Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Time Last Year...

It amazes me that this time last year I was on hospital bed rest at Mount Sinai Hospital and had no idea that Little One would be arriving the very next day.

In hindsight, I think I was in denial. I think I was hoping to hold out until at least week 30 or 32 of my pregnancy. 28 weeks was so early! In a way, perhaps my believing that I'd "hang in there" helped Little One stay in as long as she did. The girl was determined to come out early though!

I remember the night so clearly. I felt like things just weren't "right" and that perhaps I was going into preterm labour. I had no idea what contractions were supposed to feel like. I was quite sure what was going on!

Hubby had driven to Toronto from the Island for the weekend and was headed back to the Island that night. Luckily he stopped at his sister's place in Barrie for the evening and was able to make it back down to Toronto for Little One's birth.

As I look back at posts I had written from this time last year, I'm so glad I was able to capture all the events leading up to Little One's birth. While I typed on my laptop from my hospital bed, we got to see history in the making with Barak Obama as the new president of the United States. I blogged about all the fabulous hospital food and how truly long and uneventful my days in the hospital were. I blogged about how much I missed my husband, who was six hours away by car. I also blogged about how wonderful the support of family and friends was through it all. Thank you all so much.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Yay to such a good outcome. When she was born SO early, we all hoped for this, and feared the worst. I'm thrilled you're celebrating her first birthday with a thriving baby. :)

Calfkeeper said...

Wow! Seems so hard to believe this year has gone by so fast! She certainly has grown, and is such a cutie. I am so thankful that you made it through that harrowing time back then.

Happy NaBloPoMo-ing! I am attempting it too!

jMo said...

Dang, that seems as if it just happened.

C said...

Unreal, isn't it? :)

C said...

I'll be checking in on your NaBloPoMo posts!

Amazing looking back at posts from this time last year. I never imagined some of the things that would happen...or even surviving/getting through each day. Now, here we are! :)

C said...

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing! I was wearing the t-shirt you sent me when I was preggers and thought, "It seems like only yesterday that Jeanna sent over that t-shirt and candy while I was on bed rest!". Crazy how quickly time passes.

Cherry said...

That was such a crazy time. I was glad for NaBloPoMo for my own selfish reasons. It was a great way for us all to keep up with your news.

and man... When your hubby even logged in when you couldn't... now that's support!

Congratulations on all you two have accomplished this past year!

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