Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I remember watching the original mini series on TV when I was a kid.
I anxiously awaited the new series just to see how it compared to the original.

You know the plot. Aliens, referred to as "The Visitors" arrive on Earth and extend their friendship. They say that they come in peace and need the help of humans so that they can help their ailing world. In exchange for the humans' help, the Visitors say that they will share their highly advanced technology with humankind.

Are the aliens as benevolent as they claim to be? Or do they have a sinister plan?

In the original 1983 mini series, the V turned out to be carnivorous reptiles. I remember being a little afraid of the V, but looked forward to watching each episode. Glutton for punishment, I guess. We were still very young when the series came out and my parents let us watch the show with them. I was 8 years old and my brother was 6.

I remember after one of the episodes, my Dad went to the kitchen and poured ketchup all over his face and did this scary thing with his eyes. He pretended to rip away at his face and said he was a V. My brother, being really young got scared. For some reason, though I don't recall details of the original show, my Dad pouring ketchup on his face and pretending he was a Visitor is what remains etched in my mind.

Hubby and I caught one episode of the show and so far it looks interesting. Let's see how the rest of the series turns out.


Autumn's Mom said...

I was a teen when the original came out. I remember everything! I was surprised that my husband never saw it, but he's a little younger. Your dad sounds like a character! The leader of the V's is so creepy and beautiful at the same time. How perfect is she? I'm glad Scott Wolf is on too...I miss him from the Party of Five days. xoxo

ps my word verification word is flooki. Totally sounds like a Phoebe word (friends!) Use it in a sentence today! haha

hotmommy said...

saw it! love it! looking foreard to seeing more episodes! didn't you think the original was the coolest when you were a kid?

C said...

I was surprised that my husband never saw the original either! Then again, he was a farm kid and wasn't allowed to watch TV when he was a kid. We were talking about all the TV shows from the 80s that I grew up with (The Facts of Life, Webster, Alf, Growing Pains, Charles in Charge, etc) and he didn't know what I was talking about! I was SHOCKED!

I remember one time, my sister-in-law was shocked that Hubby had never even heard of Popeye cigarettes (the candy). We were talking about old time candy that we grew up with and he didn't even know what we were talking about! My sister-in-law started laughing and thought it was unreal that he was not exposed to that part of modern culture. Too funny! She sent him a pack of Popeye cigarette candy as a joke.

C said...

Yeah, I thought the original V was really cool. Then I look at all the photos on Google images and think how different things are now. TV shows back then seem so "old school" now! Just the hair, make up, costumes, props and even just the way the shows were filmed are so different from today's shows. Special effects have improved so much in the past few decades!

Karen MEG said...

I am absolutely hooked on it - and I was a huge fan of the original series too (I was in university - and watched it religiously!).
So far so really, really good!

C said...

Hey! I've missed you!!! It's been a while! Yes, I'm with you on that! I'm enjoying the series so far too. Looking forward to future episodes!

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