a bad dream, if she was gassy, or if she was teething. All I know is that she was soooo crabby! Here I was, thinking how lucky I was that my baby slept through the night. Then she had to decide that it was a good idea to stay up all night and finally go to bed at 8:51 AM. Gahhhh!

I don't know why I've got Zombie by The Cranberries stuck in my head all of a sudden. I remember going to one of their concerts when I was in university. This was one of my favourite songs.


Anonymous said...

HA - isn't life great?!

Remember as well nights spend awake and him sleeping throughout the day, while I was conducting lessons, as good as I could, probably saying a lot of rather funny things I did not understand.
Let me reasure you though, that all will be a wonderful memory once she gets to sleep again.

Karen MEG said...

I haven't thought of that song in ages.. I loved the Cranberries!
Well, C, you are ROCKIN' the NaBloPoMo! Zombie or not!
I'd say your baby girl has all of the above, teeth, gas, growing - it's just part of the cycle! This too shall pass...

C said...

Thanks for that comment :) Totally made me smile. You are usual :)

C said...

Thanks, girlfriend! ;) I'm actually finding my NaBlo posts rather boring and lacking any real substance. I feel like I'm posting just for the sake of posting. LOL!

Can I tell you that I've had three nights (Yes, THREE nights!) of no sleep? Little One is sooooo restless and she cries in her sleep. I'm totally not loving this teething, gassy, nightmares, etc stuff. Grrr.

My aunt told me, "That's normal". I know she's a baby and maybe it was unrealistic to expect that she'd always be a good sleeper. It's just that the past few nights are the kinds of nights that we're not used to. I guess that's what's making it even harder for me! LOL!

Deb said...

hey, sista from anotha mutha (intentially gangsta...just for giggle though) :)

first, great song. second, boo to staying up all night. at least it's not all the time she's up all night. third, i totally saw New Moon yesterday! i can't wait until the next one! about not ever being satisfied. geez. it was great! i'm still on team edward even though jacob is growing on me a bit. have you seen it yet?

word ver: ailisk

C said...

I saw it yesterday too and OMG!!! I want to see it again! LOL! I LOVED IT!!! I didn't want the movie to end! Kind of like I didn't want the books to end!

I'm still on Team Edward, though I have to admit I do have a soft spot for Jacob. How can you not? :)

Deb said...

I haven't used that mail account for awhile. it must have expired on it's own I guess. use... "deb"(the # "2")(# "2" again)"faith" at "a" "o" "l" dot com. I hope that's not too confusing.

haha! word ver: refrak

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